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  1. By John, posted

    The rock promised a wrestlemania to remember and boy was he right to me this goes down as the worst mania ever. The last match was so predictible you just knew rock would screw cena. Del rio should be mad he wins the 40 man rumble to open mania and lose. Snooki equals boring. Michael cole was so god awful the crowd was correct in chanting boring lawler should be ashamed of that match. I knew the taker would win and figured he’d be gasping for air the whole match. Don’t get me wrong to me it was a good match and to me the best but considering the card it’s not saying very much. Cody did a good job I figured he’d win too. Orton and cm did a pretty good job too I was impressed that match did as well as it did. All in all the show was less than stellar doing without a decent match like Daniel Bryan and sheamus for crap like snoop dog give me a break. I give the show a 3 out of 10. Stupid me I was thinking of not ordering it but I gave it a chance.

  2. By egb72, posted

    The (WSE)World sports entertainment has put on the biggest show case of the year WRESTLEMANIA XXVII. I give it an 7. I was looking forward to Shamus and Bryant. They decided to give the rock a 20 minute open. It took place of that match. Bummer! other then the rock opening and closing WM. it was all right but rather sceen them match listed above.

  3. By David Jewel, posted

    Im gonna put this as bluntly and as nicely as I can.. I Want my 64.95 back NOW!!!!. 1st off they tarnished the BIG 2 titles in the WWE by 1st off the opening match is the World Title?? WHAT?? Are you kidding me?? Ok match but why put the World Title as 1st when the Rey match would have been much better opening match.. 2ndly NEVER in my life have I seen such a fiasco as the ending to WM27 come on its Wrestlemania for BLEEP sake. You dont have a tainted ending at WM its against the rules.. (and I might add only the 2nd time the heel has ever held the title leaving WM) which I woulda been ok with had it not ended 2X with what amounted to a weird Dusty finish but not Dusty finish since Miz still retained the title anyway what was the point) The only good outta that match was the Rock finally trashing the GM laptop which has become a joke to most of us. That fiasco of a mixed match was what it was, Ill admit I was a tiny bit impressed by Snookis ability to do a handspring assbump (it was that not an elbow as some called it).. As for HHH and Undertaker it was the only match that to me WAS what we expect at Wrestlemania. As a lifelong fan having seen ever WM since WM3 when I can still vividly remember Hogan slamming Andre Im disappointed to say the least. I have family in Florida and I really was finally planning to make it to WM next year since its in Miami but unless things improve why would I want to spend 2000+ on a trip to Florida for another half baked disappointment.

  4. By Hollywood Hunter, posted

    The world of “Pro Wrestling” has forever been killed after tonights 27th edition of WM. With Vince McMahon seemingly ready to finally pull the trigger on the word “WRESTLING” being gone from his company it only makes sense to him in do away with that at WRESTLEMANIA. Sadly the product has become nothing more then a vessel to bring “A list celebs” to WWE for WWE RAW and other shows. NOW there letting the likes of Drew Carry in the HOF and tarnishing the legends who are in it and making there art of work into a joke. That said How can Vince keep calling WRESTLEMANIA,WRESTLEMANIA? The show was crap we all know it was crap and the little bit of Old WWF/E we saw wasnt enough to fulfill our cravings. Vince doesnt care about the fans who got him this far and after tonight it shows. Sadly I believe we have seen the END of Pro Wrestling in the mainstream.

  5. By Pete N., posted

    An absolutely horrific event. The fans chanting “boring” during the Lawler vs Cole match pretty much sums it up. No title changes at all. No Sheamus vs Daniel B match. Way too damn long event with just filler BS. It took Taker & HHH almost 30 minutes just to get to the ring. For everything Lawlwer put up with in the weeks leading to the match & for it to end the way it did is beyond me. Cole should have been massacred. Hopefully, they will keep his sorry ass off the microphone & welcome JR back. Can’t wait to watch Monday Night Raw & hear them just rave about how it was the greatest Mania of all time. In fact, I honestly believe it was the worst Mania of all time. I would give it a 1 out fo 10.

  6. By Archangel, posted

    Yesterday’s Wrestlemania has truly shown us how much the wrestling business has changed. Oh how I miss WCW and ECW. THAT WAS WRESTLING. This is the first pay-per-view I ever heard of that a title has not changed hands. The did not even have matches for the tag team, intercontinental, women, and U.S. titles. For big wrestling events like this, all of the titles should be on the line. The show started off with a world title match too? That is some bull!! Then they have the nerve to put in that mixed with with Snooki after the Undertaker/Triple H match before the last match for the world title? I was not going to waste my time for a ticket to go see this crap and my brother who had tickets sold his after Snooki was added to the card. This is the worst wrestling pay-per-view in history and trust me I have seen them all from NWA, AWA, WCCW, WCW, ECW, and even the WWF. Enjoy the NCAA championship game tonight everyone.

