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DVD Review – UWC’s Toys for Tots 2010 Show

I love indy shows. There is a special closeness that the fans have to the wrestlers and each other. New Jersey-based UWC (United Wrestling Coalition) takes that bond to the next level by putting on a free show, each December, to aid the annual Toys for Tots campaign. Fans are asked to bring an unwrapped toy or make a cash donation to aid the charity. Chris Wilcox contacted 1Wrestling.com and asked if we would review their show, which is now available on EBay for purchase. I was fortunate enough to be given the honor of reviewing the show. Chris asked me to be honest with my look at their group, which I will do. For those of you who may decide to invest in this DVD, you are going to get some great action, some fun promos and the true feel of sitting up in the bleachers to watch a mix of new kids and established stars. If you are expecting the million-dollar production levels of a WWE or TNA, you may be a bit disappointed. The promos were done on a regular video camera, while the action was primarily captured on a top-of-the-line Iphone.

On to the fun and excitement…

The show opened with Peter Cross having a serious fit because Professor Milo Shizo wasn’t at the show. Milo used to be a member of the Unholy Alliance before going over to the Secret Society at the last big show. Milo has been unseen since his October defection. Cross said Milo’s replacement would pay the price. Ripper and Billy Lassiter came in to join their partner. Ripper said they were called old and over-the-hill. Ripper said the Secret Society would end up cutting their grass, after the match. Lassiter said the UWC belongs to the Unholy Alliance.

Switch to the Secret Society locker room. Mighty Mo introduced Bori Guana, the new member of the Secret Society. Mo talked about how old the Unholy Alliance members were. Guana acted very strange as Michael Grimaldi came in to talk with them. Fierce Fuego said the Unholy Alliance would be shining the Society’s boots, cutting their grass and shoveling their driveways, after the match

Unholy Alliance v Secret Society
Six Man Tag Team Match


The Society ended up on the floor as the match started. You could almost smell the popcorn with this video. It felt like you were about 6 or 7 rows back. Ripper with a Side Headlock on Feugo. The crowd chanted for Bori. Geugo witn a Fireman’s Carry Takeover and Arm Bar. Ripper took Fuego down and threaten to stomp his nether regions. Feugo with a tag out to Guana. Ripper took Guana down almost instantly. Knife Edge Chops by Ripper. Lassiter took the tag and hit a modified Inverted Atomic Drop. He couldn’t get the pin, however. Open Hand Slap that just echoed off he walls by Lassiter. Running Back Elbow by Lassiter.

Cross took the tag but Guana kicked the ropes up into his crotch. Cross whipped Guana to the corner and hit a Roundhouse Kick and Dropkick. The Society had a bit of a falling out over the miscommunication. They quickly patched things up and Triple Teamed Cross. Ripper and Lassiter made the save. Cross took a questionable shot to the belt line area. Fuego choked Cross on the ropes. Mo then tagged in and ate a Leg Lariat from Cross. Lassiter tagged back in and Open Hand Slapped Mo. Lassiter then Steam Rolled Mo, off the ropes. Mo flipped over and out of a Back Suplex and took Cross to the enemy corner. Cross flipped out of a Back Suplex and nailed a Step-up Enziguri for a two count. Flying Kned by Cross. Ripper returned to the ring and brought Mo into the ring. Big Back Body Drop into a Hogan-esque Leg Drop. Lassiter took the tag but a Jawbreaker stunned him. Mo went up top but Cross tripped him. Lassiter with a Superplex.Ripper with a Flying Knee Drop. Fego with a Michinoku Driver on Lassiter. Guana with a Frog (make that Iguana) Splash to take the win.

Your Winners: Mighty Mo, Fierce Fuego and Bori Guana…The Secret Society


This Old School v New School match was a great opener. The move set was extensive. A lot of fans think just because the wrestlers aren’t in WWE or TNA they can’t wrestle. They are so wrong. All six of these men put on a heck of a show. Kudos to them all.

