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Let The Sheik Humble ‘em For You!

Personalized Promos for ‘YouShoot: Iron Sheik’
Wanna humble your boss? Wanna give it to that punk that couldn’t hold his liquor at the frat party? Got something to say to an ex?

Let Sheiky-baby do it for you!

Everyone knows who the most hilarious promo in the business is, and now for a very select (VERY select!) group of fans, we are offering for sale “Iron Sheik Personalized Promos!” That’s right, how nuts is that!? The Signature Editions are great and all…but we wanted to offer you something SOOOO unique this Christmas, that we got the Sheik to humble the victim of your choosing.

Just how cool is this? Here’s what you’ll get:

- The standard ‘YouShoot: Iron Sheik’ program on DVD
- A custom cover, with a picture of YOUR promo victim on it! (We swear!)
- A 2 minute Iron Sheik promo to whoever you want. Give us the name and all the gory details, and The Iron Sheik will spin it into a unique promo.
- We’ll email you the video of your promo in December so you have it for the holidays.
- A separate DVD with your custom promo on it, when ‘YouShoot: Iron Sheik’ is released in January.

This package is only $50 and will be the present that the wrestling fan in your life will remember FOREVER! Or the dick that you hate! But hurry, we’re only selling 10!

Check it out HERE!!!

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  1. By Stephen Faust, posted

    Wow….that is a tempting offer! After recent events and what can be called a horrible year, I am tempted by this offer. However,I’m afraid that I must decline. I have met The Iron Sheik. Great Fellow. But what I would perfer is for the legend to personally put the Camel Clutch on a few people that I thought were friends of mine. I know that the Camel Clutch hurts like hell because he put it on me during an autograph session in Allentown,PA. in 2006. That would be a true statement to how I feel about these so called friends. I do wish the Iron Sheik the best in life. If you have never met The Iron Sheik and one day have a chance to meet him,Go For It!!!

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