Posted April 3rd, 2011 by Bill Apter

Triple H makes his entrance first …  Undertaker comes out next … You can feel the tension between them …


Match starts 9:32PM … ‘Taker tosses Triple H over the ropes and goes after him … ‘ Taker pushed through the glass of the Cole mine! … Triple H in the ring and ‘Taker comes in and punches away at him … Then a “missle dive” by ‘Taker …  ‘Taker walks the ropes and Triple H tosses him off …  Triple H clotheslines him over the ropes and goes after him and tosses him into the barriers … Triple H dismantles the broadcast table and tosses ‘Taker onto it and is set for a Pedigreee … Taker tosses him over onto the floor …  Taker win an INCREDIBLE suicide dive onto Triple H crashing onto Triple H … He picks Hunter up and crashes him steel steps …  Taker goes to dive again but Triple H suplexes him onto the crashed table … Chokeslam in the ring and pin attempt and Triple H kicks out … Triple H gets a chair ‘Taker kicks him and gets the chair  … Taker bashes it on Triple H’s back … Triple H wih a aPedigree but ‘Taker kicks out of the pin attempt …  Last Ride by Taker and pin attempt …  Tombstone and pin attempt and Triple H kicks out! … Triple H ddt’s ‘Taker on the chair … Pedigree again two count … Triple H with the chair slams ‘Taker on the back with him eight or more times … ‘Taker up, Triple H with the chair and slams it into his head and knocks ‘Taker out …  Triple H says to ‘Taker “die!” He Tombstones Taker!!! …  Goes for the pin gets a 2 count! Triple H is dumfounded! ,,, Triple H goes under the ring and gets his sledgehammer … They wrestle for the sledgehammer … It’s on the mat and ‘Taker hs Triple H in a submission hold  (something like a sleeper) on the mat … Triple H finds the hammer but drops it as he is almost out cold …  The referee stops the match as Triple H taps out!  Ends 10PM EST. Although Triple H lost ‘Taker seems to be hurting more than Triple H.


  1. By Nate, posted

    The hold was Taker’s Triangle Choke. The match was dissapointing.

  2. By BigDaddy, posted

    It’s what veterans do…
    Bring it home.

    How you can follow this match with Snookie-Mania is beyond me.

    Absolutely top tier match that should have had a higher spot on the night!

  3. By Ed, posted

    I don’t get it. It said Triple H tapped out then says although Triple H won won “Taker seems to be hurting more. Which is it? Who won?

  4. By John, posted

    So did HHH tap out and lose or did he win?

  5. By Colin, posted

    Nate your stupid. And to the guy who wrote the recap exlplain one thing to me HOW DOES TRIPLE H WIN IF HE TAPPED OUT???

  6. By Colin, posted

    19-0 OH HELL YEAH

  7. By UpButtCocoNutt, posted

    P.S. HHH did not win… Undertaker did

  8. By bob, posted

    i haven’t watched wrestling in a while and this match showed me why. the big matches now are just them endlessly kicking out of finishers to get a big pop. if you watch a classic like savage-steamboat they didn’t spend 10 minutes kicking out of finishers and they had the crowd going NUTS!!!

  9. By Pete N., posted

    Yes, I agree with Nate. The match was disappointing. Very slow to develop….Of all matches on the night, it probably kept my attention the most, but still nothing compared to last years match between Taker & HBK. Overall, a very rough night for the WWE as it was not one of their better performances.

  10. By fred, posted

    um bill u mistyped lol hhh lost the match 19-0 for the deadman but compared to shawns matches with him this was lackluster but good to see mcmahon polotics not involved

  11. By pienman, posted

    i am hearing that alot on here about wrestlemania…i knew it was gonna be kinda weak: to bad, so sad

  12. By chris, posted

    This match was not as entertaining as it should’ve been. No holds barred no dq match with no blood wth???and for someone who says if they can’t beat the undertaker they will die trying lol they didn’t try very hard. Both of these guys just dont have it anymore or maybe they shouldn’t take months off before going into a big match and running out of gas because they aren’t in ring shape.They clearly ran out of gas in the ring.Decent match but not great and it should’ve been great

  13. By Stephen, posted

    This match was def on its way to being a Top 5 WM match, but ‘Taker looked like he couldn’t fight through the pain. After watching it again(dvr), it seemed ‘Taker somehow made it clear to Hunter to cut the match short. I figured it’d go another ten minutes, but I think ‘Taker couldn’t withstand whatever pain he was in. You def could tell he was in pain almost the whole match.

  14. By Dennis, posted

    To be honest Taker should have lost the match and ended the streak here. It sux when someone whens all their matches just because their the bigger guy. But thats not the point how old is Taker and are we going to see him defend his streak from a wheelchair? Only time will tell and whos left to fight thats worthy?

  15. By Lance Cassidy, posted

    The Undertaker Rules!

  16. By Mike, posted

    I agree the match wasn’t very good. It was strange the way it ended. It seemed like Taker was really hurt, and couldn’t put HHH in the tombstone, so they improvised another finish. The show as a whole was pretty flat and lack luster. No title changes, heel or face turns, etc. Makes me wish I hadn’t dropped 55 dollars on such a poor show. If Vince keeps this up, he’s going to find TNA kicking his ass all over the place!

  17. By dave, posted

    steamboat savage was nothing but 2 counts go back and watch it

  18. By bob, posted

    exactly dave, and were they kicking out of each others finishers for those 2 counts? NO! go back and watch it

  19. By dave, posted

    yeah true bob but i hardly think a flying cross body block and a flying elbow smash are really finishing moves anyway.

  20. By SYED GOHAR ABBAS, posted

    triple h is a real man !
    he can do anything at any time no one can stop him . . . . . !!!!!!

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