Posted March 9th, 2011 by Bill Apter

The Internet can be a very positive place. You can find out nearly anything you have a question about with a simple “Google” search (or “Bing” and so many other search engines). Need to find a video, a place to go out to eat tonight, and so much more, it’s all there on the Internet!

The Internet can be a very ugly place. People can be vicious and tear someone’s character or business to pieces in a matter of a few keyboard strokes. They can also write about people dying when no confirmation of that person’s demise has been documented.

For the past few hours I have been called on my telephone, emailed, recieved text messages, all telling me that Sir Oliver Humperdink has died. I don’t know what Internet site posted that “news” first but it’s all over the place now.

I have checked into this situation with sources VERY close to Sir Oliver’s family and been told that he is still alive but hospitalized. Until my direct contact tells me otherwise no news of his death will be printed on the pages of 1Wrestling.com.

With respect to Sir Oliver’s privacy and family how dare people “report” his death without a credible source confirming their story first. How can anyone do that in good conscience?

As soon as I have any word regarding this so very unfortunate situation you won’t see any updates about Sir Oliver here. I will — as we all should — keep praying for this iconic character who means so much to his family, friends, and you — the fans!

Bill Apter

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  1. By Jimmy Dylan, posted

    Well said, Bill. I also was getting some traffic about this earlier. The 1st being from Canada. It’s a shame that people could be so heinous…all for the amazement of the buzz they created. It truely is sickening, as these people clearly have not an ounce on empathy in their bodies. My prayers are continuously with Sir Oliver and his family and friends during this time.

  2. By Wes, posted

    Thanks for your honest reporting, Bill. The diligent reporter may not get the “scoop,” but he never has to post a retraction. I’d rather be the second.

  3. By Joey Eastman, posted

    I was having the most amazing day today, until I saw JR write about the “passing” of hump. My heart immediately sank, because he has been super cool to me and has given me a lot of advice since the passing of Ed Chuman last year. To know that someone would write that about anyone, especially Hump, just to get hits to their site is the grossest thing I’ve ever seen. Thanks Bill for informing everyone of what’s going on.

    Joey Eastman

  4. By tim burrow, posted

    people can be such idiots sometimes spewing out lies and untruths

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