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Bam Bam Bigelow, Sir Oliver Humperdink and Gordon Solie on the set of FCW

For the Love of Florida Wrestling

Gordon Solie first became involved with professional wrestling in the State of Florida as a ring
announcer for Clarence “Cowboy” Luttrall in the 1950’s. After Luttrall saw Gordon’s publicity
talents, he asked Gordon to take over the PR duties for the Tampa wrestling promotion in
addition to the ring announcing duties.

By 1959, Gordon was asked to take on the additional task of editing the Tampa souvenir
wrestling program, “The Sportscaster.”

In 1961, Gordon became the official television host for “Championship Wrestling from Florida”
(CWF), a position he held until 1987 when he resigned from the Crockett organization.

A couple of months after Gordon resigned, CWF came to an end and one of America’s best
professional wrestling promotions was history.

The following year, Gordon Solie along with Steve Keirn and Mike Graham started a new
wrestling promotion called Florida Championship Wrestling, Inc. (FCW). The goal was to once
again produce televised pro-wrestling programs emanating from the Sunshine State.

Without proper financial backing, FCW closed its doors the following year.

If the name “FCW” sounds familiar, that’s because FCW is currently the name of WWE’s
developmental territory.

Gordon Solie would be pleased, indeed, to see televised professional wrestling on the rise again
in the State of Florida.

More information about Gordon Solie’s contributions to the “squared circle” is available at

FCW is an Official Developmental Territory of World Wrestling Entertainment

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