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Sir Oliver Humperdink and the “Big Steel Man” on the set of FCW

The Solie Chronicles
Solie and Sir Oliver

I will never forget the first time that I saw Gordon Solie interviewing a man who had long bright red hair, a red beard and was sporting the ugliest jacket that I had ever seen. The man was a “heel” manager by the name of Sir Oliver Humperdink.
He was ranting and raving about upcoming matches and then proceeded to pull every dirty trick in the book to help his wrestler capture a victory during a televised bout. The fact that Sir Oliver’s persona was highly irritating only proved that he was doing a good job portraying one of the “bad guys.”
It all took place on the set of “Championship Wrestling from Florida” (CWF) and Sir Oliver was a regular on the show for many years. After the demise of CWF in 1987, Sir Oliver joined Gordon Solie again in a new promotion called Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).
The promotion name may have changed but Sir Oliver’s role remained the same: he immediately put together a group of grapplers including Bam Bam Bigelo, Diamond Dallas Page and the “Big Steel Man” in order to wreak havoc on the “good guys” like Dusty Rhodes, Steve Keirn and Dick Slater.
FCW was a short lived promotion but Solie and Sir Oliver were destined to cross paths again and did so in the mid 1990s on the set of the first-ever streamlined Internet wrestling program. Gordon and Bruno Sammartino handled the play-by-play commentating for “Ring Warriors” and Sir Oliver conducted the interviews.
Outside the ring, Sir Oliver was soft spoken, intelligent and possessed a good sense of humor. During one of our conversations at a wrestling event, he told me that he had worked with Gordon Solie in the various promotions for over seventeen years.
RIP, Sir Oliver.
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