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NWA World Titles

NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Adam Pearce

Defeated Blue Demon and Shatter in Charlotte, NC on 3-14-10

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Craig Classic defeated Mike Quackenbush on 11-6-10 in Ft Pearce, FL

NWA World Tag Team Champions: Dark City Fight Club (Kory Chavis & Jon Davis)

Defeated Rasche Brown & Keith Walker (The SkullKrushers) in Milwaukee on 11-20-10

NWA World Womens Champion: Tasha Simone

Defeated Rachel on November 6, 2010 in Lebanon, TN

(La Reina de Corazones was stripped of title for two failures to defend)

NWA World Minis Champion: Octagoncito

Defeated El Espanito on September 20, 2009 in Watsonville, CA to become first champ.


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NWA North American Heavyweight Champion: The Sheik defeated El Gran Apolo on Jan 30, 210 in Ft Pierce, FL

NWA North American Tag Team Champions: Brandon K & Scottie Gash

Defeated Crusher Hansen & James Ross on April 11, 2009 in McKeesport, PA to win title.

* Brandon K & Crusher Hansen had split up as a team.

* Each member got to pick a partner, and the winning team became the champions.


NWA National Titles (United States)

NWA National Heavyweight Champion: Phil Shatter

Defeated Crusher Hansen [c] & Chris LeRusso on January 19, 2009 in McKeesport, PA


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01/23/2011 – January 22 NWA Anarchy TV Taping – Live Report

NWA Anarchy rebounded in a huge way with their television taping last night at the NWA Arena in Cornelia, Ga.

Jerry Palmer’s tenure as NWA Anarchy owner ends on April 9 at Hardcore Hell, and as he promised, it appears the circus will be in town for the duration. Last night’s show featured two title changes and the return of several more prominent names from Anarchy’s past. All four titles have changed hands since Bill Behrens returned two weeks ago to head up creative for the final run.

The Behrens Effect is unmistakable. This was a made for TV event, albeit one that played well for the live crowd. It was beautifully constructed, in the sense that all the best stuff was saved for the latter half and it built to a wildly successful grand finale. Not to say that everything about it was a slam dunk triumph, but every segment had a clearly defined purpose. Talent is coming back in droves.

Being that my trips to Cornelia for TV tapings have been few and far between over the last six months, I can’t say for certain, but I’m going to hazard a guess that it was the best Anarchy taping since before Hostile Environment in July. I enjoyed the last two matches more than any of the matches at Season’s Beatings.

The attendance was 115. Fun fact – it was the first time in the history of the building a TV taping drew more people than the major event that preceded it. Not by much and Season’s Beating had a larger gate due to the increased admission price. But still.

John Johnson introduced Aaron Camaro (NWA Main Event and other Nashville promotions) as his new broadcast partner. Camaro was well received. Ring announcer Timmy D then directed our attention to Palmer on the WrestleVision screen. Palmer said that after 6 years, this was the final ride for him but not for NWA Anarchy. He was joined by Shadow Jackson. Palmer hyped the main event – Jackson & Shatter vs. Se7en & Nemesis.

(1) Youth Gone Wild (Anthony Henry & Dustin Knight) beat CB Gibson & Tommy Daniels in 5:36. Good pop for YWG. Crowd had some spark during this match, which was mostly Henry and Gibson (an APW guy). Henry used a spinning inverted Gori Special that was visually stunning. Henry got the Texas Cloverleaf on Gibson, but Daniels broke it up. Finish was a combo version of the GTS on Gibson. It looked quite devastating.

John Johnson and Enoch Tsarion appeared on the WrestleVision. It seems Johnson had enlisted the services of Jacoby Boykins and proposed joining forces with Tsarion and his man, Skirra Corvus for the upcoming six man match. Tsarion said he wasn’t an idiot. He got the strength in numbers concept. A tracking shot followed the two managerial geniuses to where they came upon Aden Chambers. Johnson took the lead in securing Chambers’ services. Tsarion didn’t care for Johnson acting like the boss. Chambers agreed to do the match but was left scratching his head about Johnson and Tsarion. This segment did more to get Chambers over than the sum total of his previous Anarchy appearances. The return of the big screen segments is a big step in the right direction. Used judiciously, it gives the performers a larger-than-life quality that has been sorely lacking.

(2) Skirra Korvus (with Enoch Tsarion) & Jacoby Boykins (with John Johnson) & Aden Chambers beat Lane Vasser & Johnny
Dangerous & Jacob Ashworth in 11:28. They worked a fast pace early. Maybe too fast for things to sink in. Boykins and Vasser got into a “bull of the woods” contest. Boykins came across well as a heel. The Abby junior gear is a thing of the past. Ashworth was the babyface-in-peril. Chambers obnoxiously taunted Dangerous and Vasser so they would jump in to build more heat, and they just stood on the apron like they didn’t care. Nice try anyway. Off the hot tag, Vasser hit his running SSP but the pin attempt was broken up. It’s a hell of a move. Dangerous hit what was probably supposed to be somersault double ax off the top, but he barely tapped the guy on the back. All’s well that ends well, though. With referee Dee Byers distracted by the schmozz at ringside, Johnson shoved Dangerous off the top, and Korvus finished him with the Grayeyard Shift (curbstomp). The crowd was hot about the cheating.

