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Hello and welcome to week two of Across The Pond. I hope you enjoyed the first instalment! I started off the column with a bit of a treat in the form of an interview with up-and-coming star, Marty Scurll. An exclusive interview for the first week wasn’t bad, huh? Well count your blessings as you’ve got the same again!

That’s right, the second edition of Across The Pond also includes an exclusive interview, this time with IPW:UK rising star, “Dangerous” Danny Garnell.

SC: So Danny, what inspired you to try your hand at wrestling?

Danny Garnell: “My dad used to take me to Lewisham theatre in London to watch the wrestling as a kid, and I loved it. Then I saw a video of SummerSlam 1991 and it blew my mind, it made me want to wrestle, especially the Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect match for the Intercontinental Championship.”

SC: What has been your career highlight to date?

Danny Garnell: “Probably wrestling in America just because it was a thing I’d always wanted to do.”

SC: Who have been your most/least favourite opponents?

Danny Garnell: “My favourite opponents over the years have probably been Johnny Kidd because you feel like you are learning from him as you are wrestling him. My coach Andre Baker because he taught me so much, I’ve also enjoyed wrestling Martin Stone, Sha Samuels and Terry Frazier a lot since coming to IPW:UK.”

SC: Where is your favourite place to wrestle?

Danny Garnell: “I love wrestling in Ireland. I just love the country as a whole, my favourite UK venue though is the Winter Gardens in Margate, Kent.”

SC: Is there anywhere you’d like to work that you’ve not had the chance to so far?

Danny Garnell: “Japan and Germany.”

SC: What’s your ultimate career goal?

Danny Garnell: “To work for NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling).”

SC: Describe your wrestling style in three words.

Danny Garnell: “Hard-hitting and technical.”

SC: Does seeing the likes of Doug Williams and Wade Barrett in TNA and WWE inspire you?

Danny Garnell: “I’m very happy that those guys are doing so well because it makes the British wrestling scene look strong on the whole. It doesn’t so much inspire me as prove to me that with hard work like those guys have put in, anything is possible.”

SC: Do you watch a lot of pro wrestling? Who are your current/all time favourites?

Danny Garnell: “I watch a fair amount of DVDs and tapes from all over the place. My all time favourites would be Owen Hart and Yuji Nagata. Currently I enjoy watching Prince Devitt.”

SC: After your battle royal victory at IPW:UK Merry F’n Xmas, are you hoping to kick on and cement yourself as a Main Event star?

Danny Garnell: “I’d love to be ‘the main event guy’ for IPW:UK, if that happens I’d be very happy. But I’m happy working my matches and progressing at IPW:UK because I feel it’s the best place to be working right now.”

SC: What does 2011 hold for “Dangerous” Danny Garnell?

Danny Garnell: “I’m looking to pick up more bookings this year, especially around Europe and I’m very excited about the relaunch ofn NWA UK Hammerlock, which is where I started. We are running a memorial show for our coach Andre Baker who passed away last year on May 21st. Check or for venue details and the expected line up. Other than that I’m looking forward to working more for Welsh Wrestling who are running a lot of shows across the whole of Wales.”

SC: And finally, where do you see yourself in five years time?

Danny Garnell: “Hopefully wrestling in Japan, if not, probably still working on the UK/European circuit.”

So yet another exclusive interview just for you, the readers of Just like an episode of TNA iMPACT! I’ve started well and promised a lot. Unlike the aforementioned show however, I don’t intend on losing half of my audience as I progress!

Many thanks to “Dangerous” Danny Garnell for the interview. I fully expect him to be a big name in not just UK wrestling but European wrestling in the next twelve months.

On a side note, I’ve been informed that British Wrestling is returning to TV. UKW (UK Wrestling Experience) premieres their new TV show on February 3rd, 2011. It will be broadcast on Thursdays at 10pm on MyChannel (Sky channel 219).

The following is from UKW Owner and Founder, Jonathan Sedgwick:

“UK Wrestling Experience would like to announce that from February 2011, you will be able to catch up with all the latest action from inside the squared circle every week, Network and times will be announced shortly.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported UKW since the beginning and hope they are looking forward to our new journey.”

You can find info on this, and the rest of the company at

That’s your fix of British wrestling for now, see you next week!

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