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Begin the New Year with a Double-BANG! This week, Diamond Dallas Page welcomes special guest Dan “The Beast” Severn to DDP Radio at 9 p.m. EST Thursday, Jan. 6. But first, an announcement: In order to keep DDP Radio on the air, we’re appealing to YOU to get involved and participate by tuning in to listen or calling in with a question. We’ve got to have at least 20 people on board (that’s not asking too much, is it?) in order to make DDP radio a viable, ongoing endeavor for the rest of the year. The show is a great forum of fitness support, positive solutions for healthier living, plus a little wrestling history thrown in for fun, so let’s do what we can to keep it going.

Dan “The Beast” Severn is a pro wrestler, mixed martial arts expert, UFC Hall of Famer, and motivational speaker who is preparing for the milestone of garnering his 100th win this February in his mixed martial arts career.

Severn, 52, who has the highest winning percentile in the world in MMA matches, will talk with DDP about the myth of declining with age. With the right attitude and lifestyle, Severn and DDP are both living proof that improving with each passing year can be a reality.

When he’s not training, Severn travels the country teaching self-defense to law enforcement organizations and individuals, and makes speaking engagements at high schools and youth organizations, imparting his philosophy that includes:

“T” = Teacher
“H” = Humanitarian
“E” = Educator

“B” = Believe in yourself
“E” = Educate Yourself
“A” = Adjust your attitude
“S” = Study Hard
“T” = Teach Others

“From the cages to the executive boardroom,” competition is competition, “Whether you use a body slam or the stroke of a pen, strive to be the best,” says Severn. “Communication and team work are essential.” Severn will also reveal which NFL legend gave him his famous nickname.

DDP and Dan “The Beast” Severn will be taking your calls and answering your questions – so don’t miss it! Doug Steffen and I will be joining them as co-hosts for the evening. Doug and I are Team YRG members who have dropped more than 100 pounds through YRG, clean eating, and a positive attitude. For more information, visit www.yrgfitness.com. To listen to the show Thursday, visit www.ddpradio.com or call (347) 994-1216 See you there!

- Stacey Morris

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