Posted December 30th, 2010 by Bob Ryder

What did you think of iMPACT!? (December 30)

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  1. By Harold Loeblein, posted

    As long as Eric has his fingers in the mix, TNA is going no where. It is wasn’t far James and Tara I wouldn’t turn it on. We don’t need a “bra and panty” match in TNA — we need real wrestling and not the junk TNA is doing now.


  2. By charles, posted

    It was not there best effort, it was okay but could have been much better. I was kind of creeped out by the bra and pantys deal as I am a friend of Madison, I felt bad she allowed herself to go there or was forced to which ever one it is. Not sure of the Jarrett storyline I am hoping it ends soon

  3. By jj, posted

    to see some skin that was really good tna is doing a great job. tna is more for adults that dosn’t like wwe pg

  4. By Max, posted

    TNA should fire Eric,Hogan,Flair on live tv to start off the new year.
    Also Pay Paul Heyman a one time fee to go on the same broadcast to say how much TNA sucks and why Dixie Carter will never get it.
    After that, Sign Bill Goldberg to a one day contract so Vince Russo can come out and Fire Bill in front of everyone at the Impact zone. At the end of the show have Dixie Carter tell everyone watching impact that the show is leaving the Impact zone permanently. It is at that point she moons the dude dressed up as Mickey Mouse and proceeds to walk off the set.
    That would definately get people talking about TNA.

  5. By The Universe, posted

    Harold wrote,”It is wasn’t far James and Tara I wouldn’t turn it on.”

    I agree with you that TNA is crap. But what the h*ll are you trying to say? I guess watching TNA Impact makes people stupid. Glad I don’t watch.

  6. By ANDREW, posted

    jj…….. tna still sucks. wwe raw is the best wrestling on tv.

  7. By jj, posted

    I stop watching wwe back in 05. wwe was getting really dumb. Ufc Is way better sport then tna and wwe, “(but I still like to watch tna for the story line’s)” wwe has no story line to care for. all they have is john cena pg kid wrestling. and wrestling is not for kids.

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