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Who will be the Next Silver State Champion?

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Pro Wrestling Destination’s Silver State Title Tournament

When: February 12, 2011
Where: The PWD Compound
Referee: Earl
Ring Announcer: Challon
Timekeeper: Tony

At the last big PWD show, Dustin Ardine won the Silver State title to go along with his PWD World title. After Challon sang the National Anthem, Dustin came out and explained that he felt that there should be multiple champions. He then announced a tournament to determine the new Silver State champion. The Opening Round and Semi-Finals would be held at this show with the finals happening at the March 26th show.

They then brought out Kid Dynamite, one of the PWD School’s best new junior students. He was excited to tell everyone that he was about to turn 15 and would be graduating into the main roster of the growing company. Perfection Personified (Vinny Poochanelli, Vikki Vanity and manager Funky Brewster) then entered. It looked like the heel faction were sincere in welcoming the kid into their ranks. It was just a trick to catch him off-guard. Kid Dynamite got his Baptism by Fire as Vinny and Vikki took turns assaulting the young guy. Kid Dynamite felt a Superkick, Curb Stomp and G-T-S before the duo finished with him.

Vinny then said the main reason he came out there was not to destroy this “punk kid” but to call out a former stablemate, Frank Lee Gorgeous. Frank came out and talked trash to Vinny, who cost him the World title, several months back. The two argued about who should be in charge of Perfection Personified. They decided to settle it on March 26th in a Loser Leaves Town match.

After all that drama and chaos, it was time to head into the Silver State Tournament. There were four Opening Round Matches, followed by the two Semi-Finals bouts.

Round One

1. “Tokyo Dragon” Ryu Lee v “Iceman” Tyson Raines

The Iceman returned after 8 months to enter the tournament. It wasn’t a good homecoming for the white and blue clad grappler. Raines slapped Ryu. Ryu then laid him out with a Spin Kick for the almost instant win.

Your Winner: Ryu Lee

2. Jesse Tycoon (with his “butler”, Max Lee) v Hobo Joe

Good fast-paced battle that could have gone either way. A nice mix of comedy and combat. Max accidentally distracted Earl (the ref) which allowed Tycoon to take out Hobo Joe with a modified Fisherman’s Buster.

Your Winner: Jesse Tycoon

3. O’Cat v Mimic

The Albino Luchadore had a back and forth match with the Impressario of Impressions. The end was a bit dramatic as O’Cat went for his version of the 6.1.9., the 7-7-5 (Reno’s area code). Unfortunately, O’Cat’s contact broke Mimic’s nose and opened a wide gash above the masked man’s eyebrow. Mimic was rushed to the local hospital (feedback that I’ve received, Sunday morning, is that he’s going to be ok)

Your Winner: O’Cat

4. “Rockstar” Johnny Vega v “Tokyo Dragon” Max Lee

It was a rare Face v Face match for the final Opening Round match. Fans were seriously torn in their support, so we just cheered them both. The ending was very disappointing as Jesse Tycoon forced his “butler”, Max. to leave the ring and take the count-out loss. Obviously, Jesse wanted no part of facing his manservant in the next round.

Your Winner: “Rockstar” Johnny Vega


Before the beginning of the Semi-Finals, “Iceman” Raines came back out to complain about the ridiculously short opening match. After being gone for 8 months, he deserved better than that (in his opinion). He issued an open challenge to anyone in the locker room to come out and face him. I yelled out “Hey, Iceman, ever heard the phrase…Be careful what you ask for?” Challon, the ring announcer, said I think he might learn, real quick.

“Iceman” Tyson Raines v The Prophet, Izekiel


Your Winner: The Prophet, Izekiel

After making short work of the Iceman, Izekiel took the microphone and talked about his Royal Flush Briefcase. With that silver case, he was assured a future title shot with the stipulations of his choice. He said many have wondered what his plans were. All would be revealed by the end of the night. (ok, that was kinda creepy)


1. Jesse Tycoon (with Max Lee) v O’Cat

Jesse felt this match was below him. O’Cat took the Spoiled Rich Kid to his limits in a see-saw battle. The end came when Jesse nailed a beautiful 450 Splash that would make Justin Gabriel jealous with envy.

Your Winner: Jesse Tycoon

2. “Rockstar” Johnny Vega v “Tokyo Dragon” Ryu Lee

These two put on a clinic of move and counter-move. It could have gone either way. That is, until Jesse Tycoon showed up and forced Max Lee to distract his brother, Ryu. Vega took advantage of the momentary distraction and took the fight to Ryu. Vega iced the cake with a Top Rope Splash to advance to the finals.

Your Winner: “Rockstar” Johnny Vega

After the match, Ryu and Max Lee had a major meltdown. Ryu, offended that his brother would actually cost him the match, struck Max and left him on the canvas. Ryu stormed out as he heard, likely for the first time in his career, a loud round of boos.

Dustin Ardine then got back in the ring and thanked everyone for coming to the show. He asked “Rockstar” Johnny Vega and Jesse Tycoon to join him in the ring. He wanted to present the finalists for the Silver State championship. He gave both men time to explain why they felt they would take the title on March 26th. Dustin then started talking about ODB coming to Reno for the next show and all the fun and excitement of…

Suddenly, the entire PWD Compound went dark. The booming voice of The Prophet, Izekiel began to talk cryptically about Dustin’s days being numbered as the champion. The lights came back on and Izekiel stood in the entranceway, brandishing his Royal Flush Briefcase. He then turned and left as the reality that The Prophet had his sights set on the Dreamachine sank in to Dustin and the fans in the PWD Compound.


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