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Headline: Scott Hall, Big Vito, and ICP all on Radio. Listen to the archived broadcast or download the podcast.

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This week, Corporal Robinson and the Insane Clown Posse checked in to talk about wrestling in the big 2, the JCW, and the state of the wrestling business today. Anytime the ICP is involved, you know that opinions are sure to flow freely. You also won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear Bill Apter’s attempt at being a rap star!

Later in the show, we were also joined by former ECW Champion Big Vito. Vito talked about passion in the business, the lost art of combat in wrestling, and how guys are trained in today’s schools. He also plugged his upcoming match in south Jersey this coming Saturday. Look for details on

Finally, Scott Hall joined the show and talked about a number of issues; you will not want to miss his candid thoughts on the Razor Ramon angle, the state of wrestling today, and his struggle with drugs and alcohol.

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