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CHANCE PROPHET becomes 2 time NWA National Champion


Chance Prophet defeated Phil Shatter to become the new NWA National Heavyweight Champion at the February 19 NWA Vintage Pro event in Franklinville, NJ.

Shatter alluded to a change in his status with TNA on his Twitter page: “To reign as NWA National Champion for 25months was an honor! To lose it tonite to @chanceprophet, a true pro, was awesome! He deserves it! One chapter ends as another begins! TNA here I




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Awesome Tribute Video honoring those who passed away in 2010

produced by Dave Marquez.


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NWA World Titles

NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Adam Pearce

Defeated Blue Demon and Shatter in Charlotte, NC on 3-14-10

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion:

Craig Classic defeated Mike Quackenbush on 11-6-10 in Ft Pearce, FL

NWA World Tag Team Champions: Dark City Fight Club (Kory Chavis & Jon Davis)

Defeated Rasche Brown & Keith Walker (The SkullKrushers) in Milwaukee on 11-20-10

NWA World Womens Champion:   Tasha Simone

Defeated Rachel on November 6, 2010 in Lebanon, TN

(La Reina de Corazones was stripped of title for two failures to defend)

NWA World Minis Champion:  Octagoncito

Defeated El Espanito on September 20, 2009 in Watsonville, CA to become first champ.


NWA North American Titles (United States & Canada)

NWA North American Heavyweight Champion: The Sheik defeated El Gran Apolo on Jan 30, 210 in Ft Pierce, FL

NWA North American Tag Team Champions: Brandon K & Scottie Gash

Defeated Crusher Hansen & James Ross on April 11, 2009 in McKeesport, PA to win title.

* Brandon K & Crusher Hansen had split up as a team.

* Each member got to pick a partner, and the winning team became the champions.


NWA National Titles (United States)

NWA National Heavyweight Champion: Chance Prophet

Defeated Phil Shatter [c] in Franklinville, NJ on February 19, 2009



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AJ Styles News:

Congratulations to my client AJ STYLES on being selected by PWI as #1 in this year’s PWI 500.  And thank you to the editors and staff at PWI for presenting him with this honor.  I know AJ feels truly blessed to be so recognized.  Another, “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels made the Top 50 at #47

AJ Styles now has an official website at , and can be found on Facebook & Twitter as AJStylesorg

AJ will be appearing in a music video for country star Sarah Darling playing the male lead role in the video of a repairman

Behind the Scenes video

The MMA promotion headed by AJ & his brother held a successful PHENOMENAL FLIGHTS 1 at the Georgia Mountains Center on Friday, Feb 18, 2010.

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February 26

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CORNELIA-NWA Anarchy TV Taping at the NWA Arena, KIMO pinned Tommy Daniels, Rich & Famous (Pendelton & Mosley) time limit draw Youth Gone Wild (Henry & Knight), Andrew Alexander & Billy Buck defeated Mike Posey & Steven Walters, pinning Posey, Hate Junkies (Only & Stryknyn) defeated Andrew Alexander & Billy Buck pinning Buck to retain NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles, Brody Chase defeated Shaun Tempers & Bo Newsome pinning Newsome, Lane Vasser, Jacob Ashworth & Sugar Dunkerton defeated Skirra Corvus, Jacoby Boykins, & Aden Chambers with John Johnson & Enoch Tsarion when Dunkerton pinned Korvus, Mike Posey pinned Adrian Hawkins, Sev7n with Jeff G Bailey NC Tank for the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title, Tank, Shadow Jackson, & Kimo defeated Jay Fury, Nemesis & Sev7n when Tank pinned Fury (Iceberg appeared postmatch)  Next show 2-26-11.


Next show is 2-26 with a MEGA RUMBLE/LADDER MATCH for the YOUNG LIONS TITLE

Mike Posey & Corey Hollis return, plus Andrew Alexander & Billy Buck, Youth Gon Wild, NWA Anarchy Tag Team Champions, Hate Junkies with the Rev, Sev7N and The Konkrete Gorillaz with Jeff G Bailey, Kimo, Shadow Jackson, Tank, Iceberg, Adrian Hawkins & more.


Rampage Pro Wrestling in Warner-Robbins, GA has joined the NWA as an Associate Member in Middle, GA.  RPW promotes shows on the 1st, 3rd & 5th Saturdays of each month at Johnny G’s Fun Center 7PM Belltime. 


RAMPAGE 1 HOUR   COX 11 Thurs 8PM & Sat noon 

                                    My41  Sat 9AM

                                    Fox 24 Sat 9AM

RAMPAGE REWIND   COX 11 M, W, & F  5PM  Fri & Sat 11:30PM

                                      My41  Sat noon

NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling TV Taping Live Report for 2/19

From Larry Goodman:

Rampage Pro Wrestling continued their streak of top notch television tapings Saturday night at Johnny G’s in Warner Robins.

