Posted January 10th, 2011 by Bob Ryder

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  1. By chris, posted

    damn wat a bullshit ppv mat hardy over rvd was stupid and having fortune win everymatch save 1 which you know bischeoff will take back just a horriable pay per view plz dixie dont be like vince fire hogan and bischeoff and go hire paul heyman and go back to 6 sided ring

  2. By Jimmy, posted

    why have a comment area if you leave a comment and it is negative about the company (TNA) it gets deleted.

  3. By Archangel, posted

    Too many wins for Fortune and Madison should have lost the women’s title. She sucks as the world’s champion.

  4. By ron, posted

    Jimmy, Please do yourself a favor and don’t watch anymore wrestling. It seems to bother you so much. Why do you punish yourself like this? Please get yourself a life too. You felt compelled to answer every comment. You must live a pathetic lonely life. Ask your parents to take you to a therapist. I fear for you if you don’t get help soon.

  5. By chris vm, posted

    I have to agree with Chris. I didn’t watch the ppv,but if Dixie keeps this up (having Hogan/ Bischoff run things) I see a decline for TNA!!! I love TNA, but it is already too much like WCW and that has been done before. They have repeated WCW style stories, like having the NWO, I mean Immortal group and Fortune AKA: 4 Horseman. Why not bring in Paul Heyman??? He could do more than they are doing now. It would not be ECW, but he has a very smart brain when it comes to the wrestling industry.. Just my opinion.

  6. By grossepointer, posted


    wrestling has always had factions and groups
    since the late 70′s and early 80′s. what about nexus?…a clear copy of nWo. heyman was responsible for factions as well…remember impact players? TNA is all wrestling…funny how since Linda didnt get elected, the wwe is allowing chair shots again….hmmmmmmmm

  7. By chris vm, posted

    I know Heyman had factions, and yes I remember the ones I grew up with. I just think when it comes to the wrestling biz, he has a great sense on how to push a company and it’s wrestlers. Although ECW went bankrupt and out of business, it wasn’t all Paul’s fault. Vinnie Mac helped alot there. And yeah, it’s funny how WWE wants to be all PC and family friendly. They have CM Punk acting like some cult leader!!! Lol

  8. By Tomcat, posted

    Total Nonsense Soap Opera. If you really like wrestling-watch Ring Of Honor.

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