Posted March 20th, 2011 by Bill Apter

I will miss my dear friend, Hump….I so honored that he called me his friend. I’ve known of him for years, but we just became friends about 3 years ago…..thru our mutual friend, Mick Karch. He was the type of person who made you feel very welcome to be part of his life. When I would visit the Minneapolis area, we would always get together for lunch. Our first lunch together, he brought me a gift bag with goodies from Minnesota….that’s he kind of guy he was, always putting others first. Last year when my Dad was so ill, Hump was calling me on the phone every few days to check on him…..they both shared some of the same medical conditions and Hump was truly concerned. He didn’t even know my Dad……but I’m sure they will soon be friends! I spoke to Hump on Friday, and I could tell he was very weak, but the first thing he said to me was “How are you doing, Sweetheart?”
While it breaks my heart to lose my friend, I am very thankful that he is no longer having to suffer…..he didn’t deserve to live that kind of life. I will always have the BEST of memories of my friend!!! Until we meet again, Hump…..I love you bunches!!!!!

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