RPW is a company with a lot of momentum right now. They’re consistently drawing larger, hotter crowds, as they build toward a March appearance by Colt Cabana and a bonus card at the April 2 Dragon Gate USA event during Wrestlemania weekend, adding depth to the talent roster as they go.

Attendance was 160, a few less than two weeks ago.

The centerpiece last night was the Mega Rumble, which took up the entire first hour of television. The highlight of the second hour was the promised laying of hands on Jimmy Rave by Kyle Matthews. I would rate that February 5 taping slightly higher than the one last night, only because the rest of the second hour lacked for variety.

Commissioner Sal Rinauro explained the rules for the upcoming 30 man MegaRumble – wrestlers enter at 90 second intervals, over the top rope eliminations until there were only two men remaining, then pinfalls and submissions would be in play as well.

Ben Masters introduced ring announcer Allie. There’s something about the way she enters the ring that never fails to stir up the males in the crowd. Gee, I can’t imagine what that might be. Referee Dustin Robinson was greeted with the “Meatloaf” chant.

(1) Chip Day (with Jimmy Rave) beat Ace Haven in 6:07. Haven is a cute kid but small but too small and slightly built for the crowd to take him a serious threat to a member of Rave Approved. Day capitalized on an aerial screw up to give Goldilocks a beating, aided by a stiff chop from Rave. His chops were stiff all night. Dragon Gate here we come. Haven kicked out of the flying double knees, so Day kicked his head in for the pin.

(2) Hate Junkies (Dany Only & Stryknyn with Charlie Cash) beat Drew Adler & Marvelous Michael Stevens in 4:13. Stevens took heat after a missed moonsault. Adler cleaned house until getting hung up on a high kick. Strykyn put him away with the Superbomb.

Usual Suspects hit the ring and Junkies beat a hasty retreat. AJ Steele said there were two things you don’t do – play chicken with a freight train and piss off Usual Suspects. Murder One had his head bandaged from the fireball Only threw at him last time. He can thank his lucky stars that his vision was spared. Murder said Junkies had upped the ante. They were now the hunted and they had a dirt nap coming there way. Good promo.

(3) Bull Buchanan won a 30 man Mega Rumble to gain a RPW heavyweight title shot in 42:36. “Master of the Mega Rumble” Bill Behrens fingerprints were all over this match. I’m of the opinion he handles this form better than anyone in pro wrestling, and when superb booking hooks up with terrific execution, well, it’s a beautiful thing. The story telling was focused, compelling and uncluttered. It’s tough for realism to hold up in a match like this. It did in this one. The jobbers were used to enhance the major players, who all got chances to shine, although none nearly as bright as rising star Kyle Mathews. He started the match and went the whole way, and with his talent, heart and conditioning, Matthews was more than up to the task.

Matthews started with Anthony Andrews. He chopped Andrews so hard that a kid in front of me asked his dad “was that real?” #3 Shane Curtis and #4 Leon McMichael delivered a high-low double team while Andrews directed traffic. #5 Epic Grant Mitchell made it four against Matthews. He went on a rampage eliminating the whole lot of them. A stellar moment. #6 Corey Hollis took advantage of being the fresh man. Hollis tossed #7 Haven right away and got back on Matthews. #8 J Stakka was also done in a hurry. The war between Hollis and Matthews continued. #9 Jeremy Vain and Hollis worked like hell to get rid of Matthews. Vain greeted #10 Ryan North with a DDT dumped him. #11 Bobby Moore (with Charlie Cash) made it three on one. Still Matthews hung on. #12 Frankie Valentine fought his ass off to help Matthews but the numbers were against them. #13 Day joined forces with Hollis, and the Rave Approved guys tried to further dismantle Matthews. #14 Adrian Hawkins was a house of fire. Valentine ejected Vain. Hollis, Day and Moore were also history. Matthews got a chance to recover a bit here. #15 was the huge masked man, the Judge. He press slammed Valentine over the top, dumped Hawkins like he was nothing and put the claw on Matthews. Judge halted his attack long enough to rid the ring of #16 Shawn Hunter and #17 Ox Madison. #18 Brandon Collum’s dive bounced off of the Judge. Uranage. Goodbye. #19 Doc Gayton hit the ring slinging polish hammers at Judge. Some impact but not enough to prevent Judge from clamping on the claw. Judge took Gayton to the floor, eliminating both of them. Somehow, Gayton managed to hit Judge with a chair before collapsing to the floor. #20 Mike Posey attacked Matthews, who was still selling the cumulative effects of the match. #21 Cru Jones took his sweet time entering. They got Matthews as far as the apron but couldn’t finish the job. #22 Only made it three on one again. #23 Stevens showed fire before getting his ass beaten down when #24 Strykyn joined the party. #25 Adler ran wild. Tried to anyway. His stuff wasn’t connecting well. Junkies beat him down. #26 Murder One cleaned house with Dark City lariats and tossed Posey. Only got rid of Stevens. Jones took care of Adler. #27 Shaun Banks joined his partner in another attempt to eject the gritty Mathews. Hate Junkies doubled up on Murder. Fans were calling for #28 Steele to get out there. He hit the Steel City Bomb on Only. Suspects dumped Junkies and didn’t see Hot Like Lava coming from behind. #29 Rave joined Lava for one last 3 on 1 against Matthews. #30 Bull Buchanan singlehandedly took care of Lava. He got Rave as far as the apron and Matthews finished the job with a dropkick for the big pop of the match. It was down the Matthews and Buchanan. With the crowd 1000% behind him, Matthews got the octopus, but Buchanan was too big, too fresh and too powerful. He started throwing Mathews around. A missed high kick left Buchanan straddling the top rope. A running dropkick came close to getting it done. Matthews charged again. Bull blasted him and tossed him. But Matthews skinned the cat, or would have, had Rave not showed up to foil it. The immediate crowd reaction was more disappointment with being deprived of the story book ending than heat on Rave. A temporary situation for sure. They chanted “you didn’t earn it” at Bull. Not that he was happy about it either.

