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Pro Wrestling Syndicate kicks off 2011 with Spring Break Showdown on Saturday afternoon March 5 at Long Island’s Center Island Sports Complex on 101 Union Ave in Ronkonkoma, NY. Autograph signing with the stars starting at 2pm.

Road Dogg served as guest commissioner at PWS CT Carnage and made two big announcements. The first was replacing the PWS ring announcer with “Majestic” Larry Legend and the second was the announcement that Reality Check member Kevin Matthews whom defeated Butterbean for the title was stripped of the belt due to injury. Road Dogg announced that there would be a Majestic Twelve Tournament to decide the new champion, and was stunned when Reality Check leader Devon Moore won the tournament and captured the belt for the second time by pinning Sami Callihan in the Finals. Now Road Dogg is returning to PWS on Saturday March 5, and its not to be guest commissioner, its to fight, and he’s not coming alone. With him will be his New Age Outlaw partner Billy Gunn and the one and only X Pac; collectively known as D Generation X! This will be the first time ever in The United States that these three will be reunited in over 10 years! DX will be in a Six Man Tag Team Match against PWS’ resident badasses Reality Check; Champion Devon Moore, Former Champion Kevin Matthews, and top contender “The Cold Hearted Playa” Danny Demanto. Reality Check will have the cutest girl in wrestling, Alexa Thatcher in their corner.

Also returning to PWS for the first time in 3 years will be the international star Low Ki whom was just released by The WWE where he competed as “Kaval” and won the second season of NXT. However as dominant as Low Ki is, March 5 will not be a cakewalk for the world warrior as he’ll have to square off against another man making his PWS return for the first time in 3 years; international star Davey Richards! These two stars are without question two of the absolute all around best pound for pound wrestlers in the world and this one is sure to be a classic.

Four of the most sadistic men on the planet will be involved in a Four Corners Of Death Elimination Match. Four Man No DQ Elimination Matches have been a staple of PWS since its 2007 inception, and this one will be the most brutal yet as it will feature Wrestler film star The Necro Butcher, the madman from Sudan The Son Of Abdullah, and the fireball hurling legend from The Syrian Desert, The Sheik! Originally Nick FN Gage whom wreaked havoc at the last PWS event was scheduled to be the #4 spot in this match, however due to recent news reports it is very unclear as to what Gage’s future status will be. Therefore to avoid any form of false advertising, PWS has removed Gage from this match for the time being and have announced a mystery opponent as the #4 spot. Will it be Gage, will it be another madman that has caused carnage in the PWS ring, or will it be a brand new acquisition? Be there live to find out.

As mentioned this event is entitled Spring Break Showdown and without question no spring break would really be complete with a fist pumping guido. That being said , TNA star Robbie E along with Cookie will be there live on March 5 as Robbie squares off against the popular 420 pound Samoan mastadon Fala whom will have Wrestling Legend Ox Baker in his corner. Fala’s stock is rising fast as he’s coming off a hot win at the last PWS event where he put former WWE star Kenny Doane on a stretcher while Robbie E has quickly been establishing a name for himself in TNA by capturing the TNA X Division Title just days after his debut. While we know Cookie is not above getting involved in matches, just a year ago Ox Baker was involved in an altercation with DJ Hyde during a PWS match which led to the 76 year old Ox shedding blood! Dont forget that Ox has knocked out over 8,000 men with his lethal heart punch finisher. His victims include some familiar names such as Kerry Von Erich, Vern Gagne, Ernie Ladd, Mil Mascaras, and Hulk Hogan whom he KO’d 3 nights in a row!

Speaking of Wrestling Legends. PWS’ own “Big Juicy” Justin Corino has started proclaiming that he is indeed “The Prince Of Old School”. PWS has been no stranger to Wrestling Legends as fans have seen the likes of Koko B Ware, Lanny Poffo, Dr Death, and countless others in PWS. However the one Legend whom was part of PWS from the very begining is none other than Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, and Beefcake has accepted Corino’s “Old School Challenge” for Saturday March 5 at Spring Break Showdown!

The PWS Tag Team Titles will be on the line as the champion Urban Legends (Wes Draven & Devious) with Sony Records hip hop star Poison Pen in their corner will defend against Joe Ayyo and Timmy Aiight. Last year someone stole the undefeated Urban Legends’ tag titles from the locker room and the duo are still on the quest to find out who the culprit or culrits are. Will they find answers on March 5?

