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Paul Boesch, center, honored as “1971 Sportsman of the Year”
The Solie Chronicles #20

Eye of the Hurricane

Gordon Solie had an ongoing relationship with a vast number of men and women in the professional
wrestling industry. One such individual was the Houston promoter, Paul Boesch.

A wrestler by trade, Boesch started grappling in the 1930s. He left the mats like many American
wrestlers in order to serve in the US military (World War II) and was awarded the Silver Star and Cluster,
the Purple Heart and Cluster, just to name a couple.

Four years after his return to Houston, Boesch became the city’s first TV sports broadcaster calling
matches from the City Auditorium in 1949. In 1966, Paul Boesch bought the wrestling promotion in
Houston after the previous owner died.

Like Gordon Solie, Boesch believed in giving back to his community and was involved in The Boys Club
and a number of other Houston Charities.

In 1971, Boesch was honored at an Interfaith Charities Banquet and a halftime celebration during a
football game between the University of Houston and the University of Miami.

During a correspondence, Paul Boesch expressed his admiration for his fellow broadcaster, Gordon

“You have been on my program a number of times, and I have always admired the workman like manner
in which you do your job. But to be on your program and be part of your effort is to understand that you
are the eye of the hurricane, the calm in the midst of the storm that is so essential. If you ever come to
Texas and do not come to Houston, we will have a posse out to round you up.”

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