Next up was a family feud. No, it wasn’t two brothers going at it. This time around, it was a husband and wife. Yes, you read that right. Joe Rules ranted that he has had issues for the better part of a year with his wife, Taylor Nicole Rules. Joe said his wife would face the wrath of Devastation, LLC. Taylor said she was tired of fighting with her husband. She said he cleaned the cat poop, smelled like cat poop and wrestled like cat poop. Funny promo.

Joe Rules v Taylor Nicole Rules
Lumberjack Family Feud Match


The crowd seriously hated Joe. The crowd rocked the rafters in protest of the guy. The various other wrestlers surrouned the ring. The two locked up and Taylor slapped her hubby a couple times, with a Hip Toss thrown in the middle. The two went into a Collar and Elbow and Joe got slapped, again. Joe was tossed out to the floor but his Devastation LLC companions were gentle in sending him back. Joe tripped Taylor but missed an Elbow Drop. She tossed Joe to the outside, and her chosen Lumberjacks put a hurting on him. Devastation LLC tried to get a “Let’s Go, Joe” chant started but it fell flat. Taylor hit a Knife Edge Chop that would make Ric Flair cringe. Joe took his spouse down with a Running For-arm shot. Taylor went to the floor and got mauled by the other wrestlers. The Lumberjacks were ready to go at each other…or the fans. The crowd got pumped up for Taylor. She felt it and started to rally back from a Seated Rear Chin Lock. Joe took her down but only got a two count. Joe ended up on the floor and was attacked by the Lumberjacks. Taylor caught her breath until Joe came back in. Joe almost got the pin after an Elbow Drop. The Lumberjacks were taking shots at each other as the action continued. Taylor whipped her hubby to the ropes and finished him off with a Side Drop.

Your Winner: Taylor Nicole Rules


I don’t usually like man v woman battles, as it can send the wrong message. However, this one was actually rather fun to watch. Taylor isn’t some dainty little lady being beaten up by some jerk who conned her into sporting his Pawn Shop wedding ring. She’s a rather large girl, tattooed up and ready to rumble. She looks like she could handle her own in a good bar fight.

Legion was next up. This guy is huge. The best description that comes to mind is combine Jerry Blackwell, One Man Gang (long haired version) and Abyss. He screamed about facing Warhead. Warhead is the spitting image of a young Sgt. Slaughter. Warhead didn’t know what Legion’s malfunction was but he was ready to go to war

Legion v Warhead
Non-Title Grudge Match


The kids really loved the military Warhead. He walked around talking to the kids as his music blared. He also hugged a guy in a military uniform. Legion just seethed in the ring, waiting to inflict damage to his hated foe. :The crowd cheered as Warhead got in the ring. The bell rang and the two locked up. Legion shoved Warhead down and soaked in the boos. They locked up again and Warhead hit the mat. Some guy was talking serious trash about Legion’s outfit. Warhead with stiff shots to the face and a rather weak kick. Warhead Shouldered Legion and tried for a Whip. Legion reversed it into a Whip/Clothesline. Legion clubbed Warhead and just waited. Legion took a long time between moves. The crowd was hostile towards him. There was a “Let’s Go, Warhead” chant that irritated Legion. Legion choked Warhead on the ropes. The ref finally pulled him off, which was no easy feat. Legion sent Warhead to the corner and hit an Open Hand Slap. Legion with an Irish Whip but Warhead used a Drop Toe Hold to gorund the gigantic battler. Warhead threatened to stomp on Legion’s nether regions but changed his mind. Warhead waited for Legion to get up and then hit a somewhat low Missile Dropkick. Both men were down. The ref started to count. Legion Headbutted Warhead low and the crowd groaned in unison. Legion screamed at the crowd that he was going to finish tings. Warhead fought out and locked in the Cobra Clutch (maybe this IS Sgt. Slaghter’s kid). Legion dropped to the canvas as the crwod almost went silent. The ref checked the arm, three times, and called the match.

