Posted December 27th, 2010 by Bob Ryder

What did you think of RAW? (December 27)

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  1. By Scott, posted

    God,did Raw suck!

  2. By Jack Boehmer, posted

    I guess they had to fill in some time because of missing people, but the whole Miz- Jerry Lawler stuff made me turn the show off.

  3. By RAW is terrible, posted

    My good God what in the world is this garbage on tv? Glad that MNF had the Saints vs Falcons, and the Closer was on and heck even HUB had My little pony. Anything is better than this crap on tv. The McMahon’s are having election loss withdrawal symptoms or something. Do they not care?

    Wrestling is dead.

  4. By ANDREW, posted

    no scott. tna sucks!!!

  5. By Archangel, posted

    Thumbs down because CM Punk did not wear John Cena’s ass out with the chair!!! Santino Marelli is tiresome and sorry for a talent like Tamina’s being wasted. She belongs in the TNA. The Miz being the world champion is just as bad as David Arquette being the champion in WCW.

  6. By Brian, posted

    I might be the only one but I like Miz as champ. The guy is hysterical on the mic and draws a good deal of heat from the fans. And he isn’t half bad wrestling wise which is something we can’t say about Cena. Glad to see the main event scene populated by guys like Miz, Morrison, Orton, Sheamus. No clue why Lawler is wrestling so much lately as it does very little to cement Miz as a credible champion. WWE still doesn’t believe in having a heel champion retain against a face contender with no cheating so expect Miz if he is going to continue as champ to do so with feet on the ropes, outside interference and other dubious means. Tag team and women’s wrestling are near non existent in WWE these days and it is a shame as there is some talent on the roster being wasted. And the biggest waste is DiBiase. The man should be in the thick of the US title picture at minimum and not jobbing to Santino. A travesty.

  7. By The Universe, posted

    If some of you individuals have a problem with the “E” why do you continue to watch? I just love to read your “SMARK” remarks. Booking imaginary episodes of RAW with your WWE action figures doesn’t make you an expert on what people want to watch. 5 million strong in the Universe. Live with it.

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