On the Wrestlevision, we saw Attorney Jeff G. Bailey and Andrew Pendleton III. As a demonstration of his appreciation for Pendleton’s efforts, Bailey had gotten Pendleton a title match with the new NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Tank. Bailey told Pendleton that he was smarter and quicker than the champion.

(3) Tank retained the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title over Andrew Pendleton III in 6:23. Tank is in the Dick the Bruiser role of the lovable badass that can do no wrong. Tank beat Pendleton’s ass outside the ring. Back inside, Pendleton worked on Tank’s knee. Pendleton may have bought into Bailey’s psyche job, but the crowd sure didn’t. They quietly waited for Tank to win the match. It didn’t help matters any that Pendleton’s blows looked uncharacteristically light. Tank kicked out of a ropes mounted version of Pendleton’s hammerlock uranage finisher. Pendleton pummeled Tank in frustration. Dude, if you didn’t pin him with that move, you ain’t going to. Tank hit the Chokebreaker to win the match. Tank was selling the knee on his way out.

(4) Shaun Tempers retained the NWA Anarchy TV Title versus Todd Sexton in 12:11. Sexton was cashing in his “money in the bank” shot he earned in the Lucky Seven match at Season’s Beatings. Like Tank, Tempers was making his first title defense. The silence was deafening during this. Nothing wrong with the work. As is typical of a Sexton match, it had an interesting lay out, but the people didn’t believe Sexton was winning, nor in their heart of hearts, did they want him to beat the new and highly entertaining heel champion. Sexton hit a nice springboard twisting crossbody. Tempers worked on Sexton’s back. Tempers started slapping him around. Sexton fired up the European forearms. They did some well executed counters and near falls that nobody really cared about. Sexton missed a diving headbutt, and Tempers hit the Tiger Driver for a near fall. Sexton busted out the Sexton Stretch, but Tempers made the ropes. Tempers went for the Temptation spray, and Brodie Chase took it away from him and Sexton hit a big kick. No reaction when Tempers kicked out. Tempers then beat Sexton clean with the hangman neckbreaker. It made no sense to me that ths match was the hour one main over the heavyweight title match.

The return of “The Feature Presentation” Jeff Lewis opened the second hour. Not much reaction to the former NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion and two time NWA Anarchy Television Champion, but it’s been a number of years now. With the buzz cut, Lewis looked a lot like David Young’s former partner in Bad Company, Chris Stevens. Lewis issued an open challenge that was answered by Adrian Hawkins.

(5) Adrian Hawkins defeated Jeff Lewis in 5:33. Lewis bailed out of trouble only to get hit by a pescado. Lewis brought Hawkins off the ropes with a back suplex to take over. Hawkins broke out his signature springboard back elbow to get back on top. Lewis blocked the Unprettier, but Hawkins nailed it the second time around. Crowd popped for the finish. Otherwise not much noise. Right about now, it was feeling like just another ho hum Anarchy taping. Little did I know how drastically that was going to change.

(6) Hate Junkies (Stryknyn & Dany Only with The Reverend) beat Andrew Alexander & Billy Buck to win the NWA Anarchy Tag Team
Championship in 14:33. This match turned the show around. It started as your standard tag team fare. The most memorable thing was a fan pointing out Dee Byers’ facial resemblance to Dick Chaney. Interference by the Rev set up Only for a sick backcracker on Buck. The intensity level in the building shifted into high gear and never looked back. Junkies killed Buck with the Slash & Burn (high-low double team). Crowd was behind Buck huge here. Buck finally made a true hot tag after a Samoan drop. Junkies bumped like mad for Alexander, who put the Kibosh on Stryknyn. Alexander tried for the piledriver. Stryknyn countered with the Alabama Slam, but in the process, Buck made a blind tag. He caught Stryknyn with a german suplex. Byers got bumped. Buck superkicked Stryknyn. With Byers down, Only whacked Buck and Alexander with the Rev’s cane. Stryknyn pinned Buck. These teams have consistently had good matches. This may have been the best of the bunch.

Afterward, Alexander picked up the cane, and it looked like trouble in paradise. But the former champions ended up shaking hands.

(7) Slim J beat Bo Newsom via submission in a no DQ lumberjack match to win the NWA Anarchy Young Lion’s Championship in 12:
27. The problems between the role model teacher and his traitorous student had been building for months. Crowd was nuts for J and hot all the way. The heel lumberjack outnumbered the face lumberjacks 6-3. Newsom bounced to the safe haven of the heel lumberjacks. Later, Newsom threw J to the wolves. There were some stellar sequences in this match. Newsom blocked a tornado DDT and went for the brainbuster, but J countered with a suplex into the turnbuckles. J leafroggged Newsom only to get nailed right on the button by Newsom’s standing dropkick. Newsom reversed the Screwdriver on the Rocks into a spinning side slam. J hit the flying reverse DDT for a great false finish. Bo dropped J on his head with a Northern Lights Bomb variant for a near fall. The crowd was into all the near falls because they were so emotionally invested in the outcome. The lumberjacks started brawling. Newsom tried to use the belt, but J dumped him on top of the lumberjacks. J followed with a corkscrew plancha that sent the lumberjacks down like bowling pins. Back inside, J got the flying armbar. Tempers hit the ring. Chase ran in and gave Tempers a face full of “Temptation.” J made Newsom tap with a Mutalock. The building went crazy for the finish. Best match of the night.

