Posted February 20th, 2011 by Bill Apter

Order of entrance to the Chamber … Randy Orton, R-Truth, CM Punk, John Cena, Sheamus, John Morrison.

MORRISON AND SHEAMUS are the first matchup…

Sheamus dominates early with headlocks, takedowns … Morrison with some “spiderman” style jumps onto the Chamber and a pin attempt but Sheamus kicks out … Sheamus with a powerful clothesline …


Super speed destroys both of them on his entrance … Bashes Sheamus repeatedly into the Chamber … DDT’s him on the steel … Sheamus and Morrison both down with Orton kicking both of them …  Orton with a Superplex on Morrison off the ropes …  Does thesame to Sheamus …

CM PUNK  SUPPOSED TO BE IN BUT HIS DOOR IS STUCK! HE CAN’T GET OUT AND ORTON POUNDS ON HIM ANYWAY … PUNK gets in and Randy immediate RKO and pin! …  WAIT — An email from the RAW GM — “Due to a malfunction in the door he is allowed to re-enter his pod.”   Match continues Shaemus battling Randy … Morrison battles Sheamus …


Sheamus goes into Cena’s pod, trapping him … Brings him out and brutalizes Cena … Morrison dives from the top ropes onto Cena and Orton … Cena being beaten up by Morrison …  Sheamus double clotheslines both of them … Orton double-knee drops Sheamus …


Attacks Sheamus … Goes after Cena, Morrison … Big Boot by Sheamus and Truth is pinned and eliminated … Orton and Cena slug it out and Randy gets the advantage with a flying dropkick and failed pin attempt …


Randy RKO’s Cena! … Punk tries to pin a fallen Orton (via a Sheamus kick to the face) … Punk with GTS and pin on Orton!   Now it’s Sheamus vs. Punk and Sheamus is in charge …  Morrison attacks Sheamus … Sheamus kicked down by Morrisown from the top of the cage … Morrison climbing across the too of the inside of the dome (like sSpikerman) and comes oof onto Sheamus and pins him …  Now Punk vs. Cena … Cena with his finish but Punk rolls away …  Morrison breaks them up as Cena was going for his finish again … Morrison tries another “spiderman” move and splatters into one of the glass-like pods, breaking it and hurting his right let …  Cema with an “Attitude Adjustment” on Morrison …  Punk flying move onto Cena and failed pin attempt …  Punk catapults Cena into a glass-like pod and it’s broken …  Morrison with one bad knee trying a flying move, Punk with a  GTS and pins him … Cena finally pins Punk.





  1. By Jason, posted

    Cena again? When are they going to give Morrison his chance?

  2. By Archangel, posted

    Who living on this planet didn’t think John Cena wasn’t going to win this match?

  3. By Robert, posted

    The Rock even said it!!!! “I will see cena and the miz at Wrestlemania. Can you say Triple Threat!!!!! that would be awsome!!!!

  4. By fred, posted

    john cena ia almost a big a joke as hogan and bischoeff runnning a sucessful wrestling company or micheal cole being a good announcer and because i bad mouthed hogan im sure this comment will be removed by mr. apter or whoever his buddies are that do this for him

  5. By Konan Clark, posted

    While I am major fan of both Cena and Orton, I think they should finally give Morrison the push he deserves. Its either that or there could be another defection to TNA.

  6. By Jrock, posted

    Jason i’m with ya but remember we are talking triple H and vince booking big guys limited move sets are the way they like it ….seriously they are scared the fans would want more guys like John or Rtruth that can actually MOVE in and around the ring hell even the Miz as a smaller guy is limited in his abilities Onlt good thing he has is mic skills

  7. By RAW made a great move, posted

    So WWE brings in the Rock to help pick the company up and they let Cena win again. For goodness sakes. Enough with Cena already.

  8. By Gillie Tha Kid, posted

    Wow….Wwe had the ultimate opportunity to put John Cena Vs The Rock At Mania….they jus ruined it. By far it seems mania will suck, i hope not though…..del rio vs edge vs christian is my guess and also taker vs hhh.

  9. By Joe, posted

    Now it will be Cena and The Rock at Wrestlemania.

  10. By "MR"GM, posted


    Cena….morrison….orton- fuck sheamus;as long as mizanin isn’t the champ around april and is an after thought in september-yea that will work for me.

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