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This Saturday December 4, 2010, a rare live interview with the Ugandan Headhunter, Kamala.

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  1. By Rob, posted

    He didn’t even say anything? Was there a point to the beginning? The only thing I agree with him on is about The Miz. He’s the right guy at the right time. However, the only other wrestler I would even care about him wrestling is Edge. These guys make you want to care, whether you hate them or love them. Cena… boring. Orton… doing a better job but not “there” yet. Rey Mysterio… amazing talent but the underdog status is overdone. I do like Wade Barrett. But the Nexus things is done all wrong. It had potential. 80′s wrestling was great because they made you care. Late 90′s wrestling was great because they made you care. No one really makes you care anymore.

  2. By Tasha, posted

    Dude, what are you the miz’s boyfriend. I mean come on already. His catch phrase is awful. How awesome are you when you go after man who has already been beaten down by 7 other men. If he was truly awesome, he would have waited to take on a healthy orton. That is what a truly awesome competitor and champion would have done. If he were truly awesome, how come he can’t train his protege to win matches. If he were truly awesome, why is it when he first tried to turn in his money in the bank he ran away and took back the briefcase. That does not make you awesome. That makes you a coward. Miz is nothing more than a transitional champion at best because he is the miz and heeee is awful!!!

    by the way, dude can’t you change your camera angle so that we don’t have to see up your nostrils. come on now.

  3. By tony, posted

    tasha hit the nail on the head he is the MIZTAKE AND HES AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. By Rick, posted

    Miz is great. Same thing with Jack Swagger. He won the championship after Edge speared an injured Chris Jericho. I was there at the Smackdown taping in Las Vegas. And come on Really? Is “All American, American” any better than “I’m the Miz, and I’m Awesome”

  5. By James , Tasha's husband, posted

    Dude you suck up to Miz way too much are you related to him? Move the camera dude i don’t want to see your nose hair. Miz is not awesome he is average at best and John Cena does evoke emotion passion and excitement in the fans. Cena is loved, Miz is hated. I see more Cena shirts than Miz shirts. Cena is an exciting wrestler, Miz is an ok wrestler and only a transitional champ thanks to the stupid money in the bank crap. Miz may prove me wrong but i don’t think so.

  6. By Faron Square, posted

    Hey guess what you guys… They’re characters!! I’m just sayin’…

  7. By Shaun, posted

    The Miz is Awesome fresh, Nexus still have potentail if they finish off Cena which I can’t see but a Cena Heel turn and take over the group would be amazin, Cena’s not that Bad if hes not rammed down your throat and was pretty decent as a Heel

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