Bailey led Se7en and Nemesis to the ring and cut a terrific promo. Bailey said he was going back to his roots. He brought up his lawyer days, when he defended alleged rapists, alleged drug dealers and alleged cop killers, men of integrity, not betrayers like Shatter. Bailey said Shatter was a nobody before he groomed him. He said it was a disturbing trend and referenced what happened with Kimo in ’09. In addition to getting revenge on Shatter, Bailey promised to end Jackson’s career.

(8) Shadow Jackson & Phil Shatter beat Se7en & Nemesis with (Jeff G. Bailey) via DQ in 10:53. This match also had tremendous heat. Superfan Bo had a sign that showed Bailey then and now. The then was a weasel in a leather jacket. Shatter made sure everyone in the building got to see it. As much fun as it was to see Jackson and Nemesis mix it up given all their history, the focus of the match was Shatter and Se7en. Fans have been chomping at the bit to cheer Shatter. Se7en is like a giant sized Butch Reed only with psychotic tendencies. There isn’t a manager on the independent scene as good as Bailey when it comes to developing monster heels, and Se7en is getting better every time out. Shatter did a marvelous job of selling for him. They bludgeoned each other. Shatter couldn’t knock Se7en off his feet, so he used a double leg takedown. Se7en was throwing Shatter around like he was nothing. A rejuvenated Bailey got his licks in with the Gucci loafers. Shatter finally speared Se7en and both men tagged. Jackson hit the 1031 on Nemesis and called for Shatter to deliver the PTSD. Bailey jumped on Shatter’s back. Shatter shed Bailey and was about to punch his face when he was attacked by Jay Fury!

The postmatch was pandemonium. The Konkrete Gorillaz ran roughshod on Jackson. Se7en choked Shatter out by hanging him over the top rope with the Gorillaz’ noose. As Shatter lapsed into unconsciousness, Kimo hit the ring in street clothes. He singlehandedly drove the heels out of the ring. The show closed with Kimo and Jackson standing tall, while Bailey and his men fumed.

Next TV Taping is 2-12-11

Konkrete Gorillaz vs Shadow Jackson & Kimo

NWA Anarchy TV Title Match: Shaun Tempers VS Brody Chase

TAG Turmoil (Winner faces Hate Junkies for NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles that night) with Youth Gone Wild, New Wave, Andrew Alexander & Billy Buck and one more team

Mike Posey vs Adrian Hawkins

Tank will defend the Anarchy Heavyweight Title against a former Anarchy and Wildside Champion

NWA Anarchy Young Lions Champion, Slim J will appear

More “surprise” returning stars and matches


#485 – Malachi

#470 – Mike Posey

#459 – Corey Hollis
#435 – Slim J
#396 – Orion Bishop

#385 – Tank
#365 – Caprice Coleman
#361 – Jeremy Vain
#351 – Truitt Fields
#345 – Kimo
#318 – Shaun Tempers

#308 – Aden Chambers
#292 – Ace Rockwell
#285 – Shadow Jackson

#153 – Mikael Judas

#97 – Phill Shatter

I would like to thank everyone who has expressed interest in NWA-Anarchy. We have sent out the prospectus and informational package and have received several verbal offers at this point. The prospectus is still available to anyone who has a legitimate interest and asks for it.

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Thank you

Jerry Palmer

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NWA Chattanooga will be in action at the Soddy Daisy Middle School on Friday, January 21. Advertised matches include NWA National Championship Match: Phil Shatter (c) vs. Tank, “Hollywood Hacksaw” Andrew Alexander vs. “The Seven Figure Deal” Ace Rockwell; “All That” Adam Jacobs vs. “The Deadly Sin” Seven (with the Reverend); Shaun Tempers vs. Micah Hughes: Corey Hollis vs. Adam Roberts; Plus Jessco Blue & Nick Young. All tickets $10. For info call 423-618-5260.


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NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood TV January 14 report

by Jay Cal

This week’s edition of NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood starts with “Hollywood’s Own” Joey Ryan and “Milk Chocolate” Willie Mack in the back. Joey is bent on revenge; finally get his hands on Kaos and Avalon. Joey asks Mack if he knows what he did for Christmas. He didn’t open presents; he went to the gym and trained. New Year’s Eve, Joey was watching tapes. The tape he watched most was when Kaos slammed Ryan’s face into the steel post. Tonight’s Texas Tornado Tag Team Match and Joey couldn’t think of a better partner than, his brother, his friend Willie Mack. Mack says Kaos isn’t even a star yet and “Pretty” Peter Avalon ain’t so pretty. Willie Mack is going to reach into the heavens and crush you with a Chocolate Thunder Bomb. Joey reaffirms Mack has got his back, Lights Camera Action!

