Posted March 10th, 2011 by Bill Apter

From Mick Karch, former AWA announcer, and TV wrestling host in the state of Minnesota

My dear friend of 40+ years, Twin Cities native John Sutton (Sir Oliver Humperdink), has been the topic of conversation on the internet over the past several days. To quell unsubstantiated rumors, I want all of his friends and fans to know that I spoke with him earlier today (3/10.) He was re-admitted to a Minneapolis hospital on Tuesday after his pneumonia came back with a vengeance. As most of you know, Sir Oliver has been battling cancer for a while now, and doctors have told him it is inoperable. Despite what may have been posted on the internet, he has NOT left us, and continues to remain comfortable as doctors try to clear the pneumonia. He is aware of, and very much appreciates, the prayers and good wishes from everyone. If he is up for visitors, I will go to see him tomorrow and provide an update as to his status.

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  1. By Stephen Faust, posted

    My prayers go out to Sir Oliver Humperdink.

  2. By Darla Taylor, posted

    My prayers are going up strong for my dear friend, Hump…..I love you, Hump!!!

  3. By Carl White, posted

    Dear Bill Apter, Thank you for the timely updates on Sir Oliver. Good wishes for Sir Oliver.

  4. By Jim McHugh, posted

    Best wishes to Big Daddy Dink. My thoughts are with you Sir Oliver.

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