Posted December 2nd, 2010 by Bob Ryder

What did you think of iMPACT!? (December 2)

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  1. By Tony, posted

    Finally a good Impact!! Great go home show. Maybe they’ve realized keeping Bischoff/Hogan off the air, and stepping up the wrestling is the way to go. I hope so.

  2. By grossepointer, posted

    Tony, I could not agree more. The days of Hogan and Bischoff are gone, dead, and should be buried. TNA listen to the fans….go back to the six sided ring, focus on the wrestling and ditch the dumb gimmick matches… i.e casket match, so WWE it hurts.
    oh and by the way..fire Orlando Jordan

  3. By mike paxson, posted

    I disagree with you guys, Yea i am a WWE/TNA fan I think that bringign Hogan on TNA did them good,Why can’t Hogan and Bischoff be part of the show? Better then some stupid computer general manager Raw has…And speaking of stepp up the wrestleing i agree that both shows are in need for some new big nme talent…

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