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The Solie Chronicles – #11
Fire from the Fingertips

On Tuesday, March 1, 1960, Gordon Solie advertised an upcoming appearance by the “Human Orchid,” better known as Gorgeous George.
In addition to his publicity duties for Tampa wrestling, Gordon had performed ring announcing duties for Dick the Bruiser, Argentina Rocca, Haystacks Calhoun and other fan favorites such as the Sheik, all of whom graced the mats in Florida during the preceding months.
Ed Farhat aka the “Sheik,” was one of the performers that made a lasting impression on Gordon Solie.
“I have seen everything now,” wrote Gordon. “I have seen wrestlers use almost every conceivable device or weapon in order to win a match but I have never seen anything quite as spectacular as a man who suddenly spurts fire from his fingertips. Several fans gave me theories as to how it was accomplished last week when the Sheik suddenly blinded Irish Danny McShain with a burst of fire during their bout. I saw it happen and I still can’t figure it out. I asked the Sheik about this during the week and received no answer that is printable.
“Well, maybe an answer will be found one day. As yet, there is no rule forbidding the use of throwing fire in this manner so it remains a legal enigma in wrestling.”
More information about Gordon Solie and the “Golden Years” of wrestling is available at www.soliesports.com

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