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This week on DDP Radio (DDPRadio.com), Diamond Dallas Page talks with Marc Mero, athlete, author, motivational speaker, and the self-proclaimed ‘Happiest Guy on the Planet.’ Some of you know him from his 14-year wrestling career as Wildman Marc Mero and later, Marvelous Marc Mero. Life only got busier for the former pro wrestler when he left the ring for good, and he’ll be talking about how it’s possible for anyone to turn a challenging situation into a triumph.

“I’ve been through some pretty bad times and made some really bad decisions,” he explains. “Even though I was once a sports champion in wrestling, boxing, football, and hockey, I haven’t always been a “champion of choices.” Find out how Mero used the power of choice to go from believing the worst will happen, to believing the best will happen.

“Over the years I’ve seen the different ways people respond to hardship and loss. The same tragedy that makes one person better makes another person bitter. So what is the difference? The difference is choice! The choice to seek happiness, feel it, and share it with others,” says Mero.

Mero will also be talking about his just-released book, “How to Be The Happiest Person on The Planet,” which he says underscores the truth of how we are in charge of our destiny, as well as the importance of thinking positively, dreaming big, and getting back up after life sends you tumbling.

To open the show, DDP and Mero will be discussing their WCW feud when Marc was known as Johnny B. Badd back in 1995. If you like you can also follow the feud on DDP TV’s Wrasslin’ Wednesdays on www.DaRealDDP.com . The last 20 minutes DDP and Marc Mero will take questions from the audience – so don’t miss it!

Doug Steffen and I will be co-hosting with DDP. Doug and I are Team YRG members who have dropped more than 100 pounds through clean eating, positive thinking, and doing YRG.

Here’s to getting back up again, both in and out of the ring.

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