Posted January 30th, 2011 by Bob Ryder

What did you think of the Royal Rumble?

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  1. By JavierAC, posted

    I don’t understand why are people so mad that the Miz and Del Rio won, WWE needs NEW main eventers, if Orton or Cena you would be saying that the same people win every time, there is no pleasing you guys

  2. By Max, posted

    I didn’t know both Kevin Nash and Booker T were 30 years old.

  3. By ANDREW, posted

    changes are coming to wwe in 2011!!!! i got this from prowrestling.com “Regarding Donna Goldsmith, who is leaving WWE, it’s said that she was the main one pushing WWE’s PG direction.” and the wwe lost money during the 2010 year too. Donna Goldsmith who second behind Vince is gone. So wwe can become tv 14 again this year!!!!!

  4. By fred, posted

    actually javier i am disappointed it was delrio he hasnt put in his time and his name draw is not alot well maybe among international fans but i think morrisen should have won great name draw and ring and mic skills rio is a fine athlete but has not earned the right to main event wrestlmania

  5. By fred, posted

    damn andrew your parents let you stay up to watch the royal rumble i bet you got the john cena doll and p.j’s and bed sheets this pg and tv 14 shit is wats killing wwe right now, they need to go back to the attitude era cause thats wat saved thier asses in the 90′s.

  6. By Contrarian, posted

    Royal Rumble.

    Pushing aside Alberto’s mystifying push, this Sunday’s Rumble failed long before the lame finish.

    Nexxus gets all five of their guys in the ring in the first 20 draws and they’re all gone before the first Corre member arrives. Anyone anticipating even a minor showdown between the two newest coalitions (as I was) was, at the very least, disappointed.

    Booker T and Kevin Nash got the biggest pops and loudest chants, but neither stayed long enough to actually pull off anything more entertaining than Booker’s Spin-a-roonie. (An aside here: everyone in the room watching with me agreed that Booker would be a tremendous addition to the permanent roster. And he looked to be in fantastic shape.)

    I wasn’t timing the entrances, but I seriously doubt there were 90 seconds between them all. Halfway through the event, the forced expediency became practically palatable.

    Opening the event to 40 men was a great idea. However, clogging the extra spots with Nexxus and Corre was counter-productive. It robbed us fans of the opportunity to enjoy more of the surprise old-timer visits we have grown to expect.

    In short, this Rumble added nothing new to the current story lines, did not create any new stories to take into Atlanta and failed miserably to motivate me to purchase their flagship event, which is really what it’s all about.

    And I won’t even mention having to endure Hornswaggle for fifteen minutes…

    I hope you all enjoyed it more than I.

  7. By jj, posted

    wwe will never be tv14 ever again they got kids now i haven’t watched wwe in over 3 years now occ is way better the discovery channel is better then wwe.

  8. By rayray, posted

    I cant stand the Miz and michael cole….i dont know who’s ass they are kissing to have so much attention on them…they are worthless….Cole is a mediocre announcer and a fag and the Miz is the worst wwe champ ever….But im so glad Alberto won the rumble…he reminds me of a young Ric Flair…lots of style and class…and plenty of talent….he will be a world champ in 2011

  9. By Justin, posted

    They CAN go back to TV 14, but that doesn’t mean they WILL.

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