Posted April 3rd, 2011 by Bill Apter

HIGHLIGHTS — Miz comes out first with Alex Riley … Cena follows. His entrance is made after a song by a choir and then his own music …  Match starts at 10:33PM … Miz early on lead … Cena with a suplex … Miz attempt but Cena kicks out … Miz misses with a kneedrop to the corner, Cena with a doulbe legdrop from the ropes and Miz kicks out of a pin attempt …  Big boot to the face of Cena …  Miz kicks Cena out of the ring and knee lifts him and tries a pin but fails … Cena with front dives, and “you can’t see me” but Miz gets up and attacks Cena … Miz with reverse neckbreaker … Miz takes turnbuckle padding off and goes to bash Cena’s head but Cena reverses it  … Cena with an STF … Miz gets to the topes and a break is called … Riley attacks Cena (ref’s back was turned) and Miz tries a pin but Cena kicks out … Ref is knocked out … Cena with Attitude Adjustment …  Referee is still knokced out … Riley into the ring smashes Cena over the head with a metal briefcase Miz tries for a pin gets only a 2 count (ref had recovered)! …  Riley argues with the ref, Miz gets the briefcase and Cena ducks — and Riley is kayoed! … Cena with an Attitude Adjustment and Miz kicks out! …  Both now on arena floor over the top railing –10 count — both counted out ends at 10:50 PM. THE ROCK comes out as both are still on the arena floor … The GM sound comes from the computer and Rock goes over to it … He says there is an email from “And I Quote ” …(but he is going to make up his own rules) — “It doesn’t matter what you think” and he trashes the computer and says no way WrestleMania is over and the match must restart — no rules … starts again at 10:54PM … Cena tries for Attiude Adjustment and Rock gives him a Rock Bottom!!! At 10:55 Miz pins Cena!  Miz now in the ring with the belt and Rock is staring at him … Rock runs in and punches him repeatedly … Rock Bottom and People’s Elbow to end the show.

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  1. By BigDaddy, posted

    This is no way for a Wrestlemania spotlight match to end.
    Horrible storytelling and booking…

  2. By Zaviel, posted

    I was waiting for the “boring” chant from the crowd. Cena did about 4 moves all match. There were some nice spots from the Miz, but way too many pin attempts. We get it. It’s tough to pin Cena, but how about if Cena actually wrestles in his next match… Very disappointing finish to Wrestlemania.

  3. By Jimmy, posted

    What a load of garbage!!! Miz!!! the worst WWE Champ ever next to Shamus…. Give me a break!!!

  4. By UpButtCocoNutt, posted

    Wow, it’s great to see the WWE remember how to end a show like the NWO days… too bad they forgot how to put on Wrestlemania

  5. By stditka, posted

    terible ending so an 50 year old undertaker can take 3 pedigrees but Cena cant take one rock bottom from a former wrestler who hasnt wrestled in 7 years worse yet I spent 65.00 dollars on getting real reactions bleeped out. Vince good look with your wife campain. and new entertainment business. i am glad you decidied to leave wrestling out of the WWE name congrats Snooki on your non ( wrestling win) very dissapointed

  6. By Pete N., posted

    Another horrible ending. Maybe it was just me, but was this one of the worst Wrestlemania events ever ?? I mean, were there any matches that you are going to remember for a long time? This match pretty much summarized what the entire card was like……pretty boring.

  7. By fred, posted

    thank god thy kept the strap off cena sets up a fued with the great one himself

  8. By Tony, posted

    What an over-rated pilc of cr*p!! That had to be one, of if not THE worst Wrestlemania ever. Totally predictable. Seems like they hired a 10 year old to write it. Sure glad I didn’t have to pay for it. I’d have been FURIOUS!!!

  9. By pienman, posted

    i guess u don’t get what u pay for..its nice to have the rock back: sets up a dream match between cena & the rock…there were some tweeter beef between cm punk & stone cold steve austin: i’d pay to see the gps Vs. the stunner

  10. By Brian, posted

    Holy time fillers Batman, 20 minutes before the first match? Really annoying extended entrances by HHH and Cena. Stupider than average skits involving Snoop Dog and Mae Young. The extra hour more than a typical PPV was a bunch of time filling BS. WWE you dropped the ball!

  11. By chris, posted

    what in the hell was that garbage they put out there??? predictable, not entertaining, very uninspiring and usually the best match you can pick out right away and i can’t even tell you one match that was good. I have never seen a worse wrestlemania and i’ve seen them all. Ridiculous what happened tonight. Pure garbage

  12. By chris, posted

    This match for me was a waste. It was good to see the rock back and i hate john cena so good to see the miz keep it. I didn’t see the double countout coming but when rock came out i knew it would be restarted. Cmon who the hell is the gm?? if this is your superbowl treat as such and END storylines don’t start them at wrestlemania just so they can continue at extreme rules. This match was boring for me even the parts with the rock doing the rock bottom PREDICTABLE

  13. By Ruben, posted

    so we didn’t get a US title match that was actually built up on WM because of the extra garbage thrown in. We didn’t 20min entrances especially when dolph and morrison barely did anything along with the coore vs kane/big show/santino/kofi

    Too much filler should have went with a MITB match

  14. By brandon, posted

    Wow what the **** was the crap! Ill give it a 3 out of 10. the total ppv! reminded me of the dying ppv wcw use to put on. Can’t believe i wasted 55 bucks on a 4 hr heat or thunder show. HHH and taker was only watchable match and the ending was trash. 3 pedigee and still undefeated w a weak ending. the show started weak and just got worse. I WANT A REFUND!!!!

  15. By Simon, posted

    I would rank this match at least a 5 out of ten. The positive for me is that cena isn’t the champ. The guy and his lame mark fans are a BORE FEST!!!!!!!!

  16. By Mark, posted

    Wow, way to upstage all the talent, Rock. I thought it was bad enough that he rock bottomed Cena, but okay, so they’re pushing the Miz and giving him the big Wrestlemania main event. Oh wait, now The Rock is tearing him apart.

    Ending of the PPV: The Rock celebrates after basically tearing down both Wrestlemania main eventers…and for what? Is he actually getting in the ring and wrestling? And people say Cena is the egomaniac? Puh-leaze!!!

    To add to this, Lawler’s big Wrestlemania moment was stolen by Austin as it had to be about him having a beer celebration. Between Austin and The Rock, is it any wonder why I hate that era of wrestling?

  17. By howard shemp, posted

    certainly glad i didnt pay for this cr*p. watched free stream and still wasnt worth it.

  18. By creo18, posted


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