Posted December 23rd, 2010 by Bill Apter

WWE announced on their website that they have “come to terms on the release of WWE SmackDown Superstar Kaval.”

The former “Low-Ki” was given a push for a short period of time and an injury sidelined him recently. Hopefully he’ll be healthy and competing on the Indy scene in the not too distant future (US, Japan, and maybe TNA)!

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  1. By Aaron, posted

    I blame the fact that they can take an AMAZING talent and turn them into a jobber. WWE kills a promising career.

  2. By dale, posted

    It is pretty sad that the WWE chose not to use Low-ki / Kaval. I feel that they could have restarted their light-heavy weight division with him as a possible anchor point. I also saw the writing on the wall when Alex Riley (who came in second on NXT2)gets more air time. I am not saying that Low-Ki is the best out there, but I am saying that WWE needs to fix a broken product. No light division (cruiser weight), no true tag team division, no womens wrestling (that went with Mickie James). WWE is just a lot of individuals who want to be the main spotlight. Just my opinion.

  3. By Dave, posted

    Kaval (or Low-Ki, which ever you prefer) was an amazing and innovative wrestler that was completely wasted by WWE. He had potential for tag team, US, and even Intercontinental gold. He could do things that no other superstar would dare to try. Unfortunately, his efforts and his talent were completely wasted by an ever-worsening and stale creative department. Personally I’d love to see Kaval back in TNA because, whether you want to acknowledge this or not, TNA is quickly becoming the superior company in terms of talent, creativity, and storylines!

  4. By pope fraize, posted

    again the wwe fails. kaval is very tallented more tallented then the Miz in my opinion .
    they also didnt even let issis the amazon go onto t.v maybe she isnt the best in ring wrestler but I know she was alot better then the rest of the divas on that show.
    they say her release was due to porno graphic pictures . didnt the wwe have a deal with playboy and had many of its divas pose for it ?

    come on wwe stop pretending to be a pg show. we all want the wwe attitude back .

  5. By Richard, posted

    I agree with dale on everything he says except for the womans wrestling. I say they still have a good female wrestling division.

  6. By The Universe, posted

    No big deal. Kaval can go back to that sink hole known as TNA. You gotta have mic skills and personality to make in the “E”. Something this fool lacked since day one. He can go back to being a spot monkey in WCW Jr.

  7. By Denny, posted

    Unbeilveable,they release LOW-KI who is a much better in ring performer than alot of the WWE roster and don’t get me wrong,”The American Dragon” Bryan Danialson is a hell of a wrestler,but LOW-KI should be sporting gold,instead he’s released.Disappointing christmas present,thanks WWE(maybe i’ll stop watching your shows now)

  8. By Archangel, posted

    Another former TNA wrestler bites the dust in the WWE. First there was the Alpha Male, next the Wildcat, and now Kaval. Hopefully those member of the TNA roster will not realize the grass (money) is not greener over in the WWE. The only way you have a chance is if you started there and after they release you or leave you can come back and get treated right. Ask Christian, Ron Killings, and Jeff Hardy.

  9. By The Universe, posted

    Sure Denny. You’ll NEVER stop watching the “E”. You along with roughly 5 million other fans love the non stop action offered to us in the universe. The WWE is at it’s all time best right now! Kaval was a mistake from day one. Now he can go back to working in front of dozens of shouting fans in high school gyms throughout the country.

  10. By dale, posted

    Universe… What can one say but, It is those dozens of fans at the high school gyms that
    1. Created the universe of fans.
    2. Gave many of today’s top stars their introduction to professional wrestling that then lead to getting noticed by the major company’s.
    3. Those High School Gym’s may be the only place that gives many of the wrestling fans a chance to see live wrestling events that they do not have to travel many many miles to go see or have to pay an arm and a leg for.
    4. It was at a high school gym that I first saw people like Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, Tully Blanchard, Dusty Roads, Rufus “Freight Train” Jones, Wahoo, and the list goes on.
    In Closing may we all remember… Just because the audience is not large or on television does not mean the passion for the business is small!

  11. By Archangel, posted

    Amen Universe. Evidently some people was not around to watch wrestling when there were organizations other than WWE were most of their legendary wrestlers started or wrestled before coming to them.

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