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Ric Flair was ready to send a message to Matt Morgan, but would it be the one he hopes to send? Also, Samoa Joe introduced his aide in the video taping scheme against D’Angelo “The Pope” Dinero. This, plus more pieces fell into place for the next big PPV. To top it all off, Karen Angle-Jarrett was ready to tell her side of the story.

By the way, for those of you following Jeff Hardy’s trial, it has been postponed, again. The two sides need more time to figure out if there will be some kind of deal struck. Jeff will likely plead guilty to the charges and the judge will determine the sentence. There is no date yet for the next round of the case.

The show opened with Jeff Jarrett dissing on Kurt Angle for not being able to keep his wife. Jeff said he brought Kurt in and his life has been Hell, ever since. The two men squared off at Genesis and Jarrett used Biofreeze to blind Kurt. Jeff tried to introduce Karen Jarrett, last week, but Kurt hit the ringside area. Karen said she was going to reveal all..tonight.

This Week’s Episode: Dirty Laundry

Kurt was arriving at the Impact Zone as the show went live. Kurt demanded that they play his music, now. Jeremy Borash introduced the former Olympian. Kurt slowly walked to the ring. Kurt said he wanted to prevent Karen and Jeff from telling a bunch of lies. Kurt said he brought Karen into the company and she proved very talented. Kurt suggested that Karen and Jeff were having an affair before their divorce was final. Kurt said he didn’t have proof about it so he wouldn’t accuse her. Kurt said Jeff then made it personal. Kurt said no one would take away his character, a good husband and a good father. Kurt admitted that he should have spent more time with his family but he wanted them to have it all. Kurt then offered Karen “The Easy Way or the Hard Way”. Kurt wanted to get along for the kids but he would reveal all the skeletons, if he had too.

Jeff Jarrett’s music rang out. Jarrett’s Goon Squad headed down the ramp. Mike Tenay said Karen and Jeff weren’t in the house, yet. Kurt took out the four members of Team Jarrett. Suddenly, eric Bischoff and Ric Flair arrived to talk to Kurt. Bischoff then brought out some of Orlando’s finest. The cops came to the ring and asked Kurt to leave. Kurt wasn’t quite ready to go. He wasn’t foolish enough to battle the cops and allowed them to escort him out of the ring and up the opposite ramp from where Bischoff and Flair were standing. Kurt was taken completely outside as Tenay mentioned that Karen and Jeff Jarrett were mere minutes away. TNA went to break.

Tna reshowed Kurt attacking Team Jarrett at ringside. Kurt was escorted off the property. Jeff and Karen arrived and they were asked if they knew what happened to Kurt. Karen was so sarcastic in talking about her expose.

Sarita v Velvet Sky v Mickie James v Madison Rayne

Fatal Four Way Non-title Knockout match

Madison was wearing a sash and her black glove. Mickie and Velvet had words about who they were going to fight. That led to Mickie and Sky fighting. Then they knocked Rayne and Sarita to the outside. Mickie with a Knife Edge Chop. Sky ran Sarita into the apron. Mickie with a Baseball Slide Dropkick to rayne, when they got back in the ring. Sarita took a Spin Kick from Mickie. Mickie with a Flapjack. Sky took the tag, even though this was a Fatal Four Way. Sky tore into Sarita with kicks and slaps. Sky took a shot on Rayne after the Knockout Champ grabbed her on the Irish Whip. Sarita with a Hair Whip. Sarita blastd the chest of Sky and sent her to the ropes. Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors by Sky. Sarita and Rayne wanted a Double Tam on Sky but Mickie made the save. Mickie with a Flying Clothesline on Rayne.Sky with a Wheelbarrow Arm Drag. Mickie with the Funk Neckbreaker on Rayne. Mickie went up top but Tara attacked her. Sarita and Sky clunked heads. Rayse loaded her glove and prepared to strike. Rayne missed Mickie and struck Sky. That allowed Mickie to roll up the champ to take the win.

Your Winner: Mickie James

Grade: B- (82%)

Beer Money talked about the assault by Anderson and RVD, last week. Immoral did have the last laugh. Robert Roode said they were the greatest team, ever. They were determined to finish off the TNA World Champ and RVD.

Kurt was back in the building. More fireworks to come.

Samoa Joe talked with his acquaintance and gave him a video camera. The guy’s name is Okada (according to Taz).