Your Winner: Warhead


This match may be a bit slow and plodding for some fans’ taste. I actually liked it. Legion really has the potential to be a great “Monster”. He has the right look and he growls really well. Warhead could easily work the face or heel side of the equation. Both of these guys have the raw talent needed to work their way up to TNA, Japan, Mexico and eventually, maybe, even WWE. A little more seasoning and you’ll be seeing these guys on a regular basis. Good job, guys.

The UWC Tag Team Championship was on the line, next. The champions are Ryan Blackheart and Justice Garrison aka Blackhearted Justice. They cut a promo but unfortunately there was a problem with the sound on the disc. The full promo and match are available as a Sneak Peak on the UWC’s YouTube site. The link can be found at the bottom of my review. They were defending against Big Unit, which was Dave Patera and Philly Madison. Madison looked a lot like Spike Dudley.

Blackhearted Justice v Big Unit
UWC Tag Team Title Match


The challengers came out first for this match. They worked the crowd for a few minutes as the ref got in the ring. The champs then came out to fight to keep their straps. The kids really seemed to love the champs, especially Blackheart. Dave Patera, to me, looked remarkably like Sean Waltman during his Lightning Kid days.

Philly and Justice kicked off the match. Philly took his time getting out of his Spider-man ring jacket and over pants. The two men locked up and Phully worked over Justice’s left arm. Justice reversed it and hit a Japanese Arm Drag. Justice then dropped Philly with a Close Quarters Belly to Belly and a Dropkick. The challengers regrouped on the floor. Patera took the tag and waited a moment before locking up. Justice pushed him tot he corner and Patera argued with the ref. Patera had to stop and adjust his kneepads and boots. It was a stalling technique to throw Justice off his game…it didn’t work. Justice pitched Patera in the corner like my grandsons throwing hay bales. Blackheart tagged in and Shouldered Patera. Justice tagged back in and hit a Stall Suplex. 1-2-not quite yet. Justice went for a second Stall Suplex but it was blocked. Justice was run into the enemy corner and Philly took the tag. Philly choked Justice with his boot. Ryan tried to help but the ref forced him out of the ring. Justice with a pair of Irish Whips. Justice hit a Corenr Spear on the first one but ended up missing a second Spear attempt. Philly with a Running Clothesline. Philly tagged out to Patera and they double teamed Justice. Patera choked Justice with his knee as Ryan rallid the crowd. Patera with a good Dropkick and pin attempt. He only got a two. Philly tagged back in and locked on a Front Face Lock. It turned into a Choke and the ref forced the break. Side Russian Leg Sweep by Philly for a two. Patera couldn’t believe the count.

Patera tagged back in and Big Unit hit a Rock and Roll Express-like Double Dropkick on Justice. Patera with hard punches. Justice with a Sunset Flip for a two count. Patera went to work on Justice leg but it cost him. Justice nailed the Jumping Enziguri. The ref started to count both men. Ryan finally got the tag..or did he? No, the ref didn’t see it. Philly with a Scoop Slam for a two count. Double Sledge by Philly. Justice fought back with a Hip Toss to the corner. Justice with a Jumping Mule Kick that was awesome. Ryan finally got the tag and cleaned house. Spicoli drive to Philly! The Champs hit Justice is Served (their version of the Doomsday Device) to retain their titles.

Your Winners: Blackhearted Justice


Even without sound, this match was awesome. These four kids worked the crowd better than most guys I’ve seen lately. The action was constant and the crowd ate it up. Any of the four of these men would fit in well in TNA’s X-Division or in Ring of Honor.

Various members of the roster talked about the BCC Rumble. Everyone was ready to take the win. The characters were really fun. I liked the guy in the reindeer ears (you have to see him to believe him). That was Silly Billy. Warhead’s partner, Adam Aces, also cut a good promo.