(4) Bobby Moore (with Charlie Cash & JT Smooth) beat Adrian Hawkins in 11:34. Hawkins controlled the first half of the match with a punishing side headlock. Moore was fretting and fuming and getting a lot of heat in the process. Getting so much mileage out of simple stuff like that is great burnout prevention, and the RPW crowd is on board with it. Smooth grabbed Hawkins’ leg to turn the tide. They traded near falls. When Hawkins hit his signature springboard back elbow, Moore bailed. Hawkins chased. Back inside, Moore met Hawkins with a running kick to the face, and that was it. Good match. Too bad Hawkins looked like a complete fool the way the finish played out.

(5) Jeremy Vain beat Frankie Valentine to retain the RPW TV Title in 8:03. Crowd pops for Valentine well beyond the level of his push. Valentine outwrestled Vain every which way. He introduced Vain to all four turnbuckles. Vain bounced to the outside, and Valentine used a baseball slide to send him into the rail. Moments later, Vain dodged Valentine’s dive and cashed in on the crash and burn. Not a good night for the aerialists. They did the tried and true sunset flip/clothesline cut off spot, except way better than usual, with Valentine taking an inside out bump. Valentine’s comeback was atomic drop city. Valentine hit a textbook Russian legsweep, but in a flash. Vain had him pinned with one of his slick cheat to win deals. The ref plead cluelessness. Putting these guys in a program could yield greatness.

(6) J-Rod beat Mike Posey (with Jimmy Rave) via DQ to retain the RPW Heavyweight Title in 8:34. Another match that opened with the babyface basically outwrestling the heel. The work was fine, but they needed to do something different somewhere in the second hour. Posey lost a kicking contest. He also came up empty on his trademark slingshot corner dropkick. Referee Robinson ejected Rave for interference. However, Posey took advantage of the distraction to gain the upper hand. That picked the crowd up. They got behind J-Rod’s battle to survive Posey’s grounded cobra clutch. He did. As J-Rod zeroed in on Posey, Rave attacked him for the DQ.

Matthews hit the ring and dropkicked Rave, who was then ready to call it a night. Rinauro said whoa. Matthews would get his hands on Rave as promised. Always a good sign when the crowd calls for a particular match before the commish announces it. Leading to…

(7) J-Rod & Kyle Matthews beat Jimmy Rave & Mike Posey in 15:30. These people hate Rave, and he was pure chickenshit here. Rave made Posey start against J-Rod. As soon as Posey got the upper hand, Rave tagged in and cut the ring in half Anderson Brothers style. Crowd was itching to see Matthews make a tag. They got their wish when Rave was inadvertently clotheslined by Posey. But Rave immediately interfered with a devastating ring apron STO. Matthews’ body bounced off the ring frame in a sick manner. Only then did Rave tag in. He was more than happy to dish out the punishment and the taunts. J-Rod was losing it, which only made matters worse for Matthews. He brought Posey off the top with a huracanrana and the hot tag was made. Rave interfered with a running knee but J-Rod kicked out, then caused a Rave Approved collision. Matthews interfered with a frogsplash on Posey, but Rave broke up the pin. Day ran in and ate a Slurpee Kick from Matthews. Hollis ran and took a Superman knee from J-Rod. Matthews took Rave out with a tope. Finally! J-Rod made Posey miss with the guillotine legdrop and pinned him with the Superman knee. The closing minutes of this was heated whirlwind of action.

Afterward, Matthews and J-Rod had Rave trapped in the ring when Hot Like Lava jumped them from behind. But Valentine and Buchanan ran in and took care of Hot Like Lava.

