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  1. By FedupViewer, posted

    I think I’ll go to Raw next week and just attack anyone I don’t like.. after all Cena doesn’t work there and he can do it without reprisals.. maybe if different audience members were to jump “Superstars” when they came down the ramp.. precedent has been established that even an “audience member” can just “go into business for themselves”.. Stupidity with plot holes larger than the blackhole of suck that is uncreative.. a 1 min match? 2 2 minute matches? a 3 minute match and a long (suprisingly) 11 min match between the “tag teams”… And the show opened and closed with 15 minutes gabfests?? MEH..

  2. By Brian, posted

    Sorry but this RAW fell flat. The only good things that can be said were that Cole and the mystery GM were kept to a minimum and we got to hear CM Punk on commentary. The rest was just bad. The tag title match was horrible in that WWE has sunk tag team wrestling to a new low. The women’s title match was mediocre. The Cena angle makes no sense. If he is fired how is security not coming after him? Basically this is more Cena is still working here but just not wrestling. Fired would be if he had to make very quick run ins before having security chase him out through the crowd, having to sneak into the arena, etc. Fired doesn’t mean you get to assault Barrett and then pose and have your music play to end RAW. Ted DiBiase seems to have no direction right now and that is a shame since he could be much better used. The same goes for Morrison. Why keep a feud with Sheamus when both are needed elsewhere in storylines (Sheamus vs a returning HHH and Morrison vs his old partner and WWE champ the Miz in a great move that lays off their old rivalry and elevates Morrison into the main event where he belongs)? Morrison is the next HBK or the closest they have to it. I don’t see why they haven’t moved him out of the mid card yet. They have the talent on the roster but just don’t know how to use it properly.

  3. By Richard, posted

    Any RAW show where Michael Cole gets an RKO is fine by me.

    The ending to the show was fine by me as well. Cena gets hired back or Wade is out of Nexus!!

    That was going to happen sometime.

  4. By canuck, posted

    The best thing about Raw? Michael Cole not being there after the first 15 minutes. The worst thing? Michael Cole being there for the first 15 minutes. Where did they possibly get the idea that this clown adds something to the show?

  5. By Travis Weberling, posted

    The fact is Michael Cole adds nothing to the show,but I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason why he’s still employed by them is because he kisses the butts of anyone with the last name of Mcmahon.The thing that pissed me off is the fact that they put the tag belts on Santino.WHY?The tag belts like any other belts are supposed to show the talent that you being mgmt thing they’re good enough to go to the next level.Does anyone really think Santino or Koslov are world title material?I don’t either.The USO’s are the best of the tag teams left,& it’s like they don’t even matter.

  6. By kevin j. jordan, posted

    the only good thing about raw was michael cole
    not being there all night
    also, does vince even cares about the titles anymore????? please the miz as champ/ don’t make me laugh

  7. By The Universe, posted

    Another great episode. I don’t know what you guys were watching but this edition of Raw kept my attention from beginning to end. Sorry Brian, but there is no need to analyze a sports entertainment show. If you are not entertained, change the channel. Or better yet go watch that old folks home known as TNA. And Fedup, you would get RKO’d if you jumped the barrier. So go watch Impact, or ROH if you don’t enjoy what the E has to offer. The Universe does NOT need your support.

  8. By SAMEOLDSH_T, posted

    Why cant they keep Cena off for at least ONE DAMNED SHOW!!? Andrew has his cena poster and cena-jammies.. enough already!!

  9. By Brian, posted

    Universe- is that you Andrew? And is it too much to ask for a semi coherent storyline that doesn’t ignore anything that happened less then 18 months ago and treat the fans like idiots? They actually broke from that pattern with the Undertaker and Kane feud and it went over great as you essentially had 13 years of build up, twists, turns, betrayals in that one and it bridged a gap for fans from the attitude era to today’s fans of the pg rated show.

    And they really should work to rebuild the tag team division. The roster is too bloated as it is and with only 4 hours a week to showcase everyone it would be wise to stick a few guys who have no current storyline or direction or gimmick into tag teams. At least this way instead of only 2 guys getting on tv for a 5 minute match you can get 4 in there. Or you do 4 team elimination match and get 8 guys face time all at once.

  10. By grossepointer, posted

    to the universe

    WWE is NOT wrestling, it is sports entertainment. TNA and ROH ARE wrestling. WWE has not offered anything since WCW was extinguished, and ECW dropped off the radar.
    Old folks home?….bet you’d love it if Flair returned to WWE, or the Dudleys (who actually never will)or Nash?

  11. By ANDREW, posted

    “The Universe” is not me. I do like monday night raw over tna every week because tna is the weak old wcw. wwe has the best wrestlers in the bussiness.

  12. By Archangel, posted

    RAW or the John Cena Show still sucks!!! The Slammy Award categories and the winners “chosen” were a joke. Michelle Cool is getting Undertaker “respect” in the Diva’s division. I guess if you are Black and a member of Nexus you don’t have a chance in being a member for a long period and get the worst beat downs than what the other members get?

  13. By The Universe, posted

    to grossepointer,
    Flair was thrown out like a piece of trash. The Dudleys need to go on “The Biggest Loser”. And Nash has 4 moves in his entire arsenal.
    Why in the h*ll would WWE want them back? There is a youth movement flowing through the universe right now. No has-beens allowed.

  14. By Joey, posted

    I don’t even know why I watch Raw anymore. Same thing with TNA, and I only get to watch ROH some of the time. I wish more wrestling promotions had national TV deals because the “big two” suck.

  15. By Max, posted

    Pro wrestling is dying a slow death.
    TNA will probably be done before the end of 2011.
    The WWE will also be out of business before the end of 2019.
    The fair weather wrestling fan could care less about ROH;that promotion will be finished in five years.
    90% of these wrestling websites will shut down soon after these professional wrestling companies fade off into the abyss.

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