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Tonight on DDP Radio, we want you in on a very important discussion: How to stay focused during the holidays. Last week we talked about how possible it is to enjoy the holiday eating season while still keeping it clean and healthy. At 9 p.m. EST Thursday, DDP will focus on how to successfully navigate the emotional minefields that sometimes seem to multiply during the final month of the year.

A lot of us get our buttons pushed by holiday triggers like the pressure to overspend, tempting food at every turn, being suddenly plunged into old family dynamics at reunions, and feeling the ache of grief for loved ones who have passed on.

If there’s anyone who knows about staying focused no matter what life throws their way, it’s DDP. We’ll also start the show with a few pointers on what to do (and not do) if your local television station wants to report how and why you’ve achieved a monumental weight transformation.

Doug Steffen and I will be his co-hosts. Who the heck are we? We’re two Team YRG members who have dropped more than 100 pounds through YRG, clean eating, and staying FOCUSED. DDP has shown us that anything is possible – and that includes staying sane and happy during the holidays.

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