Ric Flair brought “The Freak” Rob Terry out to the ring. Flair said Terry was Matt Morgan’s replacement and he wanted to show “The Blueprint” who great Rob is. Flair flirted with a bunch of young woman about how Terry would “tear them up”. Flair said Morgan used to try and impress Flair. Terry has already done that.

Rob Terry v Matt Morgan

Morgan barely made it into the ring before hitting the Carbon Footprint. 1-2-3! I’m seious. It was that quick. The replay of Immortal’s attack on Morgan lasted triple the length of the match.

Your Winner: Matt Morgan

Grade: B (84%)

Flair then tried to attack Morgan, with no effect. Abyss eventually hit the ring to attack Morgan. Morgan continued to battle both Abyss and terry. On a personal note, I was hoping to see Morgan rip Abyss’ head off for being rude to our own Bill Apter. As I stated under the Facebook video, you ain’t all that, Abyss. Abyss used a cheap shot to the back to take the advantage. Terry and Abyss with a Double Whip but Mogan hit the Double Clothesline. Abyss kept trying to damage Morgan. Flair told the cameraman to get out of his face. Terry held Morgan as Abyss threw his bulk on top of Morgan. Flair even got his shots in and then taunted the crowd. Double Chokeslam left Morgan laid out.

Tenay and Taz talked about the upcoming European tour and the recent Japanese tour. Tenay sent it to footage of the TNA crew in Tokyo. Tokyo is one of those places on my Bucket List of Places to visit.

Kaz and A.J. Styles talked about the attitude that Eric Bischoff seemed to have. After Kaz walked off, Crimson wrapped a wire around Styles’ throat and told him “They” would be there in two weeks. TNA went to break.

Kurt was still walking around the edges of the Impact Zone.

Kazarian v Jay Lethal

X-Division Championship Match

For those of you who may have heard the rumors that TNA is getting ready to eliminate the X-Division, there is no truth to the rumors. Dixie Carter posted that the X-Division was an important part of the company.

Jay flipped Kaz into the ring and slugged away. Back Body Drop off the Irish Whip. Jay with the Hip Toss Dropkick. Tenay and Taz taled about who was coming for Immortal. Back to the action, Jay took the fight to the floor to weigh-lay the champ. Jay slid in and out of the ring to break the count. Jay with a Spinning Clothesline. Jay rolled Kaz back in the ring and stood on the apron. Springboard Missile Dropkick by Lethal. Kaz barely kicked out.

Kaz blocked a Suplex and hit a Rolling Leg Lariat. Kaz struck the Fourtune pose and started blasting the challenger. Jay with a Backspring Elbow. Kaz tried to escape but Lethal hit the Lethal Combination and the Kip Up. Taz joked about using the move in his day. Jay went to the Penthouse and got ready for the Lethal Elbow. He nailed the move after a delay but Kaz still kicked out. Kaz rolled out of the ring. Jay went out to get the champ, since a count-out would keep the title around Kaz’s waist. Kaz went to Lthal’s eyes as the ref continued to count. Lethal with a Sunset Flip over the ropes. Kaz leaned forward and grabbed the ropes to pin Lethal.

Your Winner: Kazarian

Grade: B+ (89%)

Backstage, Anderson talked about having to face Jeff Hardy in two weeks and Beer Money tonight. RVD said to focus on Beer Money. Tommy Dreamer said he was scheduled to face Hardy, later in the night. Tommy was ready to soften up Hardy for Anderson and get some revenge for RVD.

Elsewhere, Karen almost exploded out of her flowery top. Kurt was walking around and someone opened the door for him.

Jeff Jarrett’s music sounded off. Jeff and Karen came out to the ring. Karen does look a lot better than the last time she was on the show. Tenay and Taz talked about the Jarrett’s raising Kurt’s kids. Jeff took the stick and talked about his lovely wife and the caring mother. Jeff said Karen was just as beautiful one the inside as she is on the outside. The crowd broke loose with a “Sloppy Seconds” chant. Jeff then handed the stick to Karen. She kissed Jeff as the crowd cut loose with the catcalls. Karen said she had everything prepared but Kurt threw her off her game. Karen acknowledged that Jeff and she were part owners of the company. Karen then started ripping apart Kurt’s character. She called Kurt a “lost little puppy”.

Out of nowhere, Kurt slid in the ring and hit a German Suplex on Jeff. Karen tried to attack Kurt with her show. She then slapped her ex. Kurt stalked his ex as Jeff slowly got to his feet. Jeff with a wicked Low Blow. Jeff then assaulted Kurt and called him all kinds of nasty names. Jeff warned Kurt to never get in his ring again. Jeff punched the skull of Kurt, over and over. Jeff urged Kurt to get up. He kicked Kurt low as Karen applauded. The crowd was getting seriously hostile towards the Jarretts. The Jarretts then headed to the back. Karen and Jeff read the riot act to Taz as they passed by.