Rinauro surveyed the situation and a made a match for March 5 – Hot Like Lava & Rave Approved vs. Matthews & J-Rod & Buchanan & Valentine. True to form, Bull was wary of forming any alliances.
RPW has partnered with Dragon Gate USA to present a bonus card prior to the April 2 DGUSA show in Atlanta at the Presidential Ballroom. The RPW show starts at 6:30 PM, featuring Jimmy Rave, Bull Buchanan, Kyle Matthews, and more to be \announced. Rave was also announced for the April 1 DGUSA event in Burlington, NC.

The company recently joined the NWA as an associate member through Bill Behrens, who owns the NWA rights to Georgia.

Colt Cabana, currently the number two contender for the NWA World Title, is coming in for the March 19 TV taping.

RPW is back on FOX 24 at 9am Saturdays in addition to their slots on 41.2 and Cox Cable 11. The station wanted RPW back because their show was drawing a better rating (1.0+) than the programming Fox put in its place several month ago.

The Mega Rumble will air on February 26. The episode with J-Rod/Matthews vs. Rave/Posey will air on March 3. The current episode is uploaded each Saturday on their website. Matches 1 and 2 were taped for the 30 minutes RPW Rewind show that has multiple weekly airings on Cox 11.

The broadcast team was Ben Masters and Bill Behrens as it has been since the summer.

Rave was knocked loopy during the main event when J-Rod caught him right in the temple with the point of elbow. He somehow pulled it together to hit a sweet running knee strike and finish out the match, but was flat on his back in the dressing room for a 5-10 minutes afterward…Bobby Moore was sick with the crud, however, it had no detectable effect on his performance…It appears that Konkrete Gorillaz’s (Jay Fury & Nemesis) run in RPW is over before it really got off the ground.

Congratulations to Sugar Dunkerton (RPW, Chikara, APW and many others), who is heading to Japan with Yoshihiro Tajiri’s SMASH promotion from April 30 to May 3.

RPW’s next quarterly major event is set for April 30; venue TBA.



Latest episode at:

APW has live events each Friday at the Cherry Street Gym in Royston, GA 8PM Belltime.

NWA Southern States Champion: ANTHONY HENRY

NWA North Georgia Champion: “Superstar” DUSTIN KNIGHT

APW Tag Team Champions:  VACANT

Other Featured APW Stars Include: “The Patron Saint” ANTHONY HENRY, “Unstoppable” SHADOW JACKSON, “The Official” JACOB ASHWORTH, “Wild” BILLY BUCK, SLIM J, “King” SETH DELAY, DUSTIN KNIGHT, The Hate Junkies (STRYKNYN & DANY ONLY) APW Commissioner KAREEN ABDUL JAMAR (SUGAR DUNKERTON), “Armed & Dangerous” (LANE VASSER & JOHNNY DANGEROUS), TOMMY CAPONE, “The Sin City Saint” BRANDON PARKER, “The 7 Foot Monster” CHAOS, “The Alabama Ambassador” JACOBY BOYKINS, ”The Hillside Heartthrob” MATT SELLS, “The Rage” RYAN MICHAELS, & “Manger of Champions” KEVIN

APW has uploaded matches from their big Fallout show on February 11, including the APW Title match with Jeremy Vain vs. Anthony Henry; the North Georgia Title match with Dustin Knight vs. Skirra Corvus; a “White Boy Challenge” with Jacoby Boykins vs. Chris King; CB Gibson vs. Scott Mason; and Sugar Dunkerton vs. Ryan Michaels:


East TN’s Championship Wrestling Alliance ( has joined the National Wrestling Alliance and will now be known as NWA Smoky Mountain… CWA Commissioner Robbie Cassidy made the announcement at last night’s Championship Wrestling TV Taping in Gray, TN.

The Championship Wrestling Alliance, based in the Tri-Cities area of Northeast TN, has presented top quality wrestling events for the last 7 years. Their television show, Championship Wrestling TV has aired consecutively in their home market for over 6 years. The show’s current timeslot is at Noon on Saturdays on Tri-Cities CW 4. The show is posted online at every week and has been available in the past in national syndication via AMG-TV. The newly rechristened NWA Smoky Mountain will continue to tape television every Thursday Night in Morristown, TN at the National Guard Armory in addition to house shows throughout East TN.

Cassidy also announced that on April 2nd in Kingsport, TN at the Civic Auditorium, NWA Smoky Mountain will hold the Smoky Mountain Cup Tournament. 12 of the best wrestlers from around the region will compete in 6 singles matches. The winners of those matches will advance to a 6 Way Elimination Match to determine who takes home the Smoky Mountain Cup… Also on April 2nd, CWA Commissioner Robbie Cassidy will step back into the ring, for one night only, to take on the man that ended his career, the newly named, NWA SM Heavyweight Champion, Chris Richards.  Cassidy has not been in the ring since being injured by Richards on June 19 in the very same venue, the Kingsport Civic Auditorium.
The first episode of Championship Wrestling TV under the NWA Smoky Mountain banner is headlined by two title matches. NWA Smoky Mountain Heavyweight Champion “Tennessee Redneck” Chris Richards defends against #1 contender “Party Boy” Keith Knox and Diamonds in the Rough (Sigmon & former TNA Superstar David Young) challenge for the NWA Smoky Mountain Tag Team Title as they take on Tony “the Dragon” Givens & “Handsome” Beau James. Plus, Ricky Morton vs. Lukas Angel, a Contenders Ring match with Chase Owens vs. Jason “the Gift” Kincaid, and news from NWA SM Commissioner Robbie Cassidy.

Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011
7:30 PM Bell Time – Doors Open at 6:45 PM
National Guard Armory
Morristown, TN

***Main Event***
NWA Legend, Ricky Morton
Jason “The Gift” Kincaid
w/ Rob Knight
— After suffering a devastating piledriver, NWA SM Commissioner, Robbie Cassidy will
confront Jason “The Gift” Kincaid prior to this match!

***NWA SM Tag Team Title Match***
The Diamonds in the Rough (Sigmon & David Young)
w/ Ashlee Hope
Air America (Gavin Darring & Skylar Kruze)

***Tag Team Challenge***
Morristown’s Own Keith Knox & “The Real Deal” Chase Owens
Lukas Angel & Jeff Baker
w/ Rob Knight

Plus Much More including: Tony Givens, “Handsome” Beau James, Kole Layton King, Jeff Connelly & More!

Tickets – All Seats just $8

*Card Subject to Change*


3-18-11 Soddy Daisy Middle School 8 PM Belltime, Doors open at 7:15. General Admission $10, kids 6 and under are free. Seating is first come first served. Tank vs Jimmy Rave, Ace Rockwell vs Andrew Alexander, Chrisjen Hayme vs Patrick Bentley


Watch NWA Main Event’s latest TV episode at






NWA Main Event –    

NWA Main Event television airs in Nashville, Lebanon & Middle TN on Fridays 9-10 PM & Saturdays 3-4 PM, and is now on COMCAST CABLE in NASHVILLE

Ch-6.2 digital in Nashville, Channel 21 on Charter Cable in Lebanon & E Middle TN

Was WKRP, now WRTN. 

Also, NWA Main Event is on the @ Sports TV Network reaching Denver, CO KQDK 39, Cheyenne, WY KQCK 11.1 digital, Cedar Rapids, IA KWWF 22, Wichita KCTU 43.2 digital, and other affiliates

NWA Main Event Television can also be seen on the internet at

NWA Main Event – NWA Arena, Nashville, TN: Dyron Flynn def. Super Barney; Bryan Casey def. Jamey Farrari; Dyron Flynn and Kaige Kuttler def. Sebastian Stardust and Steve O; Jeff “The Crippler” Daniels def. Playboy Scott Hayes; “The Real Deal” Derrick Neal with Lekisha def. Kevin Dunn via disqualification; Damien Payne and Dave Adkins with Lekisha def. The Stars of Tomorrow; Big Bully Douglas, Shawn Shultz and Ox Harley def. Kid Fresh Mike Cobb and Psycho Medic (2-17-11).

NWA Main Event -
February 24th, 2011
Bell time – 8 PM

NWA Arena & Television Studios
1056 E. Trinity Lane – Nashville, TN

NWA Mid-America Title Match!
Will Owens vs. Steve O

Damien Payne vs. Sebastian Stardust

Derek Neal vs. Kevin Dunn
*Dunn will have one hand tied behind his back*

Dave Adkins vs. Bryan Casey

Shawn Shultz & Big Bully Douglas vs. Shawn Hoodrich & Justin Overstreet

Ox Harley vs. Psycho Medic

Adam Graves & Super Barney vs. Dyron Flynn & Kaige Kutler 


Every Saturday night in Lebanon, TN




Episodes of NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood is now online at

NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood report for February 11

by Jay Cal

KDOC-TV along with the National Wrestling Alliance presents Championship Wrestling from Hollywood from The Showcase Regent Theater, in the heart of Hollywood California. This week’s episode starts with David Marquez running down tonight’s show. I feel this opening is a great way to give the viewing audience a preview of what’s happening this week. Famous B who has been on a role in Hollywood takes on the “Mr. Megastar” Tommy Wilson. The second scheduled bout will pit Willie Mack taking on the “Rock Superstar” Kaos. And the Main Event will be highlighted with the Hollywood Invitational Battle Royal.

