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What did you think of RAW? (Nov 29)

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  1. By Travis Weberling, posted

    Raw was ok this week,The positive thing I saw on Raw is that they are trying & are starting to get some of the undercard talent to the next level.The bad part was too much Micael Cole involvement with storylines & especially with the main event tonight.I mean,unless they’re getting rid of Lawler & having Punk do commentary on a FT basis with Cole,I really don’t see the point of having Cole & Lawler working together after the way they booked the finish of tonight’s main event.The video flashbacks of Jerry’s career was cool.& I know it’s been said beore by others on here,but for God’s sake,end the GM storyline already just say it’s Michael Cole & be done with it.I hope you fellow readers of this site agree with what I’m saying,feel free to leave your comments.Bill,what’s your take on my comments & tonight’s raw?

  2. By Aaron, posted

    Enjoyed it for the most part. Fast forwarded through a few spots. Really find the tag team champs to be boring. Cole getting smacked around by Jerry was what I had been waiting for. Punk is pretty good at the announcers table. He actually reminds me a lot of Raven behind the headset

  3. By BH, posted

    Amen, brother. I liked how Lawyer beat the crap out of Cole. Although for once, I wish they had a face win King of The Ring for once. And Yes, I agree the laptop GM thing is getting very old. McMahon needs to come out and end this crap and have a physical person show up for GM.

  4. By Bob, posted

    Have to agree w/the GM comment. Has gone on far toooooooo long. Let the King & CM Punk do he announcing. Some better TV, as far as I was concerned. The matches were more fun to watch than usual, although, you could have guessed how the ending of the Miz & Lawler match was going to end.

  5. By Justin H., posted

    Why bill Alberto Del Rio as a descendent of Mexican royalty, then have him lose the King of the Ring tournament? There were many great KotR matches tonight, but Sheamus has already been WWE Champ, he’s wrestled HHH at Wrestlemania. It’s time for someone else to be in the spotlight. Jerry Lawler in a TLC match for the WWE Title? Really?! John Cena vs Nexus = Yawn. Other than the KotR matches, Raw tonight was more like Monday Night “We Got Nothing”.

  6. By Richard, posted

    My only main problem with the show was too much Michael Cole in the end.

    If the Miz was going to win the match it should have not gotten to the point where Jerry was 100% legit going to win the match.

  7. By Brian, posted

    This was a very good RAW tonight. They had a lot of good action and not as much talk as has dominated things in recent months. It’s nice to get some wrestling when watching a wrestling show. I have a slight gripe with Sheamus winning KOTR as it is supposed to be a stepping stone to bigger things and he has already been world champion and can easily insert himself back into the picture. KOTR would have been a better choice had it been someone who has not main evented before like Morrison, McIntyre, Del Rio, Jackson or Rhodes. They also missed a great opportunity during Sheamus’ speech about being king to possibly bring back the king of kings himself and to reignite their feud. All that aside still a good RAW. Was torn on the main event. I think it made Miz look weak to almost lose the title in his first title defense to a retired wrestler such as Lawler. It made him look even worse that he had help from Riley and Cole during the match to retain. Also Cole is actually getting over as a heel but where do they go from here? No way Lawler and Cole can sit next week and announce after that ending so is someone moving to Smackdown or maybe Cole reveals himself as GM very soon. Was tired of the Cena nonsense. What good is firing him if he is just going to show up and beat people down? Also they need to do something with DiBiase. The guy is too talented to be sitting in the locker room and not featured prominently on the show.

  8. By Brian, posted

    Jerry Lawler in a main event for the title? I don’t care if it was his birthday or not, that was a horrible choice. If anyone actually thought he had ANY chance I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. And I quote `Michael Cole is a complete tool, and the worst commentator in the history of Raw.` End this GM angle now…….

  9. By scott justice, posted

    Get rid of Michael Cole. He stinks PERIOD! The GM Storyline has got to be one of the worst I’ve seen period EVER! Is HHH ever coming back?

  10. By Brian, posted

    I’d take Mike Adamle back over Michael Cole at this point. Someone needs to take an axe to the laptop and put this terrible storyline to rest once and for all.

  11. By madder, posted

    I agree Michael Cole Should Go Bye Bye, Miz as Champ I could care Less about the Miz He is Just Holding it till Triple H comes Back anyway, But Yes get rid of the PC GM , Have Vince Come Back and Run Things, Overall though I Liked the Show And cannot wait till Cena Comes Back!!

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