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Hijo del Cien Caras also known as Ignacio Jimenez, 33-years-old from Mexico City was murdered early this morning as he was with a woman named Adela Luna, 42-years-old in Coyaocan. They were sitting in a truck in front of a house when the killer came up to the truck saying nothing and just started shooting at point blank range with both dying from the gunfire. The official doctor of Arena Naucalpan was the one who identified Jimenez’s body after paramedics came and tried to revive the victims. The local police have begun investigations and has promised to find the killer but they fully believe that whoever did this knew exactly where they were going to be and was personally connected to one or both of the victims. Jimenez wasn’t related to the Reyes family as he just borrowed the name from the family to work as a fake son of Cien Caras but he was in fact the half-brother of L.A. Par-K.

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