  7. By Marlon, posted

    Worst Wrestlemania ever! F*ckin Horrible I want my $ back biggest waste of 4hours!

  8. By Sam Spade, posted

    This has got to be the biggest disappointment in recent history. Not only do we not get a match advertised, we get a Title Match that opens the card that SHOULD have had Del Rio as the new champ, and the “main event” was so predictable and lackluster. HHH vs Undertaker actually surprised me, as I didn’t think it would turn out as good as it did, but it didnt save the PPV. I know I’m gonna get blazed, but Snooki impressed me, considering the circumstances. Inducting Drew Carey was the last straw for me….

  9. By Brian, posted

    This was pure crap. Vince McMahon just single handedly ruined the tradition of Wrestlemania and killed wrestling with last night’s ppv. Celebrities should not be in wrestling matches. Announcers should not be wrestling. Titles should be defended. Promos and vignettes should be kept to a minimum and wrestling should be used to tell the story. World title matches should main event the show not open it. Matches on the grandest stage of them all should not end in DQ’s or double count outs and should instead have a clear cut winner and loser. WM27 was everything that the flagship ppv event of the WWE’s calendar year should not be. This would have rated as a 4 had it been a Monday Night Raw but when people pay $60 and this is billed as your superbowl and you flat out do not deliver the goods you can only rate this as a 1 and also as hands down the worst Wrestlemania of all time. It’s too bad TNA is in such disarray because now is the time to fight WWE for the top spot because Vince has essentially thrown in the white towel when it comes to being involved in the wrestling business in favor of being in the entertainment business.

  10. By Ben, posted

    You know, I wonder how the WWE lawyers would handle a class action lawsuit From all of the sucker (like me) that bought WM 27? First, the Rock was terrible at the open of the show. Cody/Rey was predictable, Taker keeping the streak alive was well…predictable. It was by far the best match of the night but still not WM worthy. The HW title match was a joke, as was the WWE Championship. Miz? Really? Really? That little arrogant POS deserves the strap as much as David Arquete did. Vince….get RID OF MICHEAL COLE! Kill his character off in a horrible, terrible explosion triggered by Jerry Lawler and bring JR back full time to RAW. I might watch then.

  11. By Jesse Kessler, posted

    Seems like I’m looking like a genius for not ordering this piece of crap. It’s the 1st Wrestlemania I haven’t ordered since XII. The only matches I had any interest in seeing was Taker vs. HHH, Del Rio vs. Edge, and Cena vs. Miz. No Money in the Bank, no Intercontinental Title Match, no Tag Team Title Match, and apparently no U.S. Title Match. Instead we get Snookie? What the hell are you thinking Vince? Your destroying your own company!! Major changes need to be made, and they finally need to turn Cena heel. Get rid of the computer, and pair Cena with the new heel G.M.. Start a new heel stable with Cena as the top guy. Something! Anything!! Please!! Pretty bad when a no storyline TNA is putting out a more interesting product. Man up Vince and get back to Wrestling!!

  12. By Joseph Beach, posted

    What did you people expect? Vince pushed the Rock, and Austin, and Snooki, and HHH vs Taker and Drew Carey because he has no one that can even remotely be considered mainstream on the current roster. Cenas movies..pretty much WalMart shelf material…same with HHH. the Miz? Really? Really? The whole show was a desparate attempt to convince people the past was still relevant. And I were Daniel Bryant, Seamus, and even Del Rio….I’d be hoping the rest of my contract with Vince is short term. I hear TNA is looking for talent.

  13. By mitch, posted

    Vince McMahon should run for president. If he could get over on the leaders of the world like he gets over on us “wrestling” fans, there would be world peace. Only a world class snake charmer can get people to pay $55-65 for the biggest bunch of garbage I have ever seen. From leading off with a championship match to creating a cesspool for no talent “celebrities” like Snoop Dogg, Pee-Wee Herman, Snooki, and Drew Carey, This WM was just awful. Never again, Vince.

  14. By DEADTROOPER, posted

    why even rip the show that would be to easy ..ive been watching wrestling my whole life ..im 40 ..and this was probably the worst ive ever seen..the only ? i have is when was the last wreslemania that didnt have a title change?