“Mr. Megastar” takes the microphone before his opponent can be announced. He hates Hollywood, which begs the question, what Megastar hates Hollywood? “Mr. Megastar” calls Famous B a wanna B, actually kind of clever and got a chuckle out of me. Famous B gets into the ring only to get beaten up by Wilson. What I liked immediately about this match was the approach B takes in sizing up his opponent. Famous B is maybe 5’9, 5’10. Tommy Wilson is easily 6’6. With the “Mr. Megastar” so much bigger, Famous B attempts to wear down his opponent with sleeper holds. The announcers play up the fact that Wilson is very mobile for such a big man, but the real story in this match is Famous B sticking to the game plan slowing down Wilson’s offense with his sleeper holds. Wilson finally breaks free with a side suplex and “Mr. Megastar” just reverts to good old fashion punching. Any mistake made by Wilson results in Famous B jumping on his back and locking in the sleeper hold. Wilson gets in some offensive moves like a clothesline that practically makes Famous B headless. The match comes to an end when Wilson is about to power bomb Famous B, who roles into a sunset flip. Big win for Famous B, who has been on quite the role as of late. Two loses in Hollywood to Aries and Mack and wins over Rosas, Cedric, and now “Mr. Megastar.” Post match Wilson beats on Famous B, Cedric the Hitman comes out for a little payback on B. Of course, that brings out Andrew Hellman, this time wielding a chair and chasing off Wilson and the Hitman, but not before applying a little steel to the back of Cedric. Hellman’s midsection is wrapped from the rib injuries from the previous weeks. Hellman challenges them to a tag team match.

We get a series of promos from the men featured in the Battle Royal. Some of the guys are gold on the mic. Some are down right awful. Everyone is gunning for the Worlds Championship. Great job by the NWA, for putting over the significance of this match some of my favorites where; Jason Watts, Kaos, Scorpio Sky, Rico Dynamite, Wilie Mack, Peter Avalon, and Johnny Yuma.

After the montage we get a backstage interview with Jeff Resnick and “A Double” Austin Aries. Aries is upset that Resnick interrupted him during his phone call and upset that he didn’t take in a mint before the interview. Aries says Sky was dumb for refusing to tap out and if you couldn’t beat Aries with two legs, how are you going to beat him with one. Aries also will be in the Battle Royal tonight and will win it all to be the buffer for the NWA Worlds Champion and all the other challengers.

The next backstage interview is Kaos and David Marquez. Marquez points out that Kaos has to go through Willie Mack before the Invitational Battle Royal. Kaos, full of clichés doesn’t care about what Mack has accomplished.

Willie Mack gets a great ovation from the crowd. The fans aren’t so pleased with Kaos. A chorus of boos, shower the “Rock Superstar.” Kaos and Mack have probably shared more time in the ring against each other in Hollywood than just about any other tandem. Mack’s offense is very explosive. And with in the first few moments of this match, Mack has Kaos off his feet and on to the outside floor. Kaos takes advantage of Mack by challenging him to come outside, rolling back into the ring and dropping a hammer on Mack when he rolls into the ring. When Mack is fired up he is easily the most entertaining wrestlers on the NWA Hollywood Roster. Delivering a Bionic Elbow to Kaos, Mack forces the “Rock Superstar” into the corner where he unveils a series of right hand chops and closed fists to the chest and head of Kaos. The referee finally breaks it up, which leads to Mack getting blinded by one of Kaos’ digits to Mack’s eye. Much like the previous match up with Wilson and Famous B., Kaos works at wearing down Mack. Although unlike B, Kaos uses chokes. Kaos settles on a sleeperhold, that Mack does break out of using a version of a cutter. Mack immobilizes Kaos with a dropkick the knee and Willie Mack connects with a “323” which is the “Milk Chocolate” version of the “619.” Kaos begs off Mack until using a handful of trunks to toss him outside. Mack ducks a clothesline and turns it into an atomic drop that meets the ring post. After a few shots to the dome of Kaos, Mack rolls the “Rock Superstar” back into the ring. Mack hits his signature “Freight Train” Clothesline and follows it up with the float over drop kick to the face of Kaos. Mack goes to follow it up with an avalanche splash, the Kaos avoids and after bounces of the ropes connects with that huge Mafia Kick, called “Thank You-Good Night.” Kaos barely gets a one count, before Mack shoves him off and on to the referee. Kaos calls the Standard to the ring. “Pretty” Peter Avalon, “A Double” Austin Aries and Kaos beat down Mack. Joey Ryan and Scorpio Sky charge the ring, but the Standard are able to neutralize them fairly quickly. Out of nowhere “BOOM BOOM” blares out the loud speaker and this isn’t a technical snafu, Colt Cabana joins his comrades in clearing house in the ring. This is the first time we’ve seen Colt back in the NWA ring since Pearce pile drived him through a table. Cabana was quick to grab the mic and says that most men would have to retire from that injury, but he isn’t most men. He wants Marquez to let him join and to start the battle royal. Marquez makes it happen.

