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The Iron Sheik Shoot You’ve Been Waiting For;
“ECW Invades Timeline”

You and The Iron Sheik
We know, you think you’ve seen every possible Iron Sheik interview. The format was always pretty simple…question…rant…question…profanity…question…screaming. Repeat.

Well we waited until all that died down to get Sheiky-baby on “YouShoot.” We wanted the real guy…and we’d have all the fun “YouShoot” is known for. This one has it all…a little wrestling, a little of the dirty details of Sheik’s storied life, the YouShoot games, manager Eric Simms, and most of all…YOU! Our response was amazing and you were as entertaining as ever.

“YouShoot: The Iron Sheik” is on sale right now and it’s one that will leave you gasping for air between laughs. Check it out HERE!!!
ECW Invades Kayfabe Commentaries, and ‘Timeline’
Get ready for this one. Our popular “Timeline: The History of WWE” series has spun off what should prove to be an amazing companion series…”Timeline : The History of ECW.” The format is the same…one wrestler…one year in the company. We’ll lift every rock and get all the details on all aspects of the company’s business for the year being profiled.

The first edition will be released in March, but leading up to that you will see the “ECW Invasion of KC.” Look for special sales on select dvds that feature ECW talent, as well as lots of surprises!

Kayfabe Commentaries is ready for another record breaking year. Stay tuned…

Got a favorite booker you’d like to see on our hit series Guest Booker? Let us know! Send us an email.

KayfabeCommentaries…We’ll get you inside.

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