The BCC Rumble:


This worked a lot like the Royal Rumble (or Reno Rumble). Peter Cross got major pops as he came out to start the match. Cross took a nasty Headbutt to the groin on a botched Leapfog. Cross climbed the turnbuckles to punch away at Adam Aces. Cross was in full control of the opening segment of this match. Cross almost eliminated Aces when Bubba of CB4 hit the ring. Cross was double teamed as the countdown clock continued to roll. Bubba ran Cross along the ropes. Most of these guys were the Lumberjacks from earlier in the show. Cross continued to battle away at everyone in sight. Sally D got a huge round of boos as he bopped to the ring.. He looked so small in comparison to Bubba and some of the others in the ring. Bubba thought he had eliminated Cross but his feet didn’t hit the floor. Sally and Cross really tore into each other. Slayer came out to make it a six pack of punishers. This guy was like Sabu goes Thrash Metal. Slayer tore into Cross. Bubba got laid out.

Ripper was the next to hit the ring. Slayer tore into him as soon as he entered the ring. Several guys tried to send out Bubba. Bori Guana was next to arrive. Instead of getting in the ring, Guana went to the concession stand and found a bicycle to ride. I think that was one of the toys donated to the kids. Guana finally got in the ring just as Rudo the Hell was announced. Peter Cross got tossed out. Sally D was eliminated, as well. Guana with a Snap Mare on Slayer. Rudo was enjoying playing with the kids more than getting in the ring. The guys were coming fast and furious, now. Guana was thrown out. Geoffery Bravo and Adam Aces were sent to the back after long runs in the match. Orphan was announced. Guana was a bit unhappy about being eliminated. After about four trips around ringside, Rudo finally got in the ring. Silly Billy got a huge pop from the kids as he was announced. Mighty Mo came back out to join the party. Several guys went out during this time. Silly Billy stopped to play with his toy and was pushed to the edge of elimination, only to make his safe return to the ring. Fierce Fuego came out to join Mo and the rest of the gang. Billy Lassiter came back out to set his sights on the Secret Society members in the ring. Bubba was still in there swinging away.

Silly Bill, yet again, narrowly escaped doom by clutching the ropes like his favorite stuffed toy. Big Rig joined Bubba in the ring. Both orange jumpsuited men wreaked havoc on everyone in sight. CB4 sent a couple guys out and then went to work on others. Silly Billy went back to his toys. Slayer got flipped out by Bubba. It was down to Silly Billy, Bubba, Big Rig and Rudo the Heel. Rudo got eliminated when he tried to do a 6.1.9. The crowd was fully behind Silly Billy. Silly went for the Santa Hat to motivate him. The crowd was deafening with their clapping along with Billy. CB4 tried for he old Malachi Crunch but Billy moved. Billy set both CB4 inmates against the ropes, only to get double teamed by the big men. Bubba held Billy as Big Rig ripped the Santa Hat off. That fired up Silly Billy who ended up tossing out both Big Rig and Bubba to take the BCC Toys for Tots Title.

Your Winner: Silly Billy

Comments: I love these kinds of matches. The fans get to see almost all the stars on the card and there is a lot of interaction. I like Silly Billy. He has that Eugene feel, only he’s entertaining.

Tom Carter was trying to find his old Reckless Youth character. He was chanting and focusing. Biggie Biggs said he was ready to go on his own and become the champ. Twiggy Ramirez was not a happy camper. Twiggy was ready to end the road for someone, hopefully not himself. Twiggy said Reckless Youth no longer had what it takes to be champion. Twiggy said Biggie was a friend but in a match like this, there were no friends.

