Posted January 9th, 2011 by Bill Apter

MATT HARDY debuted and beat RVD.  Van Dam used a “rolling thunder” and then “Five-star-splash” for the pin but Hardy’s arm was under the ropes.  As RVD was arguing with the referee Hardy was able to snare him with a “twist of fate” — yet RVD’s left leg was under the ropes! The referee did not see this and counted the pin!

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  1. By Jimmy, posted

    omg! Matt Hardy? Give me a break!!! it was a matter of time he would show up. another wwe reject..

  2. By The86er, posted

    As if no one didn’t see this coming. Give me a break! You could tell with his speech that he gave that he was going to TNA. Good, because if you can’t handle the WWE, then stay out!

  3. By ron, posted

    Jimmy, Please do yourself a favor and don’t watch anymore wrestling. It seems to bother you so much. Why do you punish yourself like this? Please get yourself a life too. You felt compelled to answer every comment. You must live a pathetic lonely life. Ask your parents to take you to a therapist. I fear for you if you don’t get help soon.

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