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Funk’s Corner – New Years Day Flying to San Juan, with Dick Murdoch

The Captain came on over the intercom on DL 2350 a stretch DC – 8 en route from Miami to San Juan Puerto Rico. “Ladies and gentlemen we have a slight problem. We are not receiving indication in the cockpit that our landing gear is down and locked.”

“Oh shit Lucille, this is the big one.” The comment was from Dick Murdoch sitting beside me.

We circled while the flight attendants gave us instructions on the brace position for a wheels up landing. “Remove all sharp objects from your pockets, seat back up, head down, bend forward and wrap your arms around your legs. (I thought to myself, and kiss my ass goodbye) We practiced the “Brace” position and were told that on final approach, the captain would give the command over the intercom for us to, “BRACE.”

Everyone seemed scared to death except Murdoch and if he wasn’t scared I couldn’t be either.

As we slowed for final approach to San Juan Puerto Rico the captain came on the intercom and said, “The landing will be routine.” Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Just as the plane was about to touch down, Dick Murdoch yelled out, “BRACE!!!” 200 white knuckled passengers screamed and ducked into the “Brace position.”

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