  15. By jeff, posted

    I have to say this, Vince should be ashamed to call this mess Wrestlemania. Maybe I’m just getting too old but how can you have
    one of, if not THE most history making PPV’s
    in the entire history of pro wrestling in a city with such a tie with professional wrestling and ALL the matches not be off the charts? For you younger fans WAYYYYYY back
    before WWE controlled the wrestling world there was a organization called the NWA and
    one of the hottest territories in the NWA
    was based in Atlanta, Georgia, Jim crockett
    promotions and the Omni was the site of matches that sold out every week, matches that today are called legendary. You could
    fill a novel with the names of the legends
    that were born out of Atlanta and the names
    of the greats that passed thru the NWA and
    Atlanta would be too long to list. The point
    I’m trying to make is you take the history
    and tradition of Wrestlemania and you add
    the rich and incredible history the city of Atlanta has with wrestling and then you look
    at THIS year’s wrestlemania, how can ANY match on this card compete with those cards
    from the past? Ric flair used to defend the
    NWA world title in Atlanta in 60 minute WARS
    at JUST house cards, NOT major ppvs and here
    we have at this year’s Wrestlemania, the showcase of the immortals, the grandest ppv
    of the ENTIRE year, this is what EVERYTHING all year is suppose to build to and BOTH MAJOR world title matches COMBINED MIGHT have
    come to an hour. The ONLY match that MIGHT
    have been worthy of the wrestlemania name
    was undertaker vs triple h and it didn’t live
    up to the hype either. I use to NEVER miss a
    ppv or watching the weekly shows but lately,
    it’s the same old story and nothing to get
    excited about and this year, EVEN wrestlemania wasn’t a cut above the weekly shows. I’m NOT a writer but to me wrestlemania SHOULD be like a novel, start
    with a match that gets the fans attention and gets them in a frenzy, the next match should be just a LITTLE better than the last,
    building to the show closer, the main event,
    what everyone came to see. Judging by the comments online, I see I’m NOT the only one
    who felt let down by this wrestlemania.

  16. By Jason, posted

    I liked the it it was a good card and better then they have had in the past. The undertaker hhh match was great. I like the fact they brought back the rock but they should have had Cena win the belt.

  17. By Philip, posted

    Wrestlemania was not good last night it was straight up bad. I liked the Triple H vs. Undertaker match but the way the wwe title match between the miz and cena ended was a bad way to end the show. A squash match in the 8 man tag team match and the six person mixed tag match was horrible with the Micheal Cole/ Jerry Lawler match. Heck I even think Wrestlemania 9 was better than this years wrestlemania. The world title match starting the she show where the winner of biggest royal rumble in history starts the opening match are you serious.

  18. By jj, posted

    hey i think this is the last wrestlemania since wwe dosn’t want to use wrestling in anyway or form thats way the ppv sucked tna is the only real wrestling promotion now.

  19. By Contrarian, posted

    I have to wonder if producing the ‘worst Wrestlemania ever’ wasn’t done completely on purpose as Vince’s way of flipping the bird to people of Atlanta. His animosity for the city and its people are legendary. It can’t just be a coincidence that Atlanta was systematically skipped for 26 years and when Wrestlemania finally arrives, the show has more let-downs than Rapunzel’s hair. From the who-ever-heard-of-Snooki pseudo-celebrity to the screw-ya-twice finish in the main event, it seemed to me that it was all done with a decidedly malicious purpose.

    Take, for instance, the HHH-’Taker match that seems to be nearly universally accepted as the ‘best of the night.’ While both men worked their collective buns off, there was a very visible lack of one thing that is normally ubiquitous in either an UT or HHH main event: blood. How can two men who can bleed when you sneeze on their foreheads go an entire match without wearing the ol’ crimson mask?

    It just feels wrong to me.

  20. By Matt, posted

    Worst Wrestlemania Ever! From being predictable to boring to wasting time to lackluster match endings to no Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus match (which woulda been better than at least half of what made it on to the ppv). They take out Kozlov and put in Mr. Boombastic instead of Diesel. Agree with what people are saying about Del Rio not winning, although I do feel it’s too early for him (hell, it was too early for him to win the Rumble). Snooki actually surprised me. Was expecting that to be the worst thing about the night and her to screw up what little she had to do, but she did her moves perfectly and better than most woman wrestlers I’ve seen. So in my book, Snooki actually helped this b.s. ppv. Thankfully Miz retained, completely expected Fruity Pebble man to win. Didn’t really like how it ended though. The Rock or somebody shoulda destroyed the damn laptop GM. Oh, I almost forgot the most atrocious part of the night, Cole (with honorable mention going to the always annoying Vicki). The match basically sucked like we all knew it would and having the decision reversed just made it 100% worse. Now we get to listen to Cole brag and talk $h*t for who knows how much longer and who knows how many shows (he needs to be taken off Raw, PERIOD!). Yay, Taker’s streak is still intact….oh, but what a bad looking Hell’s Gate submission. Was not expecting that ending as far as how Taker won.