That wont be the only tag match on March 5, as PWS presents “Perhaps The Biggest Tag Team Match Of All Time”. Giants have been a part of pro wrestling since the old school carnival freak show days. Some giants have gained national fame such as Big John Studd, Haystacks Calhoun, and Andre The Giant. In terms of weight the heaviest wrestler of all time is arguably between Benny McGuire of The McGuire Twins and Happy Humphrey, both of whom tipped the scales at just over 800 pounds during their peek weights. The late Silo Sam weighed 477 pounds and stood at a menacing 7’7″ tall. So how is “biggest” measured? Is it just weight or overall size? Who was “bigger”, Silo Sam or Happy Humphrey? Its arguable. Currently there are two well known wrestling giants; one of whom is from Punjabi standing at 7’3″ and weighing 420 pounds. The other, known as “The World’s Largest Athlete” stands at 7’1″ and weighs 485 pounds. As mentioned above it is hard to determine “biggest” when comparing height to weight. That being said it’s really simple to determine “biggest” when comparing height to height, and weight to weight. On Saturday March 5, PWS will be debuting a tag team known as The Calhouns. Bull Moose Calhoun stands at 7’3″ tall and weighs 535 pounds. His tag team partner , Boss Hog Calhoun, tips the scales at 660 pounds! Their opposition however will be the very agile 900+ pound Nigerian Nightmares Maifu and Laifu whom will have Voodoo Princess Sheeta in the corner. This could very well be the overall BIGGEST tag team match of all time, and you do not want to miss witnessing history live in person.

While giants have been a staple of pro wrestling since its early days, so have midgets. PWS has signed the 5 foot tall Bantam Brat from Boston, MA whom will be making his PWS debut on Saturday March 5 with “Boston Shore” girls Alexxis Nevaeh and Amber, as they will collide in a 6 Person Intergender Match against the 4’11″ high flying Divina Fly, masked technical star Jamilia Craft, and the smoking hot Annie Social!

Some other staples in wrestling have been high flying and technical catch wrestling. Well how about both featured in one match as PWS will have a Double Debut match featuring two of the all around best wrestlers you might not be familar with. It will be Shiima Xion whom has wrestled all over the world including AAA in Mexico (where on again/off again PWS star Jack Evans is currently the Cruiserweight Champion) taking on Long Island’s all around best “Maverick” Tony Nese. Both men have a vast arsenal of skills (including Shiima’s top rope 630 splash, reminiscent of Jack Evans’) and a lot to prove as this will be each of their first times in The PWS ring.


PWS Spring Break Showdown will also feature several guest Co-Hosts including Playboy cover girl Leticia Cline, VH1 Reality Show star 12-Pack (I Love NY, I Love Money, Daisy Of Love), and Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg.

And as mentioned at the very top, PWS is known to feature special guest commissioners, and on March 5, none other than famed wrestling journalist Bill Apter will assume the position! How will the man behind the success of some of the most popular wrestling magazines in the world handle running PWS?

No Spring Break event would be complete without live music, and PWS will be featuring several live music acts including the popular band Trophy Scars whom fans may recognize from FUSE, MTV2, and Warped Tour.


Sat March 5, 2011 at 3pm , Center Island Sports, 101 Union Ave in Ronkonkoma NY (Long Island)

DX (X Pac, Road Dogg, Billy Gunn) vs Reality Check with Alexa Thatcher
Low Ki vs Davey Richards
Necro Butcher vs The Sheik vs Son Of Abdullah vs ??? – No DQ Elimination Match
The Calhouns (1195 lbs) vs The Nigerian Nightmares (900 lbs) with Sheeta
Urban Legends with Poison Pen vs Timmy Aiight & Joe Ayyo – PWS Tag Titles Match
Fala with Ox Baker vs Robbie E with Cookie
Brutus Beefcake vs “Prince Of Old School” Justin Corino
Annie Social/Jamilia Craft/Divina Fly vs Bantam Brat/Alexxis Nevaeh/Amber
Shiima Xion vs “Maverick” Tony Nese

PWS Guest Commissioner: Bill Apter
Guest Co-Hosts: Leticia Cline, Peter Rosenberg, 12-Pack
Ring Announcer: Larry Legend
Live music by: Trophy Scars

Autograph signing starting at 2pm with:
X Pac, Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, Low Ki, The Sheik, Cookie, Robbie E, Brutus Beefcake, Ox Baker, and more

Tickets are on sale now starting at just $20 by calling 1-800-838-3006 or by visiting

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