After the commercial break, the ring is filling up with wrestlers. More wrestlers keep pouring in. Adam Pearce joins the commentary team. Ricky Mandel is the first wrestler eliminated. Battle Royals have always been associated with the rich history of California Wrestling from the Cow Palace to the Grand Olympic Auditorium. It is hard to keep up with the action, however. Even match commentator James Morgan plugs himself into the ring. Men spill over the top, as Pearce begs for someone to eliminate Cabana. As the ring starts to empty it’s easier to see people getting eliminated. Slymm tosses Morgan over the top, Ryan and Mack eliminate Avalon and Jason Watts eliminate Famous B. We start to see A Double squaring off with Boom Boom, Ryan and Brian Cage going back and forth and Rasche Brown standing toe-to-toe with Watts. A group of wrestlers work on to eliminate Brown. Navajo Warrior, Rico Dynamite and Colt eliminated Andrew Hellman. Joey Ryan was able to superkick Brian Cage over the top rope to eliminate the other member of Natural Selection. Navajo Warrior clothesline Rico Dynamite over the top. Kaos is working over Mack in the corner and the remainder of the roster breaks off.

Pearce still begging for someone to eliminate Cabana, Watts goes to work on Ryan, Navajo and Cabana get it on, and the remaining Standard Members go to town on Willie Mack. Watts clutches the throat of Ryan and sends him over the top rope. A Double tries to lock a full nelson on Watts, begs off and offers a hand shake. Willie Mack uses a side kick to the head of Watts than nearly eliminates him. Then Mack connects with a clothesline and eliminates Watts.

Navajo Warrior has Colt Cabana exposed for a chop from Aries, who misses and connects with the proud Indian Wrestler. The face painted Navajo none to happy starts working on eliminating Aries, Cabana steps in and dumps Navajo instead. Mack is in the far corner recovering, Kaos tosses Cabana over the top, only for him to roll under the bottom. Its down to the Standard and Cabana and Mack. The duo use the same firemans carry to eliminate Kaos and Aries. The Standard break free and now have Cabana and Mack in trouble. Kaos over the top, Aries over the top, however Aries slides back in. Aries takes turns delivering punishment to Colt and Mack. Aries connects with a game changing brain buster. This makes Pearce very happy on commentary, doing his best Don Meredith signing turn out the lights. But Mack his on his feet and connects with a spine buster powerbomb move. Things are looking bad for Aries. And just then Kaos, who was eliminated a few moments ago, runs back out, attacks Willie Mack and tosses him over the top. The last two men in the ring are Aries and Cabana. Mack gives chase to Kaos. Aries mocking Cabana winds up for the Bionic Elbow, Cabana blocks it and goes for a series of rights and completes it with a winding bionic elbow. Cabana throws Aries into the corner and is looking for the Flying Apple. Aries gets out of the corner and bounces off the ropes, Cabana on the second rope leaps into Aries with another flying apple. After playing to the crowd, Cabana launches Aries over the top, but the crafty enforcer of the Standard slides back to his feet on the ring apron. Cabana attempts to knock Aries off and eats a forearm for his troubles. Aries runs to the top and Cabana connects with another flying apple to knock Aries to the outside of the ring. Battle Royal, match is over. Colt Cabana wins. Pearce is beside himself at the announcer booth, just screaming no, over and over again. .

Colt Cabana just punched his ticket for a NWA World Title Match. We’ll see you next week.

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ZERO1 and the NWA have announced a restarting of their relationship for 2011!

by Fredric G. Rubenstein

ZERO1 and the NWA have announced a restarting of their relationship for 2011. When the company originally launched as Pro Wrestling ZERO-ONE back in 2001 it was an official member of the NWA. This partnership ending in October 2004 when ZERO-ONE was sold by Shinya Hashimoto to FIRST ON STAGE and at the time re-named ZERO1-MAX. 

Though their official relationship ended in 2004, ZERO1 continued to retain the NWA Intercontinental Tag Team titles and NWA International Lightweight Tag Team titles as their top tag title belts. Those titles continue to exist in ZERO1 today.ZERO1 has recently brought the NWA United National Heavyweight title back, a title that had been inactive since 2008.


NWA-SW 13th Anniversary

NWA Southwest commissioner Ken Taylor  announced December 5, that Ringside Training & Event Center in Sherman, Texas, will host the 13th Anniversary Show. On Saturday, February 26, 2011.  Tickets will go on sale at Dennard’s Western Wear in Sherman and Whitesboro,Texas starting January 30. Tickets will be $13 in advance and $15 at the door.

Lance Hoyt formerly Vance Archer of WWE former 2-time TNA World Tag Team champion.  New NWA Texas Heavyweight champion on January 7, 2011

Wow results 2-11-11

“Backdraft” Chris Lee wins a 5 Guys Burger battle royal, featuring Slim Sexy, Shawn Houston, Les Mayne, and “Gentleman” Jack Jameson.

“Primetime” Ricky Douglas defeated Bolt Brady to become #1 Contender to the WoW Cruiserweight Championship

ACH defeated “Primetime” Ricky Douglas to retain the WoW Cruiserweight Championship

Ryan Genesis defeated ACH to become the new WoW Cruiserweight Champion.