Tonight is the debut of “Mr. Megastar” Tommy Wilson. This guy has improved leaps and bounds over the year. He takes on SoCal Crazy, both of these guys are new comers on NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood; these two have battled all over Southern California. Definitely, no strangers to each other, Tommy attack Crazy from behind with a series of forearms to the back. Tommy is now attacking the face of Crazy with those dangerous forearms. Crazy staggers into the corner and Tommy is still on the attack with a boot to the midsection. Now “The Megastar” Irish whips the masked Crazy to the opposite corner. Wilson follows it up with a corner avalanche. “The Megastar” again with the Irish whip to Crazy in the corner, charges in, but SoCal is able to make the escape. Crazy now attempts to charge Tommy, who connects with a back body drop over the top rope, Crazy lands on his feet on the ring apron. (Had he landed on the floor, Wilson could have been disqualified.) SoCal Crazy scales the ropes, hits a combo forearm strike with a chop, before a spinning heel kick from the top. Crazy with a headlock take down and gets a two count. Crazy attempts a collar elbow tie-up that Tommy turns into a big knee lift. With the wind out of SoCal Crazy’s sails, “Megastar” continues his attack with a forearm strike on the back and an irish whip. Crazy ducks clothesline number 1, and uses clothesline number 2, to connect with a clothesline a crucifix take down, only a two count. Crazy up to his feet first leaps at Tommy, with a body scissor victory roll, that is only good for two. Crazy goes for a side suplex, but the frustrated Tommy just starts delivering shots to the face of SoCal Crazy. A kick to the midsection followed up with a snap suplex by the Megastar and he is quick to pull SoCal Crazy to his feet just to deliver another blow that sends the much smaller Crazy back into the corner. “Mr. Megastar” then connects with a cradle like suplex. Tommy Wilson plays to the crowd, showboating if you will, places a foot over Crazy and gets just a two count. Tommy stomps Crazy before tearing at the mask and face of SoCal Crazy. Tommy takes a break from the referees counting only to go right back to the face. This time, Crazy leaps and connects with a SoCal Stunner? Three chops from Crazy and he sends Tommy to the ropes, no reversed by Tommy, SoCal slingshots off the ropes, and connects with a back elbow. Crazy follows it up with a snap suplex and it’s good for a two count. Crazy scales the top rope and Tommy catches him, also scales the top and connects with what looks like a match ending butterfly suplex. Crazy kicks out at two and Tommy looks frustrated. Tommy connects with a series of strikes on Crazy, but SoCal catches the last one, tosses the leg to the ref who catches it, Crazy leaps behind Tommy and connects with a neck-breaker drop, but Wilson kicks out a two. Tommy is up and whips Crazy to the ropes, looking for the tilt-a-whirl, Crazy manages to reverse it into a crippler’s crossface. Tommy works towards the ropes, looking in all kinds of agony, eventually Tommy rolls through into a pin, but then just rolls out of the ring. Tommy catches Crazy with a shoulder to the bread basket, dives through the middle ropes and has got Crazy pinned with his feet on the ropes. The referee sees this and stops the count at two. Admonishing “The Megastar,” SoCal Crazy nearly scored the pin fall with a roll up. Tommy is up first with a back elbow and a body slam. Then top the top for a huge moonsault, but gets nothing but air. Crazy chops Tommy twice before sending him to the ropes and a back body drop good for two. Another chop and another whip, this time reversed by Tommy and he connects with the “Tommicide.” Crazy put on a great effort, but Tommy was too much.

Jeff Resnick joins Tommy in the ring and he wants Resnick to know that he is “Mr. Megastar.” Tommy says that was an easy win, but he wants NWA Worlds Champion Adam Pearce, Colt Cabana, or Austin Aries. And the crowd in unison boos as Tommy Wilson heads to the back when Poison’s “Unskinny Bop” plays him out.

Up next is the match up The Tribe taking on Rasche Brown and Slymn. We see last weeks footage where Slymn and Brown just start tossing referees around after the match began to fall apart. The Tribe stalks Slymn and Brown and attack the minute the duo passes the curtain. You can tell this one is going to go back and forth. Rasche Brown and Hawaiian Lion head off in one direction exchanging lefts and rights. Slymn and the Navajo Warrior go in the other direction. Its kind of hard to follow the action with the referees going back and forth between the action. Warrior misses a clothesline and hits the outside ring pole. Camera cuts to Lion who connects with a vicious kick to Brown. Camera cuts back to Warrior, who elbows Slymn in the mid-section and connects with a chop. Back to Brown who hits a shoulder block to the mid-section of Hawaiian Lion. And then slams him against the barrier. Finally the Tribe members are rolled into the ring and it looks like we might have an actual match. Hawaiian Lion charges the duo and is rewarded with a double arm drag. Slymm then connects with a running knee drop on Lion and its followed up with a Slymn “C Walk Elbow Drop.” It’s good for two. Slymn runs the ropes and Navajo Warrior hits a knee to the back of Slymn. Slymn, taking exception to that, feeds him a closed fits that knocks the Navajo Warrior off the ring apron, but all of that provides just enough time for the Lion to get his footing and dropkicks Slymn. Hawaiian Lion picks up Slymn and tosses him into the corner. Lion connects with a few strikes before taking in Navajo Warrior. Warrior brings Slymn to the center of the ring and hits a big chop. Navajo Warrior follows it up with a secondary chop and now a third one. Dazed on the ropes, Warrior clotheslines Slymn over the top rope. The referee is really being lenient and allowing the match to continue. Brown helps his partner up and gets him back into the ring. Navajo Warrior is quick to grab Slymm and delivers two closed fists to the midsection and then runs to the ropes. Slymn meets him with a huge avalanche body block that sends the Warrior to the mat. Hawaiian Lion quickly runs into the ring and clothesline Slymn over the top rope. According to the NWA Rules, that should have caused an automatic disqualification, this is the second one in this match. For reasons that make no sense to me, Olivia gets into the ring… standing toe-to-toe with Brown. Its irritating that the referee just allows this. Brown grabs her by the neck, referee Patrick Hernandez tries to get Olivia out of the ring. Behind Hernandez’s back, Navajo Warrior hits him with their tomahawk. And Navajo Warrior gets a three count on Brown. The Tribe walk away with the victory and taunt the ringside fans. Brown and Slymn came up short on this one, but you can tell ntohing has been resolved.

