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Latest Blog posted by Dirty Dutch: Dirty Dutch has posted his latest blog…a very interesting read about the Junk Yard Dog surviving a MONSTER HURRICANE in the Caribbean years back. Its the first part of a two part story…but true.

Dutch posted about his new book, TALES FROM A DIRT ROAD, which has been reviewed highly on Amazon.com and available for SALE. Dutch also posted about a very special match coming up in Nashville on January 29th that is a very unique card. The Main Event pits Jerry Lawler the King Lawler vs. SuperStar Bill Dundee with Dirty Dutch Mantell as the SPECIAL REFEREE. This card could turn out being heavily attended as ticket sales are doing well. Fans are coming from as far away as the UK, Canda, Texas, Florida, Carolinas, Ky and Ark. to attend this card. Special VIP party on the afternoon of the show. Check it out…excellent read as always from the Dutchman.


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