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  1. By Stephen Faust, posted

    I was afraid that I would be alone in the protest of Drew Carey going into the WWF/E Hall Of Fame. Thank you,Bill. You do deserve to be inducted!!! Honestly,I was expecting Abdullah The Butcher to be announced next for the 2011 WWF/E HOF Class. This is a bit of a shock. You know…I can name at least 20 wrestlers that deserve to be in the WWF/E Hall Of Fame. I know that Bruno Sammartino desrves to be in…but I know bruno’s fellings on the WWF/E as well and I respect his decision. C’mon WWF/E!! What about wrestling greats like Bob Backlund,Randy Savage,Ivan Koloff,Tony Garea,Rick Martel,Ken Patera,Brutus Beefcake,Jim Neidhart,Demolition(Ax and Smash),The Road Warriors(Hawk and Animal),Dominic DeNucci,King Kong Bundy,The One Man Gang,The Big Bossman,Rick Rude,Kamala,Larry Zbysko and Miss Elizabeth?? They are far more deseving of being inducted into the WWF/E than Drew Carey!!

  2. By Robert, posted

    This Is Unbeliveable!!!! a true crime to wrestlers who have not made it in. thats like inducting whitney houston into the NFL hall of fame becuse she sang the nation anthem 1 year in the super bowl and the recording went to #1. If your going to induct a non wrestler how bout Lawernce Taylor or Muhammad Ali. after all these men did had famous moments in wrestling with bam bam bigalo and gorilla monsune.

  3. By Jim McHugh, posted

    I am absolutely disgusted by the WWEs blatant disregard for wrestling history. Lets throw out all the deserving stars, far too numerous to list here, for the one hit wonder Carey! While we’re at it, I also firmly believe Duggan and Sunny should have been shelved for a while too. There are stars out there with more talent in their pinky than Duggan and Sunny combined who aren’t in for one reason or another. This years class is a disgrace. Just an absolute disgrace.

  4. By joe cool, posted

    im going to mania this yr. i was contipllating going to the h.o.f induction. well until tonight. DREW CAREY? vince you lost your freakin mind. yeah its true like bill said its sports entertainment. i get it too. i think its a slap in the face to the guys who not only are already in the hof but the guys and girls whotruely deserve to be there. i think it would be fitting if everyone who is being inducted this yr not show up.pull a no show. shawn michaels and drew carey in the same class. what a big F U

  5. By Lee, posted


    Don Leo Jonathan, Arn Anderson, John Tolos, Jaguar Yokota, Giant Baba, et al . . .

  6. By John, posted

    Well to me it’s quite a joke for drew to be put into it regardless of it being in the so called celebrity wing of the hall of fame. I mean going that route bob barker wouldve been better his price is raw episode was to me the best guest host raw episode heck he even got his slammy for it. I think the hall of fame always has questionable selections some say koko but I think he kinda deserved it. Bruno has refused the hall of fame because stone cold drank beer and flipped the bird to me Bruno sounds jealous. Anyway we all have an opinion but I think except for vince drew doesn’t deserve the honor I guess there’ll be a special wwe price is right and they also plan on having him on the show some in the future. If you ask me chris benoit should be put in but we all know he’s forbidden.

  7. By BH, posted

    I think having Drew Carey is as dumb as having Pete Rose in the WWE HOF. I thought it was reserved for the legends of pro wrestling that defined wrestling like Stan Hansan, Jerry Brisco, Ric Flair ect.

  8. By bigtim9, posted

    Drew Carey really! Iron mike Sharpe, Salvatore bellomo, Johnny rodz, hell even the conquistadores and a bucketfull more of “talent enhancers” deserve it before him!

  9. By Brian, posted

    Wow. Just wow. The WWE HOF is supposed to be for the best this sport has seen. And we put in a celebrity who was in the WWE for 1 night? I mean hell maybe they’ll induct Snooki since she was on RAW and will actually wrestle at WM27. Let’s also let in everyone of the guest hosts from last year, the camera crew, the guy who sets up the ring and the girl who stitches John Cena’s jean shorts. Nevermind Owen Hart, Randy Savage, Sammartino, The Road Warriors, Miss Elizabeth, Arn Anderson, Backlund just to name a few.

  10. By sal rough cuts lasardo, posted

    cyndi lauper should have been the celebrity pick this year — hands down –

  11. By jeff, posted

    hey vince, ever hear of people named hot stuff eddie gilbert, the road warriors,lex
    lugar, the masked superstar, mr wrestling 2,
    tommy rich, the freebirds, you know ACTUAL wrestlers who gasp, ACTUALLY had ties with
    Atlanta via the old nwa/wcw area. Come on,
    you can bring ron simmons out every now and then just to say “damm” but you don’t think
    he should be in the hall of fame INSTEAD of
    drew carey????? I’m not EVEN going to mention
    the name that gets left out EVERY year, RANDY
    SAVAGE!!! Sorry vince, there’s WAAAAAAY too many people in the history of pro wrestling
    that deserve to be in the hall of fame instead of drew carey even if it is a “special” celebrity wing. If it’s based
    on just being a “celebrity” what about Alice
    cooper who was in the corner of Jake roberts
    at wrestlemania 3 or donald trump? Surely EITHER one of them did more to earn a spot
    in the celebrity wing then drew carey?

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