We are now introduced to the “Mirror Image” Ricky Mandel who has been working regularly for SoCal Pro Wrestling. Mandel should be a great addition to the roster he’s a very quick athlete. He’s carrying around a Title belt with a mirror in the middle of it.

Now we cut to David Marquez in the back with Nick Madrid, another face to watch in Hollywood in 2011. Madrid defeated Adam Pearce one-on-one in a match up where the NWA Worlds Title isn’t on the line. Madrid is all smiles and Marquez looks to be happy speaking to him. Madrid was initially trained by Lance Storm; perhaps that is where he got some of his mannerisms. Madrid is very buttoned down in this interview; can someone tell him he beat Pearce? Madrid brings up his promise of doing something big in Hollywood and has done just that. He’s aware that there is a target on his shoulder? That Pearce knows him now. Madrid will keep one eye on Pearce and one eye on the competition. Madrid says it wasn’t a fluke.

The next match up is Buggy taking on NY Nikki. Buggy got a upset victory over Lucky O’Shea. And NY Nikki was one of the dominant females in NWA Hollywood. Turns out the same fan that has been going nuts for Rico Dynamite is going nuts for Nikki. Buggy gets the upset victory. She has been on quite the roll.

To the back its David Marquez with the former NWA Heritage Tag Team Champions, the RockNES Monsters, Johnny Yuma and Johnny Goodtime. The duo is obviously upset about their loss. Goodtime starts off saying the greatest day in his life was when he beat all six Mega Man games in one day, until he and Yuma won the NWA Heritage Tag Team Titles. Yuma says they are going to do something about that. They are mad and they got screwed, but there is no point yelling. Yuma calls out both members of Natural Selection, “Shaun Ricker and Brian Cage, ya big dummy!” Monsters says you better be able to rock, because they are ready to roll. I thought it was a great promo by the Monsters.

Now we go ringside with the “Greatest Man in the World” walking to the ring. “A-Double” Austin Aries, struts to the ring, mean mugging the fans ringside. He joins David Marquez in the ring. Dave must be fast. Marquez asks why Aries has asked for this time. Aries wants to send Dave off, but he isn’t going anywhere. Aries says Scorpio Sky is good, but not great. Aries says “I’m better looking than you, I am a better dresser than you, I’m a better un-dresser than you, and I’m a better dancer than you, which makes me blacker than you!” That doesn’t sit well with the live audience. Aries challenges Scorpio Sky to a best of five series, given Sky a one match advantage.

We are again back stage with Avalon and Kaos. Joey Kaos has been waiting to get their hands on the duo of Mack and and Ryan and they are going to beat them from pillar to post. Avalon says just hit repeat on what Kaos is saying. Mack and Ryan are done.

Now we’ve got a special preview for next week’s event. Robbie Phoenix who makes his debut in Hollywood is taking on Ryan Ramos, who we’ve seen limited action in NWA taking on Joey Ryan several weeks back. You can see there is a much bigger crowd. Collar elbows tie up, with Phoenix sending the smaller Ramos to the ropes and is met with a huge clothesline. Robbie gets the two counts. Phoenix is pulling out all stops, looks like he’s going for a t-bone suplex, no… It’s some sort of crazy neck breaker that pops the announcers as much as it pops the crowd, but it is only good for two. Robbie then kicks the back of Ramos, another two count nearfall for Phoenix. Both men are up, Phoenix sends Ramos to the ropes; Ramos ducks the clothesline, connects with a spinning heel kick and then leaps to his feet. After Ramos drops and elbow, he pulls Phoenix to his feet and whips him into the corner and follows that up with a big clothesline in the corner. Ramos connects with a cross body dive from the top rope for only a two count. Out comes “Big Nasty” Jason Watts who just stops everything. A big forearm knocks Phoenix to the mat and he looks done. Watts knocks Ramos down with a clubbing forearm and then connects with a bicycle kick that knocks Phoenix down, who rolls for cover out of the ring. Watts scoops up Ramos and a nasty crucifix powerbomb that would make Razor Ramon proud. “Big Nasty then tosses Ramos out of the ring. Watts is about to leave, when he makes sure to take one more shot at Ramos with a Mafia Kick to the face. How is that for a debut? Jason Watts is going to be big in 2011.

Now we’ve got another backstage segment with Joey Ryan. This is a bit of overkill if you ask me. Joey says that Avalon and Kaos are being manipulated by Joey and that’s the kind of guys they are. It meant the world to Joey to have Willie Mack get his back. In a Texas Tornado match, expect the unexpected the duo of Mack and Ryan have mean streaks.

