Posted February 21st, 2011 by Bill Apter

THE UNDERTAKER of course — followed by TRIPLE H (that was a surprise) and an incredibe staredown as the fans chant “Triple H” in unison! TGhe fans were actually booing ‘Taker. The TV camera did a fadeout as they were face-to-face and went to a commercial.

Amazing that Undertaker, Rock, Triple H, Trish, so many of the people from the “Attitude Era” are in the house to create more buzz for ‘Mania. Not sure what the WWE would do if they could not rely on the icons of the not too distant yester-year!

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  1. By Doug, posted

    Well , Not really that much of a surprise there.

  2. By jj, posted

    2-21-11 was waste of my time

  3. By Mark, posted

    It should have been Shawn Michaels in the 2-21-11 video’s looking for redemption. That would blow the roof off. Next year HHH could have went after Taker for revenge.

  4. By jerry, posted

    The 2-21-11 showdown was a joke. Taker and HHH already fought at Wrestlemania. I don’t care to see it again. All that hype advertising for such a lame end result. I will not be ordering Wrestlemania.

  5. By rayray, posted

    not much of a surprise……boring

  6. By fred, posted

    agreed we all know hhh will use his backstage power to get the win over undertaker at wrestlemania

  7. By k, posted

    Glad it wasn’t sting. Never thought it would be but wondered if Vincent signed him

  8. By RAW had it and lost it, posted

    Great, another ego in HHH is back and the Undertaker should just finish his career already. He is one of my all time favorites but he is way past his prime.

    So we have a bunch of attitude wrestlers stepping in to help sales of wrestlemania. I have a feeling the ball will be dropped AFTER wrestlemania is over. We will go back to Cena’s crap and HHH’s ego.

    For goodness sakes we have to deal with HHH’s ego again.

  9. By tony, posted

    i agree 2-21-11 was a complete waste of time..i think the crowd was booing taker because there was so much hype about the possible arrival of sting to WWE. Honestly, why did they need to do such a mysterious promo for HHH? i mean i love HHH and taker but at the same time theyve already faced eachother at wrestlemania. its just more of the same old shit from WWE

  10. By me me, posted

    Seriously…that’s the best they’ve got???

  11. By Max, posted

    Monday night Raw was a decent show;no suprise.
    The WWE always puts on there best shows leading up to WrestleMania.
    It should be interesting to see where the WWE will be in 1 month or 2 months following Wrestlemania;after the wrestlemania hype machine ends.

  12. By Jason, posted

    Sting would have been a better choice.

  13. By Jimmy, posted

    funny how u guys think about wrestlers today and how at 38 or 40 is past their primes. hahaha! Lou Thez wrestled well into his 60′s and yes into his 70′s. Most wrestlers up until the early nighties wrestled 20,30 and 40 years. but todays fans act like pro wrestlers need to quit at 29 or 30 or they are over the hill.

  14. By Tomcat, posted

    Wouldn’t the logical thing be for HHH to get his revenge against Sheamus? Also now everyone would rather see Cena vs. the Rock and I for one would rather see CM Punk take on Daniel Bryan in a show-stealing match rather than the mediocre Randy Orton. I’m really starting to lose interest in WM.

  15. By Dale, posted

    Sting Versus Undertaker would be an instant classic. But we all know… That Just Ain’t Gonna Happen!!! Shame. The vignettes of 2-21 was obviousely Taker. To Semi Quote Michael Cole: “Vintage Overrating!”

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