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Congratulations “Heartbreak Kid” from all of us here at 1Wrestling.com!

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  1. By Archangel, posted

    I have always said the WWE’s Hall of Fame was a joke and this is proof. Evidently they don’t have any requirements that need to be met just like the other legitimate sports Hall of Fames. The guy has not been out a year yet and he is going in already? I can name hundreds of wrestlers who has been out longer and some who have been more popular than Shawn Michaels who are way more deserving to be put in their Hall of Fame. This also proves that we need a legitimate Pro Wrestlers Hall of Fame instead of one whose company is the only one around now who has put a chokehold on the business.

  2. By Vass, posted

    Well deserved. After 20 plus years of service to the industry and the WWE, his induction is more than merited.

  3. By Niles, posted

    I agree with Archangel. It should be a HOF requirement that a wrestler be retired at least 5 years. That’s not to say that HBK isn’t HOF-worthy, but getting inducted after less than one year of retirement? Come on. (Though this is not nearly as bad as the Eddie Guerrero induction, which was obviously done for no other reason than that he died.)

    A legitimate HOF would have inducted Randy Savage and Bruno Sammartino 5 years ago. Of course, disliking Vince McMahon automatically disqualifies you.

  4. By Jim, posted

    Congratulation to HBK. I’m sure that HHH is going to induct him into the H.O.F but i hope its marty jennetty

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