And finally the Main Event, Mack and Ryan make their way to ringside. The crowd pops accordingly. Rick Knox is only there to count the pin. The Standard enters the ringside area to a chorus of boos. Somewhat reminiscent of the other tag match, Mack and Ryan attack Avalon and Kaos before they make their way to the ring. Mack and Kaos break off from Ryan and Avalon. Ryan and Willie are taking it to the Standard. Mack slams the face of Kaos on the ring apron and follows it up with a big chop. Ryan rolls Avalon into the ring. Mack is still taking liberties with Joey Kaos on the outside, irish whipping him into the security barrier. Mack continues his attack on the outside as Avalon and Ryan begin to face off in the ring. “Hollywood’s Own” Joey Ryan delivers a sick chop to “Pretty” Peter Avalon in the corner. Joey gives an whip to Avalon into the corner and Avalon literally bounces out of the corner. The camera cuts to Willie Mack who delivers a chop to the other Joey, that makes his eyes bug out. Back to action inside the ring and Joey is picking up Avalon and two rights from Ryan sends Avalon to his knees. But ever the fighter Avalon throws a haymaker to the midsection of Ryan, this angers Ryan more than hurts him and now the two each shots. Avalon outsmarts Ryan and delivers a shoulder to the midsection of Ryan and follows it up with a forearm to the shoulders of Ryan. Ryan falls to his knees and that gives Avalon another opportunity to put the boots to Ryan. Back on the outside, Willie Mack rams Joey Kaos’ lower back into the ring apron, which judging by Kaos’ face, hurts a lot. Mack then connects with a right before the camera cuts back to Avalon standing on the rope that is choking the life out of Ryan. Back to the outside to see Kaos deliver a pair of rights to Mack. Kaos is choking Mack over the security barrier and in the forefront we see Ryan and Avalon fight to the outside. We see Avalon putting he boots to Ryan. Mack in a turn of events battles out of Kaos’ clutches and takes the fight to him. Mack rolls Kaos back into the ring, but when Mack gets into the ring Avalon gives him a boot to the midsection. Kaos follows it up with a series of chops to “Milk Chocolate” and an Irish Whip from Kaos is reversed. Mack misses the first clothesline, but manages to trip up the “Rock Superstar” who lands face first into the ropes. Mack connects with the 619 and Avalon jumps into the ring. Avalon leaps on top the second rope and dropkicks Mack off the ring apron and to the floor.

Avalon goes to check on Kaos who is gaining his bearings, but is met with a forearm shot by Ryan. Kaos attacks Ryan from behind with a huge leaping knee to the back. Kaos takes this opportunity to put the boots to “Hollywood’s Own,” before just choking Joey Ryan. Camera cuts to Willie Mack who looks like he might be hurt. Still not to his feet and the camera cuts back to the ring and Joey Kaos is still choking out Ryan. Now it looks like its going to be a little two on one. Avalon has Ryan in his clutches, sends him to the ropes and Avalon connects with a perfect 10 dropkick, a thing of beauty. Avalon plays to the crowd and Kaos drops Ryan back to the mat. Peter Avalon connects with a huge knee lift on Joey Ryan. In the forefront we see Mack getting to his feet and Avalon is quick to take the fight back to Mack as Kaos drops the elbow on his counterpart, Ryan. Avalon tosses Mack into the stage outside and Mack collapses. Kaos gets a two count on the inside, and the “Rock Superstar” has Ryan over the ropes, with a leg over the back, again choking the life out of Joey Ryan and Avalon gets back in the ring. The Standard are now taking turns chopping the chest of Ryan and Mack on the outside still trying to find his base. Ryan’s short lived comeback is met with more destruction from the Standard. Kaos takes a moment to deliver a baseball slide kick to Mack on the outside. Avalon has got Joey on the mat, ripping at his face, Kaos barking orders from the corner and then feeds Ryan a boot to the mush. Ryan pushed back into the corner attempting to fight back, but can’t mount anything productive. His kicks are retaliated with more kicks from the members of the Standard. It looks real bad for Joey Ryan and Willie Mack. Ryan attempting to fight back gets the crowd back into this match as they start chanting “Joey Ryan,” but Joey can mount any type of comeback under these odds. Avalon holds Ryan for Kaos to connect with the “Hello, Good Night,” Joey ducks and rolls out of the ring. “Milk Chocolate” Willie Mack rolls in and is a house of fire. Chop to the chest-neck are of Kaos. Mack uses a kick to block the strike of Avalon and then another chop to Kaos. Now a right from Mack that knocks Avalon off his feet and one more chop for Kaos. Mack sends Kaos into the opposite corner and a when Kaos bounces back Mack T-Bones him. Then he catches Avalon with a cradle suplex, no… a cradle TKO, I’m not even sure what to call it, but it was awesome. Kaos is back and catches Mack with a Michinoku Driver for a two count. Joey makes his way to the ring and spears Kaos. You can literally hear the wind being driven from the chest of Kaos. Avalon sneaks an impaling DDT on Joey Ryan. All four men are down. Rick Knox counts to six as we go to commercial.