Twiggy Ramirez v Reckless Youth v Biggie Biggs
Triple Threat UWC Heavyweight Title Match


Reckless Youth demanded that the fans cheer for him. They weren’t willing to follow his orders. The was a no-DQ match. Reckless said Twiggy madea mistake by not joining Devastation LLC. The crowd really hated Reckless Youth. After Youth’s extended rant, Biggie Biggs made his way down to the ring. Finally, Twiggy (Ramizez) made his appearance. Teiggy brought out several guys as backup. Reckless used a Hurancanrana to send Biggie Bigggs to the floor. Suddenly, this turned into a Lumberjack match. Youth with a Baseball Slide on Twiggy. Biggs tossed Twiggy back into the ring and sent him to the ropes. Twiggy with a clean Thesz Pres. Twiggy ran Biggs into the corner. Biggs reversed an Irish Whip and nailed a Spinebuster on the champ. Biggs ran Yoth’s face into a couple of different corners as the crowd counted aong. Biggs with a Power Whip on Twiggy. Youth reverswed an Irish Whip and hit a Code Breaker Monkey Flip. Biggs kicke dout at two. Twiggy pounded on Youth. Youth wanted a Backslide and got it for a two. Biggs with a Roll-up. Twiggy with a Roll up. All three men slugged each other, at the same time. Twiggy and Biggs traded blows and then they both clobbered Youth. Biggs with a Headbutt on Twiggy. Twiggy with a Flying Corssbody for a two on Biggs. Inverted Atomic Dro on Twiggy. Biggs fell into the rope, which Crotched Youth on the top rope. The three got into a Tower of Doom move that laid out everyone. The Lumberjacks, who had left, returned. It was a military v convict battle on the floor as the title match continued.

Taylor Nicole came out to kick Joe Rules’ backside. Reckless Youth with a Cutter off the top rope onto Biggie Biggs. The ref almost counted Bigss out but Youth figured out his mistake and stopped the count by attacking the ref. Twiggy with a nice Flying Uranage Neckbrraker. Biggs with a hard Stunner to get a two count. Twiggy called for his finisher but Youth attacked him. Biggie Biggs caught Reckless Youth with a Sit-out Powerbomb to become the new UWC Heavyweight Champion!

Your Winner and New UWC Heavyweight Champion: Biggie Biggs

Really a good match. The run-ins were fun but they didn’t really distract from the match. After the match, Devastation LLC jumped Biggs, which was the icing to the cake. Reckless Youth with a sweet Moonsault onto Biggs back. Youth slipped on the climb and the crowd yelled out “You Messed Up (it is a family friendly environment)”. Twiggy thought about attaking Biggs but took the high road by presenting the title to the new champion. Class move. Twiggy had saved Biggs earlier. They announced the January show as Biggs called for the mic. Biggs wanted to apologize to Twiggy for what he had done in the past. Biggs wanted to form an alliance to battle Devastation LLC. Twiggy liked the idea and they hugged. Twiggy invited everyone back to the January show. I have to admit that if I were able to be there, I certainly would be. These guys are just so great.

The DVD ended with Biggie Biggs talking about the next big show in January. Most of UWC’s matches are available to view at YouTube. Biggie Biggs talked about all the toys and bikes that were donated. It’s good to see people give to help others. Reckless Youth started to leave only to get stopped by Michael Grimaldi. Grimaldi tried to talk with Youth about what happened in the main event. Youth said he just couldn’t bring back the true Reckless Youth, because it had been too long. He said he was a 38 years old man with kids. He said Reckless Youth was dead and Tom Carter had replaced him.

In Conclusion:

I want to congratulate the UWC crew for a great show. I have to admit that I was familiar with Biggie Biggs, Twiggy Ramirez and Reckless Youth but most of the rest were new to me. After finishing the rough draft of this article, I spent a little time on YouTube and watched quite a bit of UWC’s stuff. It’s definitely worth a few minutes of your time to catch some interesting local action. I have to admit, I’m now a major Silly Billy fan. The main link to their section of YouTube is:


If you’d like to get yourself a copy of this fun night of action, it’s available on EBay for $10 + $3 S/H. The link to that site is:


Thanks again to Chris Wilcox, Michael Grimaldi and the rest of the men and women of UWC for sharing this great show with me. This show really made me feel like I was there. I got myself some microwave popcorn before I started watching the DVD. That and a diet soda just completely the full experience for me.


–Jay Shannon

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