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Right After Wrestling with Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas welcome former WWE Diva “Tiffany”, Taryn Terrell to the program. Highlights:

- Surprisingly, one of the biggest thing she misses is bumping!

- The biggest change after being released is not being able to travel with her husband Drew McIntyre. Seeing him only 3 days a week at the most is the hardest part.

- She still wants to try her hand at professional wrestling. During her 90 no compete clause, she has filmed a commercial to keep herself busy.

- Was it difficult to get rid of the “Diva Search” stigma in the locker room?

- “I’m hoping that spending some time in the indys and seeing what happens there, I will be able to shed that image.”

- Working with Fit Finlay behind the scenes, who avidly worked with the Divas.

- Talking about Drew McIntyre’s career thus far in the WWE

- Does she feel the wrestling media made too big a deal about the August incident between her and her husband

EXCERPT: “Whether that incident is attributed to my release or not, I don’t think I’ll ever know.. certainly the timing would say so. It was really stupid and it was somebody that had an axe to grind with us for no reason. Obviously nothing happened because everything was dropped immediately, and the person that decided to make up a little story.. karma’s a you know what. It’s a shame because they really screwed with somebody’s life and that’s sad when people do that. The internet world went crazy with it because it was something very controversial.”

FULL RIGHT AFTER WRESTLING PODCAST INCLUDING FULL INTERVIEW: http://radio.thescore.com/episodes/taryn-tiffany-terrell-right-after-wrestling-november-29-2010

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