When we come back from, Kaos and Ryan are out of the ring. And Mack is kicking Avalon in the gut, it sends “Pretty” Peter to the corner. Avalon is sent to the opposite corner, Mack charges but Avalon leaps out of the way, then Avalon charges and Mack delivers a back body drop that puts Avalon firmly on the ring apron. Avalon leaps from the top turnbuckle and connects with a cross body, only a two count. Mack rolls out of the ring as Ryan sneaks in and catches Avalon with a big spine buster thats only good for a two. Kaos runs in with his Mafia Kick that also gets two. Mack is back and pushes off Kaos second attempt at that Hello Goodnight Mafia Kick and connects with a sit-out Powerbomb. Ryan has just enough in him to give Kaos an inverted atomic drop and Mack runs over for a side kick that just levels Kaos. Mack gets two, when Avalon makes the save. Ryan picks up Avalon, but Avalon hits a big knee lift. Getting help from Kaos, Avalon whips Ryan to the ropes and the Standard connect with a pair of elbows that send Ryan to the mat. Avalon bounces off the ropes and Kaos tosses up “Pretty” Peter who crashes down on top of Ryan. Kaos goes for the cover and gets two before Mack breaks it up. Kaos rolls out of the ring, Avalon sizes up Mack, and Ryan struggles to get to his feet. Mack dodges Avalon who ends up landing on Kaos on the outside. Joey Ryan takes this spot to charge through the middle ropes and dive on the Standard. Mack takes a second to play the crowd, then charges the ropes and connects with a somersault dive onto all three guys on the outside. This gets the crowd’s approval. Ryan gets to his feet first and delivers a shot to Avalon. Mack and Kaos are still fighting on the outside. Joey has got Avalon back in the corner. Joey Ryan working over Avalon in the corner they battle back and forth for position, Joey has the advantage. Ryan with go around, looking for a german suplex, blocked by Avalon twice, Joey gives up on the suplex, bounces of the ropes, and Avalon connects with a leg lariat that takes Joey to the mat. Avalon goes for the cover and gets a two count. Kaos and Mack are still battling back and forth on the outside. Back inside the ring, Joey Ryan ducks a second Avalon leg lariat and connects with a super kick that nearly takes the head off of Avalon. Joey goes for his second super kick and that does it Match over. Joey Ryan and Willie Mack get the win. Mack jaw jacks Avalon, announcer James Morgan announces that Ryan will be granted a one-on-one Worlds Championship Match and Kaos grabs Avalon and carries him out of the ring. The ring side crowd cheers Mack and Ryan and the announcers argue about Ryan getting a shot at Adam Pearce, in two weeks.


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ZERO1 and the NWA have announced a restarting of their relationship for 2011!
by Fredric G. Rubenstein

ZERO1 and the NWA have announced a restarting of their relationship for 2011. When the company originally launched as Pro Wrestling ZERO-ONE back in 2001 it was an official member of the NWA. This partnership ending in October 2004 when ZERO-ONE was sold by Shinya Hashimoto to FIRST ON STAGE and at the time re-named ZERO1-MAX.

Though their official relationship ended in 2004, ZERO1 continued to retain the NWA Intercontinental Tag Team titles and NWA International Lightweight Tag Team titles as their top tag title belts. Those titles continue to exist in ZERO1 today.ZERO1 has recently brought the NWA United National Heavyweight title back, a title that had been inactive since 2008.


(As of Nov. 29, 2010)

1. Charlie Haas (Champion)
2. Sicodelico, Jr.
3. Jaykus Plisken
4. Spoiler 2000
5. Ben Galvan
6. Greg Symonds
7. Rod Price
8. Chaz Taylor
9. Golden King
10, Michael Faith

1. Jasper Davis (Champion)
2. Kevin Douglas
3. Cody Jones
4. Rudy Russo
5, John Saxon
6. Steve Anthony
7. Joey Figerioa
8. Ryan Justice
9. Camacho Beccerra
10. Gabe “The Babe” Himeros
10. SKAM-13

1. Impeccable (Champion)
2. Pretty Flawless
3. Gulf Coast Connection
4. Hot Shots
5. Aerial Assault

Heavyweight title defense against ACH and was counted out. Tiring NWA

NWA SW – WoW 1-14-11

Hambone def. Shawn Houston and Crusader Pop’N in a Triple Threat Match, when he pinned Houston.

1. “Primetime” Ricky Douglas defeated Crusader Lock in a Semi-Final Tournament match to determine the #1 Contender to the WoW Cruiserweight Title.

2. Bolt Brady defeated David Stahr in a Semi-Final Tournament match to determine the #1 Contender to the WoW Cruiserweight Title.

3. ACH & Jaykus Plisken defeated Jasper Davis and “Backdraft” Chris Lee.

4. WoW OUTLAW TITLE MATCH – “Benchmark” Silky Baines defeated Chaz Taylor to retain the title.

5. WoW TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH – Impeccable defeated Team XL when Ken Carson pinned Mr. B

6. WoW HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH – “Showtime” Scot Summers defeated “Solid Gold” Greg Symonds to win the title.___________________________


2. SPOILER 2000


1. ATF


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ECCW returns to the Bridgeview Hall in Surrey on Friday night, January 21st, 2011!