David Stahr & Jen Alise defeated “Backdraft” Chris Lee and Chaz Taylor, when Stahr pinned Lee

Jaykus Plisken defeated “One Man” Mike Dell to become the #1 Contender to the WoW Heavyweight Title

WoW Women’s Champion Barbi Hayden defeated Simply Luscious to retain the title

WoW Tag Team Champions Impeccable defeated The Gulf Coast Connection to become the new NWA Texas Tag Team Champions, when Joey Figueroa pinned Ben Galvan


Champion is Dane Griffin 1 Jan 23, 2010 Amarillo, Texas Griffin defeated Carnage and Chad Thomas in a triple treat.
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February 25th, 2011 – Surrey – The Three Stages of Hell

ECCW returns to the Bridgeview Hall in Surrey on Friday night, February 25th, 2011!



Train with the NWA World Champion

Just announced is a very special opportunity to train with 3 time NWA World Heavyweight Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce.. On March 12th the NWA World Champion & former booker for Ring Of Honor will be in New Jersey.. While he is here he will be sharing his knowledge & skill with the lucky few who attend his seminar.. He will be teach everything from in ring skills, Psychology, Interviews/Promos & what it takes to wrestle for one of the major companies.. For any wrestler looking to seriously take his game to the next level this is a can’t miss opportunity.. The cost for the Seminar is $25 & is payable the day of the seminar.. The time & location will be announced in the coming months..


If you want to train with the NWA World Champion or you have any questions please e-mail .. Email us your name,your age, Who you were trained by, How many years you have wrestled & your contact info.. Seminar are open to both male & female wrestlers


This will also be a chance to impress officials of both NWA DAWG Pound & NWA Vintage.. If that was not enough a wrestler who is already not on the show will be chosen to wrestle later that night on a NWA DAWG Pound show..


Act quickly & reserve your spot because space is limited


NWA Midwest Brew City Wrestling
Knights of
West Allis, WI.

·         NWA MidWest Heavyweight Championship Match
Sadist(c) retained defeating “Psycho” Chase McCoy

·         NWA Heartland States Championship Match
Derek St. Holmes(c) retained by DQ over Matt Winchester

·         Team Eh! beat “Cadillac” Nick Colucci and Bill Braski by DQ when Colucci hit Ian Xavier over the head with Bill

·         Dysfunction beat Mason Quinn to become the #1 contender for the BCW Heavyweight Championship

·         Frankie DeFalco beat Brandon Haze and Stacy Shadows in a handicap match

·         Brandon Blaze pinned Dave Rydell


2011 shows

Saturday March  12th  

Saturday April 2nd BB

Friday April 29th  

Saturday May 21st  

Friday June 10th  

Saturday July 2nd SSE

Saturday July  23rd  

Saturday August 13th  

Saturday September 3rd  

Saturday September 24th Ann.

Friday October 14th  

Saturday November 5th  

Saturday December  17th


NWA-East Fan Club Members:

Welcome all NWA-East fan club members to a special NWA-East update. Our next live event will take place on Friday, February 25th at 7:30pm…. 10 great matches have been signed with 4 huge title matches and the finals of the four month long competition entitled ‘Contenders’!!

  NWA-East also is in the process of setting up a facebook account where you can become even more interactive with the NWA-East. If you wish to become friends with NWA-East go ahead and friend request us and make sure you stay up to the minute with all the goings-on within the NWA-East!!

  Also, check us out at for all the latest info and the debut of the interview segment called ‘Steele’s Curtain’ hosted by the controversial BC Steele. The interviews are designed to give the fans an inside look at the upcoming live events in the days and weeks leading up to those live events. The first set of interviews are currently up and running.

  Dont forget to reserve your seats today for our Friday, February 25th event by emailing!!!

  More updates will be coming in the days leading up to our next live event!!!

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February 26 – Gold & Glory 2011

March19 – Meltdown

April 16 – Shanghai Showdown V

May 21 – Meltdown

June 18 – Meltdown

July 16 – Meltdown

August 20 – Meltdown

September 17 – Meltdown

October 1 – King of Mid Atlantic Tournament

October 15 – Meltdown

November 12 – Meltdown

December 10 – Meltdown




With the new year, new changes will be coming to NWA Dakota Pro Wrestling. We will be seeing new athletes debuting in NWA Dakota Pro Wrestling in the coming months. The Board of Directors for NWA Dakota Pro Wrestling have also decided to create a Board Representative position that will be present at each event going forward. The person in this position will represent the Board of Directors and implement all Dakota Pro Wrestling policies and procedures.  This individual will have complete control in assessing penalties and fines to athletes who are found guilty of breaking any Dakota Pro Wrestling rules or procedures as well as other duties. The board is currently looking at several individuals to fill this position and an announcement will come shortly.

DPW is currently in talks with several online and broadcast outlets for a television product that will feature the exciting action here in Dakota Pro Wrestling. More news will be announced in the upcoming months


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