Posted February 27th, 2011 by Bill Apter

When Chris Jericho’s first book was released we did a series of “Ask Jericho” videos that thousands of fans enjoyed. This time, corresponding with the release of his newest book “UNDISPUTED” Chris has agreed to do a few “Ask Jericho” segements again — but this time it will be via audio.

So if you have a question you would like to have Chris Jericho answer — no topics are banned of course — please feel free to do so — and if it is chosen Chris’ response will be right here on Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that your question will be chosen and answered, but you have a good chance if it’s sent to us!

There is a dedicated email that will be “live” for a week (possibly two) and that is

Good luck and we hope your questions are chosen!

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  1. By Dave, posted

    Question for Chris: From your time in the WWE could you tell us how is TNA perceived by the talent in the WWE locker room? Is it perceived as a legit place to work/alternative to WWE the way WCW was back in its day? Or is it viewed as small potatoes and a place to be avoided?
    As a follow up–Would you ever consider working there?

  2. By Carl Cremona, posted

    My question is when you first started in canada, wrestling in bars and doing shows in bingo halls did you think you would end up where you are today and what advice would you give to an up and comer?

  3. By Lavon Watson, posted

    Chris I believe that TNA will never succeed as long as it continue to try to beat WWE. If you could have one question for TNA what would it be and two who?

  4. By Lavon Watson, posted

    When double J left WCW for the last time was it your idea to go in the feud with Chyna or management? and if you mind how was it working with Chyna?

  5. By Lavon Watson, posted

    A dream match alot of wrestling fans would like to see is a Y2J vs Double J do you think we will see that match in this lifetime? Especially after yu said after Jarrett went to WCW ‘that Y2J aint no Double J”

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