    After this travesty of a ppv, I watched the Wrestlemania documentary and it made me wish this ppv was anywhere near as good as any of those. I’d rather watch basically any of the previous WM’s over this one. Hell, I’d rather watch the L.T. vs Bam Bam match over and over again instead of this WM (that’s sayin’ somethin’). I think this might be the first WM I don’t buy when it comes to stores. It didn’t really have that WM feel for some reason. I think not having MitB really really hurt this ppv (along with other things, of course).

    Alright, I’ve rambled enough. I think you all get it.

  21. By Jeff Trevino, posted

    Thank God for the Indys,AAA,and TNA Wrestlemania was the worst maina ever

  22. By Keith, posted

    As long as people pay for bad PPV’s and event tickets, the McMahons will keep putting out crap. You think that they listen to the fans, but as long as money is coming in, nothing will change.

  23. By Justin, posted

    Mania definately fell short. At first glance this may sound crazy, but watch HHH-Taker again. I know it was intense, but to me it was such cheap psychology. CM-RKO told a story and had the match of the evening followed closely by Rey-Cody.

  24. By BH, posted

    Bottom line is that WM 27 sucked hardcore. Cena should have became WWE champ again. Cole/Lawyer match should have had a stipulation of if Cole lost then he gets fired. Snooki’s backflips was kinda impressive, I think? 8 man tag was predictable. Vince should have came out and destroyed that stupid laptop once and for all. And finally J.R. should be the voice of WWE for good.

  25. By Amber Goff, posted

    The WWE has the talent to make their ppv’s great, but they are definately using it incorrectly. Some of those matches could have been great, but they were bland and way to fast.
    I liked HHH and the Undertaker, but it could have been scripted better.

  26. By Alhanna, posted

    I realise that this is my first post and that to most of you I am but a noob speaking up. In truth I joined this site to make this very post in the hopes that such a disgrace will never happen again.

    I find that the actions of the Raw Anoymous General Manager during the Wrestlemania match involving Jerry “The King” Lawler and Michael Cole to be an absolute disgrace to the epic legacy that is Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania is an event where scores are settled, destinies are changed and legends are born. It is an event to celebrate the fans of wrestling around the world. It is not a place for such favoritism and mockery of the fans and the combatants alike.
    Michael Cole had every opportunity to win that match on his own, both legally and illegally.
    Stone Cold, yes he was a crooked ref – But as a contracted referee that was and is perrogative. There is precedent for that very thing. The only true involvement that Stone Cold had within the match was when Michael Cole shoved him, and even then it was far less than I have seen from other referees for lesser offences. Perhaps Im blind but lesser refs have interferred far more and the decisions wernt reversed.
    Yes, I realise that much of wrestling is scripted – but as a true fan to the genere we were done a disservice this evening and disrespected by the interference of the RAW GM. And it is not the first time, though that is another post all together. I am truly offended by the RAW GM’s actions regarding this match.

    What a disgrace.

    I am seriously debating my current fan status.

    That being expressed and complety aside from the topic presented – Good job King!

    Thanks for listening guys and gals!

    ~Lady Alhanna~

  27. By Lawrence R, posted

    Right after Wrestlemania went off the air I had this weird feeling inside….
    It was my heart breaking due to professional wrestling dying forever.
    I’ve been a wrestling fan since i was old enough to sit still and look at a screen. I’m right there with nearly all of you 1wrestling.com users who say that WM27 was damn near an atrocity. I’ve seen every wrestlmania live on ppv since WM5, and this one goes right in the toilet along with 9, 13 20 and 23. Sure, each of those other WM’s had their saving moments, this one even had a few good matches (Taker vs. HHH was decent, and to me, Orton vs.CM Punk was the match of the night) this WM was promoted well, and i was even hype going into it, but it let me, along with many other lifelong wrestling fans down. HARD. This WM just felt like a long ass episode of raw. Pretty uneventful leaving fans feeling empty and at a loss of $60. If wwe, or WSE, whatever the hell they feel like calling themselvs wonders why people would rather stream their PPV’s they need to look no further than a few pro-wrestling sites….

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