TNA ran the Eliminate the Hate campaign commercial. All the stars, heel and face alike, joined in for this one. That’s cool.

Kurt was destroying the backstage area. Kurt was in full rage mode. Taz and Tenay felt Kurt wasn’t done yet.

Tommy Dreamer v Jeff Hardy

Tommy waited for Jeff to do his psing. Jeff with kicks and punches. Jeff missed a dropkick and Tommy dropped a leg across the ribs. La Bandera Clothesline by Tommy. Tommy came off the apron with a Clothesline. The two fought on the floor, with Tommy getting the better of it. The ref said something to Tommy which allowed Jeff to Arm Whip Tommy off he apron and to the flor. Jeff rolled Tommy back in the ring and dropped an elbow to the head. Jeff taunted the crowd and thenpulled Tommy out of the corner, dropping him on his head. Jeff with a stomp to Tommy. Jeff with a Rear Chin Lock. Tommy elbowed his way free but Jeff clubbed the back. Tommy with a pair of Clotheslines and a Back Body Drop. Jeff missed the Whisper in the Wind. Tommy went to the middle rope and flew..right into a kick. Tommy with the Dreamer (Spicoli) Driver. Jeff’s foot was under the bottom rope. Jeff shoved the ropes up into Tommy’s nether regions. Jeff with a Twist of Hate to take the win.

Your Winner: Jeff Hardy

Grade: B (84%)

Kurt was walking the halls with a baseball bat.

Pope wanted to use one of the techs computer. The guy kept offering to help him. Pope just wanted to use the computer by himself. When the guy wasn’t ready to allow it, Pope sent through a phone call. The guy couldn’t get reception so he left the room to get a better signal. When he left, Pope took off with the Apple computer.

A.J. Styles was tripping out about he new “They”. Ric Flair tried to calm Styles down. Flair then “Iced” Styles. Styles was ticked off at the joke. Styles picked up the bottle and started to drink. Styles was then laid out by Kurt and his bat. Flair tried to calm Kurt down. Kurt choked Flair and told him to get Jarrett to the ring. Kurt said if Jarrett didn’t show up, Kurt was coming after Flair.

Beer Money v Mr. Anderson and RVD

Non-Title Tag Team Match

After all the introductions, the fight was on. Roode kicked and punched at RVD. Roode yelled at the crowd. RVD reversed an Irish Whip and hit a Spin Kick. RVD with a Sxissors Roll Up and Standing Moonsault. RVd went for the Irish Whip Monkey Flip but Roode blocked it. RVD missed a Flying Crossbody but he was still able to Roll Up Roode for a two.

Anderson tagged in and continued to battle. James Storm took the tag but Anderson with Back Elbows and kicks to the “Cowboy”. Anderson with a Spinning Neckbreaker. Anderson with a Power Whip but missed a Corner Splash. Roode with a cheap shot Clothesline. Roode faked a tag and took over the battle. Scoop Slam and Kneedrop by Roode. Storm tagged back in and stomped Anderson’s hand. Storm pulled on Anderson’s face. Anderson punched his way out of the corner but Storm stopped him. Storm got flipped onto the apron but nailed an Enziguri.

Roode tagged back in and stomped Andersona nd punched RVD. RVD wanted to hit the ring but Jackson James held him back. Roode with a questionable stomp near the groin. Roode with a Rear Chin Lock. Anderson and Rooe exchanged blows. Rodoe blocked the Mic Check. After a stumble, Anderson nailed a DDT. Both men were down. RVD and Storm tagged in. RVD with Superkick to Storm. RVD with a Back Body Drop on Roode. RVD with a Side Thrust Kick off the top rope. Roode held the leg of RVD as he went for Rolling Thunder. BackStabber by Storm. Anderson blocked the Double Team. Anderson with a La Bandera Clotheesline on Roode. They fought on the floor as RVD dropped Storm with a Windmill Kick. RVD went to the High Rent District. Roode tired to stop him but he still hit the Five Star Frog Splash. The ref had gone to the floor to stop Jeff Hardy. “Money” Matt Hardy slid in the ring and nailed a Twist of Hate. The ref rushed back in and made the count.

