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The inaugural Show for the Victory Wrestling Association on Jan 8th, 2011 was a huge hit! For the opening match, Mick Foley came to the ring as an advisor for a wrestler named Sideshow, who he had seen on video and admired his style of wrestling. Sideshow
defeated Alex Decay with a unique form of piledriver he calls the Double Penetration. Foley was very impressed with the action he saw.

Later on the show, “The Marquee” Bruce Santee defeated “The Encore” Aaron Epic.

This prompted Mick Foley to come back out of the locker room and address the crowd. He completely endosed the VWA and it’s family friendly, hard hitting, but non vulgar throwback style of professional wrestling. The crowd loved his 15 minute or so promo and the promotors of the VWA want to thank him for the endorsement.

In the main event Big Vito Lograsso defeated “The Great” Kennedy Kendrick when Kendrick seemed completely unnerved by Big Vito wearing a dress and flashing his valet and wife, Camey Kendrick.

Big Vito on his way to victory … (above)

¬†After the match, the lights in the auditorium flashed and six goons in masks surounded the ring and then attacked Big Vito leaving him lying motionless in the ring after a terrible beating. After the beating was over, “The Wiseguy” Francisco Ciatso came to the ring with a folding chair, grabbed the microphone, sat over the still motionless Vito and stated, “For ten years you’ve been beating and embarassing me. These beatings, like the one you got tonight, are going to continue until I get my revenge.” Ciatso then left the ring area with his manager Big Pete Cannon and Big Vito was able to get medical attention from the staff.

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