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How Did You Get That Scar???

I can’t hide it. I can’t put make up on it. I can’t cover it with a band aid.It sticks out like a sore thumb. It is visible. It is deep. It is a scar that extends from the top of my left eye socket to the top of my forehead. Thank you, Steve Corino(more on this in a moment).
Some of the wrestlers in our industry have what is commonly refered to as a “road map” on thier forehead from all the times they used a razorblade and cut themselves wide open for the illusion of blood. There are so many lines there it looks like a map. Take Dusty Rhodes for example. If you want directions from Sante Fe to Denver, look no further than his head. Other wrestlers have scars all over thier body due to the years of wreckless abandon they showed in the ring….ok, there’s only one, Sabu. The man has more than 50 scars on his body, and he has a story for every one. For the lone scar on my head…this is my story.
In his early career, Steve Corino was not known as a hardcore wrestler. He prided himself on this fact. I think it was because he wanted to be taken so seriously that he just never got involved in angles like that. It was on a show in North Carolina in early 1998 where I received my battle scar. It was on an independant show where the main event was Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy(as Willow The Whisp…I don’t remember Matt’s name that night). I was booked in a tag match. I don’t remember my partner for that night other than he wrestled under the name Ice. Steve Corino was one of my opponents. We had planned a very tightly fought match with alot of back and forth give and take. I honestly felt quite lost in the event because the other 3 wrestlers were very acrobatic and I, to say the least, was not. It was obvious to the fans Ice and I had never teamed before because our timing was horrible, and the fans knew it. Even though we were the good guys, we were being booed. For example, we would try a double chothesline, but not hit it properly. Late in the match, the action spills out onto the floor. What seemed like a simple whip into the post turns into my personal nightmare. As Corino posted me, I fell limp onto the ground. Unfortunately, my forehead went right into a broken beer bottle, I rolled over to the feeling of the bloddy warmth coming down my face…and it didn’t feel good at all. I knew I was bleeding, but I had no idea how badly. I laid there for a bit, trying to get my bearings. Meanwhile, the match suddenly ended and I realize we lost. I started to slowly get up when one of the fans came over to me, telling me there was a piece of glass in my forehead. Breaking character, I started to panic a bit. One of the wrestlers came from the back with a towel for my head. I find out there is an ambulance coming for me.
Once I am in the hospital, I find out the glass came out rather easily, but there was a small flap of skin hanging there that needed to be fixed. After hearing my options, I choose the butterfly stitching, because I thought it wouldn’t have scarred over the way it did. What they did was heavilly tape it together and wrapped a bandage around my head. Then someone gave me a flute and I played Battle Hymn of the Republic with some other emercency room injured. Ok, that didn’t happen. What did happen was the worst car ride home I ever had. I didn’t stay the weekend, opting to make my drive back to Florida(worst idea ever)!!! In Georgia, I stop off to buy some superglue and decide to glue the wound shut myself(ok…THIS was my worst idea ever)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The end result is a nice conversation starter.

PS: Just for the record, I do not blame Steve in any way, this was just a freal accident.

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    Brother… That had to hurt.

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