Posted April 3rd, 2011 by Bill Apter

Match starts at 7:45PM EST … Rey with an early Frankensteiner … Cody takes the lead with a chinlock … Rey back with a set of high flying moves but Rhodes thwarts them … Rhodes with an amazing superplex off the top ropes … Mysterio with a back bridge and pin attempt … Devestating suplex by Rhodes and failed pin attempt … Mysterio goes for 619 but caught by Rhodes … Rhodes with a slingshot on the neck of Rey on the ropes … Rhodes takng off Rey’s kneebrace … Rhodes’ mask if off and 619 …. Rey to the top ropes splash and kick to the face but Cody kicks out … Rey puts Rhodes’ mask on … Dives at Rhodes …. Rey dives off ropes pin attempt but kickout … Rey to dive through ropes and Rhodes on the floor hit him with kneebrace andRhodes gotthe ┬ápin at 7:57PM

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  1. By Patrick, posted

    Mr. Apter:

    As always, your updates are greatly appreciated. In this case though, I can’t tell who actually won the match from your description…

  2. By Jimmy, posted

    Patrick, it says Rhodes got the pin @ 7:57pm

  3. By Patrick, posted

    Thanks Jimmy… that was added after my original post.

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