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Hacksaw Jim Duggan!

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  1. By Bob DaWolfe, posted

    very good

  2. By rayray, posted

    no offense but duggan had about only 5 years of decent wrestling and that was it

  3. By Jesse Kessler, posted

    Bout Time!!

  4. By Stephen Faust, posted

    I am very happy to see “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan get inducted this year. My wife,Kelli,my adopted niece,Larissa and I have met Duggan three times and we watched him live wrestling King Kong Bundy in Reading,PA. in 2005. Jim is a class act and great with children. He is easy to talk to as well. Congradulations to “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan for being inducted into the WWF/E Hall Of Fame!!!

  5. By Stephen Faust, posted

    Awesome!! Jim Diggan deserves to be in the WWF/E Hall Of Fame!! He is a class act!!

  6. By Jimmy, posted

    As much as i was a fan of Duggan, sorry! he is most definatly NOT! Hall of Fame material, all he was was a one notch above jobber two notches below superstar, more or less a side kick to the top guns of wrestling.. (example.. Hogan, Savage, leaders, Duggan, Orndorff, Cowboy Bob Orton…Backup/side kicks)

  7. By Max, posted

    The brooklyn brawler is the next WWE hall of fame inductee. I also think the warlord has a good shot at being inducted too.

  8. By Dale, posted

    In reading some of the above comments; I think Jim’s career in Mid-South is being forgotten. He was the main eventer alongside pre-WWF Ted DiBiase, Dr. Death Williams, and others who came in the late 80′s from the Paul Boesch Era. I saw an event with Jim and Ted that would rival many a ‘Modern Event’ of today. WWE turned him into the “Hoooo! Charachter” as they were in their later cartoon charachter era days. Jim is a good choice of Hall of Famer!

  9. By Lavon Watson, posted

    J Duggan did alot for this business if you think aboy=t people who represents the red white and blue it would be SGNT Slaughter, Hulk Hogan and Hacksaw Jim Duggan.So yes I think he deserve to be in a hall of fame with no location.

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