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THEY Are Revealed Thursday On iMPACT!


  1. By Mike, posted

    Well it was a pretty interesting turn. I didn’t see it coming, but I had not been keeping up with the internet news so maybe it was already common knowledge. All I know is I thought it was awesome when A.J. flashed the Fourtune sign and they all turned on the other Immortal guys. I would have preferred, though, to see Fourtune go off on their own and Kurt Angle, Crimson, and Scott Steiner to join up with a 4th guy so there would be 3 separate factions, the heel Immortals, the tweener Fourtune, and the face Team Angle. I’ve never been a fan of groups larger than 4 or 5, 6 tops. Oh well, looks like it’ll be interesting!

  2. By Scott Justice, posted

    They only problem I had with this is…. Flair. He is the leader of Fortune. To me it makes no sense without him being there.

  3. By Jimmy, posted

    What a Joke!.. AJ I expected to turn, the rest is stupid. How do you work in Flair with this ridicules scenario? How many they’s will there be? Will Hogan also turn and burn Bischoff? Turning into a soap opera, WWE Anyone? What ever happened to TNA! Non Stop Action, More sport than entertainment? now it is mirror to WWE….

  4. By Ric, posted

    The face turn of Fortune feels like it was rushed when contracts could not be secured with the rest of the members of the old Main Event Mafia. If that is the case then this is, excuse the pun, fortunate for TNA.

    I have long thought that AJ Styles has been, one, being used badly for quiet awhile and , two, is better as a face standing up for the company he helped build. Why someone with his talent is being used in a side kick capacity is beyond me. If there is one wrestler that is truly TNA it is him. He should be one of the leaders of the TNA crew.

    Kurt Angle’s character right now is perfect for him. The tough face that can and will bend the rules when it needs to be done fits him. He has been in the business long enough to be a ring general and he is still in good enough shape to put in great performances in matches. He and Styles will make a great pair of leaders for this faction.

    Ric Flair should remain with Immortal, if he is even staying with the company. It is a better fit for him to be part of the Old Guard with Hogan and Bishoff. Flair is probably the single best performer in modern wrestling history but his persona has always worked best as a lead heal and with his reputation as a locker room manipulator, true or not, you really have a character that can build a lot of heat and give the faces something to fight against.

    A good swerve here would be for Pope and Ray to side with Immortal and even the sides. Both of these guys have great presence and need better defined roles.

    Crimson is an interesting addition to the roster. He is built like you would expect a wrestler to be built, seems to have ring skills and has been surprisingly good on the mic in his limited role so far. If this is real potential then having a run with some top guys will give him the last bit of preparation he needs to become a real asset to the company.

    I am also glad to see Steiner back. I have always felt he as an average or slightly above ring performer, but he is a very convincing character with excellent mic skills. The new “They” faction to oppose Immortal is a turn in the right direction for the company and I hope they do it well.

  5. By Slick Rick Jr, posted

    Highlight of the end segment for me was when the crowd got fully behind AJ when he was calling out Bischoff’s management style, or lack thereof. I had a smile a mile wide when the crowd let loose with the “We want 6 sides!” chant. I really, really hope that Dixie Carter listens to the fans. The 6 sided ring is what helped set TNA apart, and quite frankly I liked it. Who doesn’t want to see 6 sides of steel once again?

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