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By Jim Forzese

WWE is transitioning themselves into a new management era right now. Vince is and always will be the head of everything WWE but son- in- law HHH is now taking control of a majority of the managerial issues on a daily basis. Stephanie is slowly reducing her role in the company as Stephanie is devoting herself to full time motherhood. I have been very critical of management in WWE, especially the creative end of WWE for quite some time and that is not about to change anytime soon. I will however be complimenting creative more as well since I am pleased with a lot of what is happening on WWE programming right now. I have never been a fan of Stephanie in charge of creative and I am thrilled that Stephanie is giving away control to someone that very well may turn the company around in a big way. Stephanie is a brilliant woman but lacks a true creative vision for a wrestling company. That is not an insult as very few can handle that job aptly.

I have been very critical of HHH as well and have never been a fan of the way in which HHH went about in acquiring his power. Between the Kliq and marrying Stephanie, HHH has positioned himself in WWE quite well. I know HHH probably would have achieved greatness on his own accord. What troubles me the most is HHH has a great mind for the business but used that great mind to do harmful things to the WWE for many years. HHH has held back many talents that HHH deemed a possible successor to his spotlight. Names like Punk, RVD, and Jericho to name a few became stars even though HHH tried to use his power to hold them back. Maybe that is pure speculation on my part but I believe it to be true and have heard enough about it to feel safe in saying it. I also believe HHH is the man to bring WWE back to great heights again. One thing HHH is not and that is foolish.

HHH has stated he is not involved in the creative end of the company right now but if HHH has helped to loosen the shackles on the hands of the writers, then I applaud HHH. One thing that has changed, or at least appears to have changed some, is the less scripted promos. I have said that is one thing that has to change for WWE to be successful and ever since that appears to have happened, the wrestler’s are starting to develop far more character and personality. The only way to develop a wrestler properly is to allow the wrestlers true personality to shine through. If HHH has allowed the talents to do this then it is a major step in the right direction and will have long lasting benefits going forward.HHH knows that new stars need to be developed and HHH himself stated upon his return that he will not be a main event talent chasing the title any longer. That is only going to help with the pushing of new stars because HHH will help get new talent over.HHH is very good at making new talents look great in the ring.

The ratings have increased recently and hopefully if the ratings on both Raw and Smackdown continue to rise then that additional viewership will translate to PPV buys and merchandise sales and so forth. Yes the viability of SYFY and the end of Monday Night Football has a lot to do with the increases but WWE seems to be maintaining the increases from week to week and that is great news. A lot of that has to do with new stars garnering interest like Miz as champion and CM Punk as the leader of Nexus. New stars and interesting storylines will always gain new viewers because the intrigue level becomes high. It will still take awhile for these new wrestlers to become major money drawing stars but there are many names on their way to greatness. Adding some more character to some and or heel/face change will help establish these wrestlers as top stars.

The wrestlers have been very complimentary about HHH backstage and the way HHH has handled the house shows. HHH has lessened the amount of last minute change and helped make the shows more organized. This helps the shows become stress free and that will help the wrestlers concentrate more on the job at hand and thus far the matches have been better. HHH is also having matches go longer, or at least it appears to me that way and that will make fans happy as well. Chaos ruins shows and if HHH makes the shows less chaotic then the shows will be presented better. Things will always happen at times that screws things up but HHH has the respect of the locker room and all talents will listen to HHH because everyone knows HHH knows what it takes to be a major success.

The other important factor in all of this is that Vince will listen to HHH’s criticism. HHH will not be a yes man to Vince and that could and hopefully will help filter out all the toilet humor skits that only Vince finds funny yet we all find awful. HHH knows what works and what the fans want. HHH is in touch with the current fan base and is young enough to know what is hip in pop culture. Vince will respect the criticism of HHH and will scale back some really bad ideas if HHH explains what is wrong with them. Again, even though HHH is not involved in creative, creative may have some slack now and that could help with creating new ideas and not just writing to please Vince. HHH knows talent and will not hold them back any longer even though I believe that allies of HHH will get pushed first and harder than non allies.

The only major issue I have with WWE right now is Michael Cole and I have said this a lot. The announcing has gotten so bad in WWE that I want to watch the shows with no sound on. This angle is a gigantic mistake and I truly hope that it ends soon. No show should focus on announcers and the more WWE does it the worse the shows come off. With the added interest lately it is time to stop this and get back to purely focusing all TV time on the in ring talents. I hope HHH suggests this to creative soon because there is zero money to be made off this angle and it could drive away new viewers who get irritated by Cole. The worst thing in the world for WWE would be to lose viewers because of the awful announcing jobs that are happening right now.

Bottom Line:

I must say the with HHH gaining control of WWE I feel very positive about the health of the company going forward. I may not be a fan of HHH the wrestler, although I think HHH is one of the greatest talents, I just disapprove of his power trips through the years. HHH has the type of mind for the business that could propel the WWE. So far the transition is going well in WWE and I think things will only get better as Stephanie leaves and HHH gains more control. I look forward to a very bright future for the company and I am very excited about the possibilities. Looking forward to the Royal Rumble and the continuation of a new era. You have just read another chapter of the Forzese Files and as always feedback is greatly appreciated.

Jim Forzese


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  1. By Jose David, posted

    With H.H.H. as an immediate member of the McMahon family, this is what he should suggest to his father-in-law: ditch the general management angle and make the company whole again, because as Canned Heat says: “Together we will stand.”

  2. By FED UP, posted

    The#1 thing HHH needs to do is get Rid of the Anonymous RAW GM
    #2 IS Fire Michael Cole he is the worst announcer ever

  3. By pienman, posted

    sound good… the views of urs should definitely be used by both WWE & Tna

  4. By pelli, posted

    i agree the raw annonymous gm is terribl and has been since day one and michael cole is by far the worst annoncer ever and while i wont say i dont like miz im tired of cole acting like his b**ch

  5. By Turning the Channel, posted

    Normally I think Forzese is a blowhard but this article is spot on. I have been turning the channel more and more with hearing Cole run his mouth, not to mention actually interfering in matches. I am also sick of the stupid interference endings to matches. Can we PLEASE get a clean winner for once. Having Cole, Alex Reiley, CM Punk or any other people interfere to help keep the strap on the Miz does not really put him over.

  6. By Jim Forzese, posted

    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    Pienman I wish they both would use my views that’s why I write them

    Turning the Channel it’s cool if you dislike what I say I appreciate you reading the columns.

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