Your Winners: Beer Money

Grade: A- (90%)

Brian Kendrick talked with Bully Ray. Brian tried to calm Ray down and explained to him that he needed to relax. He tried to show Ray some Yoga techniques. Ray pretended to follow Brian’s lead and then shoved him into a locker.

Flair and Jarrett were having a screaming match in the back. Bischoff tried to calm Flair down but it wasn’t working. Eric told Jarrett to go to the ring and he would have his back. Flair and Bischoff told Jarrett to get dressed and get to the ring.

Brother Devon came out to call out Ray, again. Devon wanted to finish what he started at Genesis. He called out Ray to “Finish kicking your *ss”. Ray came out to face his “brother”. Ray talked a lot but wasn’t read to get in the ring. Ray has a new tattoo on his arm. Nice ink work. (What can I say? My daughter is a tattoo artist.) Ray told Devon to come out to him. Brian Kendrick rushed out in his undies and attacked Ray. Ray ended up in the ring. Ray with a Back Elbow. He took out a chain but didn’t get to use it, at first. Devon blasted Ray and Ray dropped the chain. Security rushed out to stop Devon. Ray attacked Devon, then security. Ray with a kick to the head. Ray went out and got a steel chair. Ray slid the chair around Devon’s head and then shipped the chain into the chair and Devon’s back.

Kurt Angle waited in the ring for Jeff Jarrett. Jeff’s music went off and Jarrett came out in his old King of the Mountain music. Jeff jumped as the pyro went off. I thought it was Eric Young, for a moment. Jeff instructed Gunner and Murphy to go after Kurt. They hit the ring and Kurt tore into them like a Texas tornado at a trailer park. Kurt with Eurpean Uppercuts. Murphy jumped Kurt from behind. Jeff Jarrett then joined the party to beat away on Kurt. Genner held Kurt as Jeff pounded. Kurt got free and Jeff accidentally took out Gunner. Kurt with a Rear Naked Choke with a Double Grapevine on Jeff. Karen ran down to the ring to plead for mercy for her new husband. Immortal hit the ring, in full force, to take the fight to Kurt. Abyss seemed to be coming out but he stopped and then collapsed. Janice was jammed into Abyss’ back. Crimson then came out and warned Immortal that “They” are coming. Kurt recovered and started blasting everyone in sight.


–Jay Shannon






  1. By "Mr." GM, posted

    Ok I got a question

    What is the exact meaning of “they” again?

    Dictionary.com has it as a plural pronoun. However-when it its used in TNA: it seems to be used as a “hollywood” verb. U know the idea of a showcase group that is so “GREAT”-but at last look-they borderline suck.

    Like immortal…….and fortune.

    I can understand the need to be the wwe. Stamford is no. 1 for a reason. They won the war and they can dictate the peace. It is however orlando’s job to be innovative.

    They aren’t. The hardys return is a good thing. The need for more super groups is retarded. It defeats the need for championship contenders and it begs the question of why is there a heavyweight champ when most of his contenders are his allies.

    Howeva…….”They” are coming.


  2. By pelli, posted

    the they is goin to be the new look wolfpack
    atleast thats what i think

  3. By jeff, posted

    it’s REALLY sad, has TNA writers run out of
    ideas THAT quick that they have to recycle
    something they used a few months ago? It blows my mind how with ALL the history and
    interesting stoylines that have been used in the past, the writers in BOTH WWE and TNA can’t seem to go back any further than a few years and they keep doing the same stories over and again, Nexus splitting into two groups, ANYONE remember the NWO splitting into two groups and now “THEY” are coming, better be afraid, we just did THIS routine
    a few months ago for crying out loud. It’s stuff like this that shows why wrestling is on a decline, the writers don’t or CAN’T come
    up with anything new and see to have the mindset that hey, let’s do this again, it got good ratings in the past, which isn’t
    necessarly bad, but instead of going back a few years(say late 70′s or early 80′s) and using some of those ideas they use things that are current. What would it hurt to TRY some of those older ideas that worked back then? The beauty of using those older story lines is newer wrestling fans MIGHT think
    “hey, this is new, I’ll have to turn on next week to see what happens”. As it is now, fans are like”oh well, this happened just last month, I remember how that turned out, I’m NOT interested” It’s real sad that in the past you had the all those great wrestling organizations like AWA,WCW,NWA,WORLD CLASS CHAMPIONSHIP, and others and all the wonderful storylines they had that kept fans turning in week after week and with all THAT history, the writers in charge today can’t seem to remember back more than a year or two.

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