Posted April 3rd, 2011 by Bill Apter

Cole comes down first insulting everyone. Jim Ross is the broadcaster for the match … Jack Swagger comes to the ring … “Stone Cold” comes down on his small jeep and almost runs Swagger over …. Cole flees and goes into his glass booth … Austin is “on fire” in the ring … Lawler makes his entrance … 8:55PM start, Lawler attacks Swagger and goes to Cole’s booth and Cole is begginf forgiveness … They shake hands by the booth but Lawler keeps pulling on Cole’s arm… Cole over confident and puts his strap down (like Lalwer) and uses an ankle lock …Lawler refuses to submit … rolls over and kicks Cole off … Now Lawler has Cole trapped in the corner … Swagger tosses in the towel … Austin wipes his head with it and tosses it to Swagger. Jack in the ring argues with Austin who stuns him! … Cole begs Austin to help him … and aruges with him and pushes him, Lawler knocks Cole out and contineus to punch him … Lawler with a dropkick! … Lawler to the tip with a fistdrop and a two count — he lifts Cole up to punish him more … Lawler with an ankle lock Cole keeps tapping out and Austin calls for the bell! Ends at 9:09 PM … Booker T comes out and does a “spin” dance and Austin stuns him too! GM comes on computer to say that Austin took too many liberties and Lalwer is disqualified — reverse decision … (Josh Matthews makes that decision) … Lawler tosses him into the ring and Austin stuns him!

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  1. By David, posted

    I don’t care what the call is, I just don’t want Cole back on Monday nights. He’s one of the main reasons for my channel surfing!

  2. By fred, posted

    ok tis match was bs not enough pure violence by lawler and a reverse decision i think most fans wanted a win for lawler given all the garbage he endoured from that never was micheal cole now we get to listen for alot longer about how the tool beat the king vince get rid of cole and listen to your fans buddy just my opion

  3. By jeff, posted

    PLEASE tell me the writers did NOT waste all
    this time and effort to build to THIS finish?
    I’m sorry Vince, but from what I’m seeing online from the results I have YET to see
    ANY match that deserves the name wrestlemania, this is SUPPOSE to be the greatest show of the year and what has been delivered so far? A hyped world title match
    that started at 7:24 and ended ELEVEN MINUTES
    later at 7:35. The scary thing to me is there’s been questions about undertaker’s health and if he’s healed enough to put on
    a wrestlemania quality match but so far, that
    doesn’t look like a problem. I didn’t order the ppv this year and so far, I’ve not see
    anything to make me regret that decision.

  4. By john, posted

    why cant ross just go away!!!!!!

  5. By Pete N., posted

    Absolutely, one of the worst matches of the night. It just kept dragging on & on & on. Really boring. For eveything King did leading up to this match, he really got the short end of the stick. Please Vince, no more Michael Cole. Let’s celebrate the return of JR. This match, by far, one of the biggest disappointments of this year’s Wrestlemania.

  6. By keith, posted

    sounds like typical staged WWE crap. And there was people dumb enough to pay 54.00 on pay per view for this.. vince will never get 1 dime of my paycheck

  7. By DEADTROOPER, posted

    cole had no idea what he was doing in there.now all we are going to hear on monday night is how he won…PLEASE!!!!!!bring back J.R.!!!!!

  8. By chris, posted

    I actually kind of like cole bad. He sucked in the ring but he’s not a wrestler is he?This match for me was very boring and disappointing. I’m agreeing with most of you that this match was too long and king deserved to win and not lose at wrestlemania to a none wrestler. Bad story here.

  9. By Simon, posted

    I’m glad that I wasn’t the one spending 70 dollars this month just for this epic fail of a match. Lawler was robbed

  10. By mitch, posted

    How bad would Cole have looked if he wasn’t “trained” by Swagger? Typical Vince match, big long buildup leading to a snoozefest. At least throw Lawlor a bone for all his work in WWE.

  11. By BH, posted

    Complete BS! Lawyler should have won. It time to either get rid of or destroy that laptop once and for all. Raw needs a body that shows up on Raw. I’m just beggin’ ya for one.

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