NWA FORCE 1 1-22-11

“The Relaunch 2.0”

Rollway Skating Rink

Hammonton, NJ

1. Devon Moore defeated Ty Hagen via Pinfall to win the final spot in the MAIN EVENT (After the match Hagen snapped and destroyed Moore’s knee)

2. 2.Hybrid defeated Niles Young via submission

3. Open Challenge: Alex Colon defeated Joe Ettel via pinfall

4. Rich Swann defeated Sugar Dunkerton via Pinfall (After the match Sami Callihan stormed the ring and tried to final end Swann, but Dunkerton made the save.

5. HERITAGE TITLE: Frightmare defeated Ryan Eagles, Lince Dorado, & Ryan Slater via pinfall, after Frightmare pinned Eagles

6. DJ Hyde defeated The Monster Squad via Pinfall

7. LAST MAN STANDING: Greg Excellent defeated JT Robertsvia Tiger Driver on the Steel Steps!

8. F1 TAG TEAM TITLES: Black Gate Asylum (Pelle/Payne)defeated Osirian Portal to become the NEW F1 Tag Team Champions!

8. F1 TITLE – 6 PACK CHALLENGE: Joe Gacy defeatedJohnny Cazlone, Sami Callihan, RV1, BLK JEEZ, & Devon Moore with the help of Ryan Slater. (After the match Gacy and Ryan Slater turned on Sami/Niles. Then they made a statement saying “The New Regime” is no more….

ORDER OF ELIMINATION: RV1, Devon Moore, BLK JEEZ, Sami Callihan, Johnny Calzone


Train with the NWA World Champion

Just announced is a very special opportunity to train with 3 time NWA World Heavyweight Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce.. On March 12th the NWA World Champion & former booker for Ring Of Honor will be in New Jersey.. While he is here he will be sharing his knowledge & skill with the lucky few who attend his seminar.. He will be teach everything from in ring skills, Psychology, Interviews/Promos & what it takes to wrestle for one of the major companies.. For any wrestler looking to seriously take his game to the next level this is a can’t miss opportunity.. The cost for the Seminar is $25 & is payable the day of the seminar.. The time & location will be announced in the coming months..

If you want to train with the NWA World Champion or you have any questions please e-mail .. Email us your name,your age, Who you were trained by, How many years you have wrestled & your contact info.. Seminar are open to both male & female wrestlers

This will also be a chance to impress officials of both NWA DAWG Pound & NWA Vintage.. If that was not enough a wrestler who is already not on the show will be chosen to wrestle later that night on a NWA DAWG Pound show..

Act quickly & reserve your spot because space is limited



2011 shows

1 Saturday January 29th

2 Saturday February 19th

3 Saturday March 12th

4 Saturday April 2nd BB

5 Friday April 29th

6 Saturday May 21st

7 Friday June 10th

8 Saturday July 2nd SSE

9 Saturday July 23rd

10 Saturday August 13th

11 Saturday September 3rd

12 Saturday September 24th Ann.

13 Friday October 14th

14 Saturday November 5th

15 Saturday December 17th

Lou Marconi speaks



NWA Fusion at King and Queen Elementary School; Joseph Brooks defeated Logan Hodge…Victor Griff beat Ryan Zane by submission…Preston Quinn and Larry Horsley defeated Da New Bloodz (Da Gift & Da Curse) and Krotch and Executioner Gallows to become the number one contenders to the tag titles…Derrick Von Doom beat Brandon Day due to referee stoppage…In the main event,
A-1 (Jeff Early & Zak Hilton) beat the Geordie Bulldogs to become the new tag team champions when Marky Denny turned on Sean Denny.


February 19 – Meltdown

February 26 – Gold & Glory 2011

March19 – Meltdown

April 16 – Shanghai Showdown V

May 21 – Meltdown

June 18 – Meltdown

July 16 – Meltdown

August 20 – Meltdown

September 17 – Meltdown

October 1 – King of Mid Atlantic Tournament

October 15 – Meltdown

November 12 – Meltdown

December 10 – Meltdown



( 2.) KARL
( 7.) DIABLO, JR.
( 8.) JUICER






For more information on NWA MSW, go to:


NWA South Dakota State Heavyweight Champion: “DareDevl” Derrick Fury

NWA Dakota Pro Wrestling Rankings: (As of 01 November, 2010)

Singles Division Australian Rules Tag Team Division

“DareDevl” Derrick Fury – 160lbs., St. Paul, MN

(NWA SD & ND Heavyweight Champion)

01. The Asylum………………310lbs…Berlin, Germany

02. The Patriot III ………….225lbs…Ft. Bragg, NC

03. Cooter Bocephus………238lbs…Deer, AR

04. Johnathan Fury…………220lbs…Brooklyn, NY

05. “Dirty” Dan Hanson…200lbs…Ledbedder, TX

06. Animal Sam………………190lbs…Parts Unknown

07. Sammy Savard………….220lbs…Roseau, MN

08. “Dirty” Ernie Ellis…….250lbs…Isanti, MN

09. The Bosnian Brawler…250lbs…Bosnia

10. Starman Jr………………..185lbs…South Africa Championship – Vacant

01. Johnathan Fury & Kaz “The Hoodfella” Karter

02. “The Dirty Ones” Dan Hanson & Ernie Ellis

03. “The International Elite” Asylum & The Bosnian Brawler

04. “The Star Riders” Joseph Alexander & Starman Jr.

05. “The Soviet Assassins” Ecoli & Vladimir

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