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Piece of My Mind by “The Big Cheese” Sal Corrente March 10th 2011
The Supposed Death of Sweet Stan Lane

It was brought to my attention by a wrestling fan last night that there was a rumor that my good friend Stan Lane had died. This was going on just as I was talking to Stan about the supposed passing of our friend Sir Oliver Humperdink. I quickly told the person that Stan was alive and well. I told Stan that I cleared it up we had a quick laugh about it and that was that or so I thought. I got a Facebook message today from Mark James showing an obituary of a Sam Ticer and stating that Mr. Ticer was Stan Lane of the famous Fabulous Ones Tag Team. I quickly called Stan and than the funeral home which was run by a Mr. Lane how about that for coincidences. I asked Mr. Lane why they would print something like that he stated, “these are paid obituaries and we just print what the family tells us to”. I asked him “if they had told you to say that Mr. Ticer was really Elvis and that he didn’t really die in 1977 would they have printed that too”?

I then called the widow Mrs. Ticer who either really believes what she told the funeral home or is just flat out lying. She insisted that her husband was Stan Lane of The Fabulous Ones and that she has pictures to prove it. I told her “I don’t know what you have but I have the real Stan Lane”.

I then proceeded to call The Commercial Appeal newspaper and spoke to the woman who typed the obituary who apologized and said things like this rarely happen. I am not sure that I believe that since I can’t get the woman in charge to call me back. I have left a message for Bernadette Crawford of The Commercial Appeal. I found this whole situation to be pathetic and disgusting that something like this could happen and all the people involved are acting like complete incompetents. I understand mistakes and delusional people but this behavior is just unacceptable.
I have had my own run in’s with the Memphis media so I really shouldn’t be surprised by this at all but I am. I feel very sorry for Mrs. Ticer whether she has been mislead or is lying it’s a very sad situation.

Please feel free to search Facebook and look for StanandMaria Lane they have opened their page up to the public for one week so everyone can see their pictures and know that Stan is alive
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